Ann Cossart Eleventh

F, b. 1673
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh was born in 1673 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit.
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh witnessed the Note of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit in 1696; Noel, his wife Elizabeth and their children fled to London at the time of the Revocation. He was admitted to membership in the Threadneedle Street French Church in 1696.
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh married Unknown ChefdoTsel circa 1705.

Ann Cossart Tenth

F, b. 1663
  • Ann Cossart Tenth was born in 1663 in France. She was a twin to Elizabeth.
  • She was the daughter of David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard.
  • Ann Cossart Tenth immigrated in 1669 with David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard. David and Marguerite fled to Ireland before the Revocation with their family of seven children and established themselves in Dublin. Another three children were born there.

Ann Cossart Twelfth

F, b. 17 July 1698

Anna Louisa Cossart

F, b. 26 November 1752, d. 24 May 1796
  • Anna Louisa Cossart was born on 26 November 1752 in England.
  • She was the daughter of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Anna Louisa Cossart died on 24 May 1796 in Thuringen, Germany, at age 43.

Anna Magdalena Cossart

F, b. 17 March 1743, d. 14 March 1796
  • Anna Magdalena Cossart was also known as Maria Magdalena.
  • She was born on 17 March 1743 in Montmirail, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
  • She was the daughter of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Anna Magdalena Cossart died on 14 March 1796 in Herrnut, Sachsen, Germany, at age 52.

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1657, d. 2 July 1684

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1635

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1638

Anne Cossart Eigth

F, b. 9 July 1653

Anne Cossart Second

F, b. 1546

Anne Cossart Seventh

F, b. 1638

Anne Cossart Sixth

F, b. 1635

Anne Cossart Third

F, b. 1563

Anne Cossart Thirteenth

F, b. 1803, d. 1871

Arthur Raleigh Blandy Cossart

M, b. 1877, d. June 1949

Atella Marie Cossart

F, b. circa 1746

Audrey Eleanor Cossart

F, b. 19 February 1907, d. 13 August 1987

Barbe Elizabeth Cossart

F, b. 1749

Beatrice Kathleen Cossart

F, b. 31 March 1888, d. 28 June 1974
  • Beatrice Kathleen Cossart was born on 31 March 1888 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Joseph Cossart and Sarah Ann (Annie) Bidgood.
  • The following article appeared in The Brisbane Courier on on 5 August 1912. "The members of the Coronation Lawn Tennis Club held a visitors' afternoon at their court in the Botanic Gardens on Saturday. Several games were played during the afternoon, and dainty refreshments were served by the members. The chairman (Mr. Freedman) on behalf of the club presented one of the members (Miss Beatrice Cossart) with a very pretty sugar and cream service, mounted on a tray, together with a handsome silver sweet dish in honour of her approaching marriage. The gift was suitably acknowledged. Amongst those present were Mesdames Cossart, Sheldon, Grieve, Voigt, McKinnell, Wiggins, Misses Cossart (2), Voigt (2), Brosnan, O'Keefe, McKinncll, Grimes, Banfield, Hughes, Orr, Mesers. Grieve, Freedman, Ballarin, Wiggins, Cherry, Evans, Pugin, Schureck."
  • An notice regarding the marriage of Beatrice to George Bruce Smith appeared in the Social column of the The Brisbane Courier on 10 August 1912. "The marriage of Mr. G. Bruce-Smith to Miss Beatrice Cossart will take place in the Albert Street Methodist Church next Wednesday, at 11 a.m."
  • At the age of 24 years, 4 months and 14 days, Beatrice Kathleen Cossart married George Bruce-Smith, son of George Bruce Smith and Mary Ann Park, on 14 August 1912 in Queensland.
  • At the time their brother Noel died in Brisbane on 23 June 1944, both Beatrice Kathleen Cossart and Percival Nelson Cossart lived in Sydney.
  • On 8 April 1954 Beatrice Kathleen Cossart and George Bruce-Smith lived in New South Wales.
  • On 12 May 1971,her husband, George Bruce-Smith died in New South Wales at age 82.
  • Beatrice Kathleen Cossart died on 28 June 1974 in Gladesville, New South Wales, at age 86.

Child of Beatrice Kathleen Cossart and George Bruce-Smith

Benigna Caritas Cossart

F, b. 22 October 1748, d. 22 November 1773
  • Benigna Caritas Cossart was also known as Benigna Caritas de Cossart St Aubin d'Espier.
  • She was baptized on 22 October 1748 in England.
  • She was the daughter of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Benigna Caritas Cossart died on 22 November 1773 in Rhineland, Preussen, at age 25.

Benjamin Cossart

M, b. circa 1692

Child of Benjamin Cossart and Mary Unknown

Benjamin Cossart

M, b. 1674

Catherine Cossart

F, b. 1533

Catherine Cossart Third

F, b. circa 1654
  • Catherine Cossart Third was born circa 1654 in Rouen. She became a nun in the Convent od Notre Dame des Anges.
  • She was the daughter of Estienne Cossart Fourth and Marie Goden.

Charles Blandy Cossart

M, b. 1 June 1876, d. 27 June 1925

Children of Charles Blandy Cossart and Maria Anne di Bianchi

Charles Edward Cossart

M, b. 2 September 1885, d. 6 January 1963
  • Charles Edward Cossart was born on 2 September 1885 in Queensland, Australia.
  • He was the son of James Cossart and Rhoda Bidgood.
  • Charles Edward Cossart attended school in Boonah State School.
  • He attended school in Ipswich Boys Grammar.
  • During the 1913/1914 Cricket Season, Charles played for Queensland.
  • At the age of 31 years and 18 days, Charles Edward Cossart married Beatrice Clara Bowes, daughter of Rev Joseph Bowes and Clara Dawson, on 20 September 1916 in Queensland.
  • Charles Edward Cossart died on 6 January 1963 in Queensland at age 77. He died after an operation.
  • He was buried on 7 January 1963 in Boonah, Queensland.
  • Charles Edward Cossart also went by the name of Tory.

Children of Charles Edward Cossart and Beatrice Clara Bowes

Charles John Crosthwait Cossart

M, b. 17 May 1853, d. 23 November 1919
  • Charles John Crosthwait Cossart was born on 17 May 1853.
  • He was the son of Peter Cossart Second and Jane Edwards.
  • In 1870, after their father's Peter Cossart's death, Charles and Leland took over the firm of Cossart, Gordon & Co. When Leland died in 1898, Charles became the senior partner.
  • At the age of 21 years, 4 months and 12 days, Charles John Crosthwait Cossart married Anna Mary Fuber Blandy on 29 September 1874.
  • He was an ardent botanist and his fern collection is held in the Herbarium of Municipal Do Funchal (NATURAL HISTORY)(MADEIRA, PORTUGAL.)
  • Charles John Crosthwait Cossart died on 23 November 1919 in Madeira at age 66.

Children of Charles John Crosthwait Cossart and Anna Mary Fuber Blandy

Charles Cossart Second

M, b. 1676, d. 1744
  • Charles Cossart Second was born in 1676 in France.
  • He was the son of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit.
  • Charles Cossart Second witnessed the Note of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit in 1696; Noel, his wife Elizabeth and their children fled to London at the time of the Revocation. He was admitted to membership in the Threadneedle Street French Church in 1696.
  • Charles Cossart Second died in 1744 in England. He and his wife Elizabeth left no children.

Dr Christian Frederick Cossart

M, b. 30 November 1739, d. 21 February 1818
  • Dr Christian Frederick Cossart was born on 30 November 1739 in Heerendyke, Holland. His father had returned to Holland from the Isle of Man and stayed there before making extensive tours of the south of France. He was the oldest of five children.
  • He was the son of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Dr Christian Frederick Cossart attended school in the Unity Schools circa 1755 He then went to Berlin where he studied apothecary and to become a surgeon. On completing his education he travelled to the Moravian settlement in Ireland where he worked as a doctor in the newly formed settlement of Gracehill. His house, built by well known master carpenter and builder Mark Berry, was amongst the first built in the settlement. Built on the corner of the square overlooking the green, the house was occupied by Christian for over 50 years. On his death it was pulled down to accommodate the new Single Bretheren's dwelling.
  • In 1770 he was a doctor in County Atrium, Northern Ireland.
  • At the age of 30 years, Dr Christian Frederick Cossart married Ann Gordon, daughter of Alexander Gordon, in 1770 in Ireland. Ann was a member of the Dublin Moravian Congregation. Her sister Elizabeth had married William Horne, who along with Cennick had established the Gracehill congregation.
  • Dr Christian Frederick Cossart died on 21 February 1818 in County Atrium, Northern Ireland, at age 78.
  • He was buried in Moravian Cemetery.
  • He left a will dated February 1818. "I leave to my dear wife that part of my dwelling used by Lydia Athenlack, to be an asylum for her widowhood, and on her death the capital from the house and my estate in Dublin to be divided into four equal share (or five if my son Henry be living in America) share and share alike. To my son Joseph one feather bed and my wearing apparel. To my daughter Sarah Eagleson my stop watch. To Fred Hasse my eiderdown bed. After my decease, my dwelling, out buildings and offices to be disposed to the proprietors of the settlement according to the agreement. After death, my body is to remain uninterred 4-5 days - particularly if that event is occasioned by apoplexy. I direct that my funeral be frugal - a plain deal coffin.

    Witnessed by Saml Reiehel, Saml Connnor, Jas Lilly."
  • On 22 May 1819 the foundation stone was laid for a new house for the Single Brethren - on the site where the Cossart house had stood for over fifty years.
  • The following is from and entry in the Gracehill congregational diary on March 23 1810. The diary transcribed by Rosalie White.
    "Lydia Athenlack, a well known inhabitant of Gracehill died. She was born in Dublin in 1737 of respectable and wealthy parents, and married a tradesman there. She heard of Gracehill when visiting relatives in the north, and was received into the congregation in 1783, spending 27 years here. She was altogether an eccentric character and had much trouble with her children - and may maladies. In her latter years, she lived entirely alone, someone attending for a few hours each day. On account of her great bulk she lived upstairs, letting dow from the window a little basket for provisions, and the door key for those she permitted to enter. Notwithstanding her oddities, she showed evidence of great piety, and was removed from her "troublesome house of pilgrimage" in her 73rd year. She bequeathed a sum of money to build and extension to the Widows House."

Children of Dr Christian Frederick Cossart and Ann Gordon

Christina Cossart

F, b. 1859
  • Christina Cossart was born in 1859 in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  • She appeared on the census of 31 March 1901 in Antrim. Christina is shown as the 42 year old head of the househhold. She was born in Antrim and was a Moravian nurse/domestic servant unmarried. Living with her were two boarders -Margaret McCann a 60 year old domestic servant, born Antrim and Eliza Hayes 66, a charwoman born Antrim. Both were Presbyterians.