Florence Eliza Tant

F, b. 1874, d. 1948
  • Florence Eliza Tant was born in 1874 in Queensland. She was the daughter of James Tant and Elizabeth Roberts.
  • At the age of 34 years, Florence Eliza Tant married Harry Archibald Bidgood, son of Alfred William (Fred) Bidgood and Alice Gray, on 1 January 1908 in Queensland. Harry was a school teacher.
  • Florence Eliza Tant died in 1948 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Children of Florence Eliza Tant and Harry Archibald Bidgood

Edward Roy Tantau

M, b. 11 July 1904, d. 1984

Arthur Henry Tanzer

M, b. 28 April 1898

Child of Arthur Henry Tanzer and Mary Ann Graham

George William Tanzer

M, b. 1871, d. 16 May 1948

Children of George William Tanzer and Bertha Maria Jensen

Henry John Tanzer

M, b. 20 October 1920, d. 16 June 1990

John Henry Tanzer

M, b. circa 1850
  • John Henry Tanzer was born circa 1850.
  • John Henry Tanzer married Catherine McGregor in 1878 in Queensland. She was Catherine DAVIDSON at the time of her marriage.

Child of John Henry Tanzer and Catherine McGregor

John Nicholas Tanzer

M, b. circa 1840

Child of John Nicholas Tanzer and Ernestina Wilhelmina Louise Boll

Margaret Tanzer

F, b. 1879, d. April 1910

Children of Margaret Tanzer and Johann Justus Trost

Victor Herbert Emmanuel Tanzer

M, b. 21 April 1900, d. April 1970

William George Tanzer

M, b. 1892, d. 1972

Hnery George Taplin

M, b. circa 1900

Louise Tarnow

F, b. 1823, d. 15 February 1911
  • Louise Tarnow was born in 1823 in Zamborst, Neustettin, Germany. She was the daughter of Christian Tarnow     and Christine.
  • Louise Tarnow married Carl Noske circa 1850.
  • Louise Tarnow and Carl Noske immigrated to Moreton Bay on 5 November 1870. Carl 50, and Elise 48 travelled on the Humbolt with their children Henriette 19, Carl 16, Johann 12 and August 7.
  • On 6 July 1902,her husband, Carl Noske died in Queensland at age 82.
  • Louise Tarnow died on 15 February 1911 in Queensland.
  • She was buried on 15 February 1911 in Douglas Cemetery.

Children of Louise Tarnow and Carl Noske

Alfred Rongomai Tarr

M, b. 23 April 1903, d. 1992

Ada Tasker

F, b. 1882, d. 12 April 1963
  • Ada Tasker was born in 1882. She was the daughter of Charles Tasker and Annie.
  • Ada Tasker married Patrick McNee, son of Hugh McNee and Annie McCoy, circa 1900.
  • On 31 October 1942,her husband, Patrick McNee died in Queensland.
  • Ada Tasker died on 12 April 1963.
  • She was buried on 13 April 1963 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.

Arnold Edgar Tasker

M, b. 19 April 1904, d. 5 July 1961
  • Arnold Edgar Tasker was born on 19 April 1904 in Ashburton, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Reginald Edgar Tasker and Gertrude Gerrard Milne.
  • At the age of 23 years and 7 days, Arnold Edgar Tasker married Phyllis Louisa Holloway on 26 April 1927.
  • In 1935 Arnold was a pilot - The Evening Post reported on 9 May 1935 "
    The Western Federated Moth, ZKAAX, piloted by Mr. A. Tasker, accompanied by Instructor I. Keith, arrived this afternoon at Rongotai from Wanganui, via Masterton, and left again for Wanganui."
  • Arnold Edgar Tasker died on 5 July 1961 in Wanganui, New Zealand, at age 57.

Bernard Cyril Tasker

M, b. 24 June 1912, d. 16 June 1944
  • Bernard Cyril Tasker was born on 24 June 1912 in Wanganui, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Reginald Edgar Tasker and Gertrude Gerrard Milne.
  • Bernard Cyril Tasker began military service. Bernard was a Flying Officer with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He flew campaigns in Europe.
  • Bernard Cyril Tasker died on 16 June 1944 in France at age 31.
  • He was buried in Ste. Marguerite-des-Loges Churchyard, Livarot, France.

Birdie Tasker

F, b. 6 December 1906, d. 23 December 1946
  • Birdie Tasker was born on 6 December 1906 in Motueka, Nelson.
  • She was the daughter of Charles Tasker and Alisia Rose McLean.
  • Birdie Tasker died on 23 December 1946 in Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, at age 40.

Charles Tasker

M, b. 20 May 1872, d. 19 September 1965
  • Charles Tasker was born on 20 May 1872 in Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Thomas Tasker and Mary Jane Primmer.
  • At the age of 32 years, 5 months and 14 days, Charles Tasker married Alisia Rose McLean on 3 November 1904 in New Zealand.
  • Charles Tasker died on 19 September 1965 in Nelson, New Zealand, at age 93.

Children of Charles Tasker and Alisia Rose McLean

Claude Hector Tasker

M, b. 6 February 1907, d. 3 June 1975
  • Claude Hector Tasker was born on 6 February 1907 in Ashburton, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Reginald Edgar Tasker and Gertrude Gerrard Milne.
  • Claude Hector Tasker died on 3 June 1975 in Raetihi, New Zealand, at age 68.

Clifford Aubrey Tasker

M, b. 21 December 1894, d. 12 November 1970
  • Clifford Aubrey Tasker was born on 21 December 1894 in Ashburton, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Henry James Tasker and Sarah Emily Davs-Covich.
  • On 7 March 1914 the Marlborough Express reported "CHRISTCHURCH, March 6. At the Supreme Court Clifford Tasker (Mr Raymond) claimed £790 damages from the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club (Mr Russell) in respect to injuries sustained by the horse Michael Galindo. The horse was training on the club's ground at Aldington, when it collided with a draught mare owned by the club. It ran away and sustained injuries which put it.out of training. ±ne horse had won three races in four starts previously. Tasker claims in respect of the v prospective winnings lost owing to the club's fault."
  • At the age of 22 years, 10 months and 23 days, Clifford Aubrey Tasker married Ethel Simpson on 13 November 1917.
  • Clifford Aubrey Tasker sailed for Scotland on 31 December 1917. He was with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, 33rd Reinforcements unit and gave his next of kin as his wife Mrs E Tasker of 47 Colombo Street, Christchurch. He was a horse trainer.
  • At the age of 44 years, Clifford Aubrey Tasker married Margaruete Alice Suttie in 1939.
  • Clifford Aubrey Tasker died on 12 November 1970 in Christchurch, New Zealand, at age 75.

Child of Clifford Aubrey Tasker and Ethel Simpson

Dean Tasker

M, b. 21 September 1905, d. 16 November 2000
  • Dean Tasker was born on 21 September 1905 in Motueka, Nelson.
  • He was the son of Charles Tasker and Alisia Rose McLean.
  • At the age of 26 years, Dean Tasker married Gladys Ford in 1932 in New Zealand.
  • On 28 June 1985,his wife, Gladys Ford died in Nelson, New Zealand, at age 85.
  • Dean Tasker died on 16 November 2000 in Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, at age 95.

Edward Ernest Tasker

M, b. 6 October 1866, d. 11 October 1939
  • Edward Ernest Tasker was born on 6 October 1866 in Waimea East, Nelson.
  • He was the son of James Tasker and Susannah Primmer.
  • At the age of 20 years, 8 months and 7 days, Edward Ernest Tasker married Amelia Taylor on 13 June 1887 in Nelson, New Zealand. They were married in the residence of his father.
  • In March 1916 Edward was declared bankrupt. A meeting with his creditors was reported in the Ashburton Guardian on 18 Mar 1916 - "A meeting of creditors in the bankrupt, estate of Ernest Edward Tasker, fruiterer and confectioner, Ashburton, was held at the Courthouse this morning, before Mr J. Davison, D.O.A. bankrupt's statement showed that the amount owing to unsecured creditors was £197 lls 5d, and the assets, including stock-in-trade, amounted to £64. Bankrupt attributed his present position to loss of trade and losses sustained through deterioration in stock. He went into the business short of capital. An offer of £30 was accepted by the creditors for the stock-in-trade."
  • On 19 July 1927,his wife, Amelia Taylor died in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • Edward Ernest Tasker died on 11 October 1939 in Ashburton, New Zealand, at age 73.

Children of Edward Ernest Tasker and Amelia Taylor

Eileen Ernestina Tasker

F, b. 22 May 1906, d. 2000

Elizabeth (Dot) Tasker

F, b. 28 October 1866, d. 29 January 1921
  • Elizabeth (Dot) Tasker was born on 28 October 1866 in Ranzau, Hope, Nelson, New Zealand.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas Tasker and Mary Jane Primmer.
  • At the age of 28 years, Elizabeth (Dot) Tasker married Harvey Watson Simmonds in 1895 in New Zealand. There were no children.
  • Elizabeth (Dot) Tasker died on 29 January 1921 in Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand, at age 54. She died from breast cancer.
  • She was buried on 31 January 1921 in O'Neills Cemetery, Devonport, Auckland.

Ernest Norton Tasker

M, b. 7 September 1894, d. 16 June 1977
  • Ernest Norton Tasker was born on 7 September 1894 in Ashburton, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Edward Ernest Tasker and Amelia Taylor.
  • On 31 January 1916 The Ashburn Guardian reported a conversation with Sapper Tasker - "In conversation with a Guardian reporter, Private E. N. Tasker stated that there were no bad cases on the "Willochra”, and that most of the men (including himself) were recovering after fever. Each of his three comrades had had an attack of fever. The “Willochra” had left dock on Christmas Day, and had reached Port Chalmers at 6 o'clock on Saturday evening. On the return trip the wounded men had had a great reception at Albany, where they had been liberally supplied with fruit, cigarettes, and eggs by the townspeople. Private Tasker left with the Third Reinforcements, and joined the Main Body of the New Zealanders at Gallipoli on April 26. After seeing three months' active service on the Peninsula, he contracted typhoid fever, and was sent to St. Andrew's Hospital at Malta, where he remained for over two months before being sent back to Egypt. There were about 2000 cases in St. Andrew's Hospital at the time, besides a large number of wounded in other hospitals at Malta. Private Tasker spoke highly of the treatment the men had received there. Besides being well cared for, they had been entertained once a week by concert parties. Some of the entertainers had been sent there by the War Office, while other entertainments had been organised by local residents. A great number of the men admitted to the hospitals had been suffering from fever, mumps, rheumatics, or frost-bite. As the winter advanced, the frost-bite patients had been numerous, the men suffering more particularly in the feet. Private Tasker had heard very little about the evacuation of Gallipoli. He knew that a number of Australians and New Zealanders had arrived back in Egypt, and, from what he could learn, it was intended that they should remain there until after the winter. The spell was badly needed, as some of the men were physical wrecks, the severity of the winter having shaken them up badly. When he left Gallipoli it had been quite cold enough, and he did not envy those who had had to endure hardships there in winter. It had been reported in Egypt that during the evacuation 12 of the English 6-inch guns had been taken by the Turks. It was common knowledge that practically all the stores had been left behind. Some had been piled up and burnt, and others had been shelled by the warships after the troops had left the Peninsula.
    When Private Tasker boarded the “Willochra” there were close on 100,000 horses in Egypt, including British cavalry and Indian transport horses. The New Zealand horses were looking exceptionally well. The equines were exercised daily by niggers. Special precautions were taken to guard the Canal, and a strong body of Indian troops was also in the vicinity. He met the Eighth Reinforcements at Zeitoun camp, and the Ninth at Albany."
  • By 2 February 1916 Ernest had earned the name BULLETT PROOF - ""They call that, chap over there' bullet, proof," remarked one of the soldiers, pointing to Private E. N. Tasker of Ashburn a member of the Third Reinforcements. During the six months' service upon the Gallipoli Peninsula, right from the day of the landing until be "cracked up” with enteric on October 8, Private Tasker led a charmed life. His clothes were absolutely peppered with bullets, but he sustained no injury"- Fielding Star.
  • On 29 August 1916 the Ashburn Guardian reported that Edward Norton Tasker, plumber, had enlisted in the Infantry.
  • At the age of 31 years and 2 days, Ernest Norton Tasker married Emma Lane Hume on 9 September 1925 in New Zealand.
  • Ernest Norton Tasker died on 16 June 1977 in Gisborne, New Zealand, at age 82.

Ethel Irene Tasker

F, b. 14 April 1892

Evelyn Johannesburg Tasker

F, b. 1902, d. 1970

Fanny (Ett) Tasker

F, b. 7 December 1869
  • Fanny (Ett) Tasker was born on 7 December 1869 in Ranzau, Hope, New Zealand. [Mother shown as Elizabeth Mary on registration - not sure if this is correct]
  • She was the daughter of Thomas Tasker and Mary Jane Primmer.
  • At the age of 20 years, 5 months and 17 days, Fanny (Ett) Tasker married Walter John Moffatt on 24 May 1890 in New Zealand.
  • In 1938,her husband, Walter John Moffatt died in New Zealand.

Children of Fanny (Ett) Tasker and Walter John Moffatt

Francis Tasker

M, b. 6 March 1870, d. 25 October 1953
  • Francis Tasker was born on 6 March 1870 in Nelson, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of James Tasker and Susannah Primmer.
  • At the age of 35 years, 4 months and 1 day, Francis Tasker married Margaret Hunter Dale on 7 July 1905 in New Zealand.
  • On 4 May 1950,his wife, Margaret Hunter Dale died in Ashburton, New Zealand.
  • Francis Tasker died on 25 October 1953 in Hamilton, New Zealand, at age 83.

Children of Francis Tasker and Margaret Hunter Dale

Francis Chalmers Tasker

M, b. 30 July 1911, d. 16 March 2004
  • Francis Chalmers Tasker was born on 30 July 1911 in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • He was the son of Francis Tasker and Margaret Hunter Dale.
  • At the age of 27 years, Francis Chalmers Tasker married Ethel Menzies McLeod in 1939 in New Zealand.
  • On 6 December 1996,his wife, Ethel Menzies McLeod died in Ashburton, New Zealand, at age 81.
  • Francis Chalmers Tasker died on 16 March 2004 in Blenheim, New Zealand, at age 92.