Emu Creek

Emu Creek lies approx. 20 kms to the north of Crow's Nest on the Blackbutt Road. The first white people to arrive in the area where the Archer Brothers who, in 1845, took up 36,000 acres of land at Emu Creek, and a further 71,660 acres at Cooyar to run firstly sheep and then cattle. As the lease for Emu Creek Station changed hands the size of the run was gradually depleted. In 1873 Peter McKillop took over 170 square miles. Much of this was resumed in 1886 for selection. In 1894 Thomas Patch moved from Cooyar Station with his family and ran the station for the McKillop family until 1906, when the land was split into a number of block and sold. Many of the workers from the Station selected land. Early settlers included John Barnes, Con O'Connor, George Parton, Frank Gillies, James Burgess, William Bidgood, Julius and Martin Rhode, Michael and George Moran, Joe Sexton, the Loughran Brothers, the Corcoran Brothers, Charlie Marshall, Jim and Jack Nolan, John Maddern and the Plant brothers.

Emu Creek Station, Emu Creek

Glenmore, Emu Creek

Jubilee Vale, Emu Creek

Mossview School, Emu Creek

Pine View, Emu Creek

Raeburn, Emu Creek

Roslyn, Emu Creek