Mary Ann Frawley

F, b. 11 September 1869, d. 28 May 1935
  • Mary Ann Frawley was born on 11 September 1869 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of James Frawley.
  • At the age of 26 years, Mary Ann Frawley married William Christian Wockner, son of Christian Wockner and Charlotte Edith Walker, in 1896 in Queensland.
  • Mary Ann Frawley died on 28 May 1935 in Queensland at age 65.
  • Mary was buried on 30 May 1935 in Cabarlah Cemetery. RC1-00D-0052.
  • On 7 June 1935 Mary Ann Frawley's obituary appeared in Nambour Chronicle and North Coast Advertiser. It read:- The death has occurred of Mrs. Mary A. Wockner, a well-known resident of Taylor, in the Crow's Nest district, at the age of 63 years. Deceased, who is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. Frawley, was born at Meringandan, and had lived at Taylor for over 30 years. Besides her husband she leaves two sons. Messrs. Tom Wockner (Palmwoods), head teacher of the Chevallum State School and Len. Wockner (Taylor), and a daughter Miss A. Wockner. A brother of the deceased is Mr. P. Frawley (head teacher of the Palmwoods State school), and a sister, Mrs. T. Cannon (Palmwoods.)

Children of Mary Ann Frawley and William Christian Wockner

Patrick Frawley

M, b. 6 May 1875, d. 2 August 1936
  • Patrick Frawley was born on 6 May 1875 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of James Frawley and Ellen Murphy.
  • In 1901 Patrick was listed as a teacher of Perseverance Creek in the Crow's Nest Post Office Directory.
  • Patrick Frawley died on 2 August 1936 in Queensland at age 61.

William Frawley

M, b. 29 July 1866, d. 2 November 1925
  • William Frawley was born on 29 July 1866 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of James Frawley and Ellen Murphy.
  • William Frawley died on 2 November 1925 in Queensland at age 59.

Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer

F, b. 4 August 1841, d. 27 July 1920
  • Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer was born on 4 August 1841 in Scotland.
  • At the age of 23 years, 8 months and 3 days, Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer married John Campbell on 7 April 1865 in Scotland.
  • Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer and John Campbell appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Glenlee. John was a farmer. Their children John jr, Margaret, and Simon also lived at Glenlee.
  • Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer died on 27 July 1920 in Murphy's Creek, Queensland, at age 78.
  • Elizabeth was buried in Murphy's Creek Cemetery.

Children of Elizabeth (Bess) Frazer and John Campbell

Caroline Celia Free

F, b. circa 1870
  • Caroline Celia Free was born circa 1870.
  • Caroline Celia Free married James Wiseman in 1883 in Queensland.

Child of Caroline Celia Free and James Wiseman

Herman Gustave Freeck

M, b. circa 1860
  • Herman Gustave Freeck was born circa 1860.
  • Conditional approval for Herman Gustave Freeck's selection of landwas given on 24 November 1888. He selected 80 acres of land at Ravensbourne. "For the agricultural township farms adjoining the village of Ravensbourne there was great competition, many of the portions being applied for from four to ten times over. The ballot had to be resorted to in no less than 50 cases; this, with the refunding of the amounts paid by the unsuccessful applicants, necessarily occupied  a deal of time, and it was not till half-past 6 O'clock that the business was concluded, and the court closed. By 7 o'clock the whole of the refundments had been paid over to 115 applicants. The 76 portions adjoining the village of Ravensbourne, granted at the land court, were  apportioned among 62 selectors, so there is every probability of the village settlement of Ravensbourne proving a success. The total area granted at the court was 5025 acres among 68 applicants."
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1905 living at Ravensbourne. He was a farmer.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1909 living at Ravensbourne. He was a farmer.

Charles Freeman


Child of Charles Freeman and Sarah Ann Williams

Isabella Freeman

F, b. circa 1829, d. March 1916
  • Isabella Freeman was born circa 1829.
  • Her death was recorded with the Essex Registration District in the March 1916 Quarter.

Margaret Maria Freeman

F, b. 10 July 1891, d. 13 July 1958
  • Margaret Maria Freeman was born on 10 July 1891.
  • Margaret Maria Freeman died on 13 July 1958 at age 67.

Child of Margaret Maria Freeman and Alfred Embrey Jr

Mary Ann Freeman

F, b. circa 1865, d. 1956
  • Mary Ann Freeman was born circa 1865. She was the daugther of Charles Freeman and Mary Waters.
  • Mary Ann Freeman married Charles Sollitt in 1888 in Queensland.
  • In 1942,her husband, Charles Sollitt died in Queensland.
  • Mary Ann Freeman died in 1956 in Queensland.

Child of Mary Ann Freeman and Charles Sollitt

Mary Lucy Davis Freeman

F, b. 1868, d. 8 July 1946
  • Mary Lucy Davis Freeman was born in 1868.
  • At the age of 40 years, Mary Lucy Davis Freeman married Frederick William Eyles, son of Charles Eyles and Selina Higgins, on 29 February 1908 in New Zealand. Their marriage was reported in The Marlborough Express Eyles—Freeman.—At Chatham Islands, on February 22nd, 1908, Frederick William Eyles, to Mary Lucy Davis Freeman, only granddaughter of the late John Davis, Port Underwood.
  • Mary Lucy Davis Freeman died on 8 July 1946 in New Zealand.

Children of Mary Lucy Davis Freeman and Frederick William Eyles

Miriam Freeman

F, b. circa 1880
  • Miriam Freeman was born circa 1880.
  • Miriam Freeman married William Yarrow in 1889 in Queensland.

Child of Miriam Freeman and William Yarrow

Sarah Ann Freeman

F, b. 26 June 1883

Children of Sarah Ann Freeman and Aquilla Thomas Bartlett Austin

Thomasin Freeman

F, b. circa 1820, d. June 1855
  • Thomasin Freeman was born circa 1820.
  • Her marriage to William Theaker was registered in the March 1842 Quarter in Ripton, Yorkshire Registration District.
  • Her death was recorded with the Yorkshire, England, Registration District in the June 1855 Quarter.

Children of Thomasin Freeman and William Theaker

Charlotte Freestone

F, b. circa 1870
  • Charlotte Freestone was born circa 1870.
  • Charlotte Freestone married James Edward McMullen in 1896 in Queensland.

Child of Charlotte Freestone and James Edward McMullen

Louise Freitag

F, b. circa 1810

Children of Louise Freitag and Carl Friedrich Schulz

Abraham French

M, b. 23 May 1819
  • Abraham French was baptized on 23 May 1819 in Merriott.
  • He was the son of Jacob French and Hannah Osborne.
  • At the age of 19 years, 5 months and 22 days, Abraham French married Maria Winsor on 14 November 1838 in Sutton Bingham, Somerset.
  • Abraham French and Maria Winsor appeared on the census of 7 June 1841 in Haslebury Plucknett. Abraham was noted as the 24 year old head of the family, an agricultural labourer living with his wife Maria French aged 25; Ann Frances French aged 4; John French aged 1; Emily Winsor aged 1; and Susan Winsor aged 20 a glover (possibly Maria's sister and her daughter.)

  • On 9 August 1841 the Ilchester gaol records showed that an Abraham FRENCH aged 24, born Merriott, last abode Haselbury, was admitted to the gaol. He was 5'8", married with two children, had a cut on his lip and an assurity was given for his appearance at the next session.
  • Abraham French and Maria Winsor appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Yeovil. Abraham is shown as a 30 year old labourer born Merriott. He is living with his wife Maria 30 born Sutton; and a Elizabeth Frances (Ann Frances?) age 14, nurse child; born Sutton and Frederick John 11 an errand boy born Haselbury; and Sarah Ann aged 7 born Merriott. Abraham's brother John an agricultural labourer & carter aged 20 born Middle Chinnock was also living with the family as was their brother William, aged 19, an agricultural labourer, born Hazelbury.

  • Compilers Note:- Just what happened to Abraham is a bit of a mystery. He was not on the 1861 census. By 1871 his wife Maria and brother John were living as husband and wife. Perhaps he has another run in with the law and was in prison. There is a death of an Abraham French registered in the Clifton District of Gloucestershire for December 1851.

Children of Abraham French and Maria Winsor

Ada French

F, b. 9 December 1908, d. 10 May 1998

Ruby Wiseman, Elizabeth Werner, Ada Cullen (all nee French). Taken c 1940. Photo thanks to Helen
  • Ada French was born on 9 December 1908 in Queensland. Archibald Street was the home of Elizabeth and Louis Werner. Elizabeth was George French's sister. Her parents were living at Upper Pilton at the time of her birth. Ada was the second born of twins having a sister Ellen who died a few weeks later.
  • She was the daughter of George French and Elizabeth Jane Bentley.
  • Ada French attended school at the Koorongarra.
  • At the age of 21 years, 7 months and 20 days, Ada French married Joseph Roy Cullen, son of Thomas James Cullen and Ellen May Cullen, on 29 July 1930 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • During World War II Ada and her husband rented the house in Ropely Road, Lindum, Brisbane which belonged to Elizabeth Werner (her aunt) and the late Louis Werner.

  • In 1940 Joseph and Ada lived at 11 Reid St Wooloongabba about that time. Joseph worked on the construction of the Story Bridge! Joseph then worked on the construction of the Somerset Dam wall.
  • Ada French died on 10 May 1998 in Wynnum West, Queensland, at age 89.
  • Ada was buried in Hemmant Cemetery, Brisbane.

Children of Ada French and Joseph Roy Cullen

Albert French

M, b. 1884, d. 17 March 1956
  • Albert French was born in 1884 in New South Wales, Australia.
  • He was the son of John Maitland French and Elizabeth Ann Bailey.
  • Albert French moved to Queensland between 1905 and 1908.Albert moved to the Crow's Nest - Toowoomba district. A number of his siblings had also made the move from Tenterfied about the same time. His aunt Elizabeth and her husband Louis Werner moved to Crow's Nest about that time too.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1908 living at Crow's Nest. He was a hairdresser.
  • At the age of 25 years, Albert French married Lucy Fanny May Donaldson, daughter of Alexander Donaldson and Sarah Ann Moore, on 28 April 1909 in Queensland.
  • On 5 August 1911 The Crows Nest advertiser reported "Mr French opened up a new hairdressing saloon today (August 5th, 1911.)"
  • Albert French and Lucy Fanny May Donaldson appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1913 and 1930 living at Crow's Nest. Albert was a hairdresser.
  • In 1942 Albert and Lucy's second son John Alexander was killed in action in Milne Bay, New Guinea. He was post humously awarded the Victoria Cross. The following year their third son Gordon aged 21 was killed in action in France.
  • Albert French was listed as the next of kin of Gordon Albert French when he enlisted in the RAAF on 31 January 1942 in Toowoomba. Service number 425147. He was a 20 year old grocer's assistant currently unemployed, father Albert French of Crow's Nest. He was 5' 11', 134 lbs with medium complexion, light brown hair and blue eyes. He enlisted hoping to become a wireless operator trainee. However he failed the exam and opted to be a canteen steward. He then trained as a gunner. Gordon embarked for England on 15 January 1943 where he took part in operations from the UK. He became a Flight Sergeant Air Gunner and was reported missing in action on 11 August 1943, presumed dead.
  • Albert French and Lucy Fanny May Donaldson appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1943 and 1954 living at Esk Street, Crow's Nest. Albert was a hairdresser as was his son Eric (Mick). Lucy carried out home duties.
  • Albert French died on 17 March 1956 in Queensland.
  • Albert was buried in Queensland.

Children of Albert French and Lucy Fanny May Donaldson

Alice Maud French

F, b. 1889, d. 1974
  • Alice Maud French was born in 1889.
  • She was the daughter of Walter French and Mary Ann Sear.
  • Alice Maud French died in 1974 in Queensland.

Alice Ruby French

F, b. 1906, d. 26 September 1992
  • Alice Ruby French was born in 1906 in New South Wales.
  • She was the daughter of George French and Elizabeth Jane Bentley.
  • Alice Ruby French 's parents moved to Toowoomba, Queensland, circa 1907 with their family, most likely some time after the birth of their eight child Alice Ruby. George's sister Elizabeth Werner and her husband and family also moved to the area a year or so earlier. George and Elizabeth's last two children, twins, Ada and Ellen were born at the home of George's sister Elizabeth Werner in Toowomba.
  • She attended school at the Koorongarra.
  • Alice found work in a boarding house in Toowoomba.
  • At the age of 20 years, Alice Ruby French married Harry Leslie Dorman in 1926 in Queensland.
  • On 8 April 1977,her husband, Harry Leslie Dorman died at age 77.
  • Alice Ruby French died on 26 September 1992 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • Alice was buried on 29 September 1992 in Drayton Cemetery, Toowoomba.

Children of Alice Ruby French and Harry Leslie Dorman

Alma Blanche French

F, b. 1895

Ann French

F, b. 31 May 1829, d. 14 March 1899

Child of Ann French and Charles Trask

Arthur Ernest French

M, b. 1891, d. May 1944
  • Arthur Ernest French was born in 1891.
  • He was the son of Walter French and Mary Ann Sear.
  • Arthur Ernest French died in May 1944 in Queensland.
  • Arthur was buried on 2 June 1944 in Lutwyche Cemetery.

Arthur John (Jack) French

M, b. 1882, d. 1959

Arthur John French (1882-1959). Son of John French and Elizabeth Ann Bailey. Taken in Ipswich. His wife Agnes wrote on the back - "This picture on the other side is supposed to be Jack. He was trying to put a smile on and spoilt it." Photo courtesy of Helen J

Children of Arthur John (Jack) French and Agnes Evans Jones

Bertha Lilas French

F, b. 1875

Catherine French

F, b. 19 February 1832

Cecil Tenterfield French

M, b. 1895, d. 1956
  • Cecil Tenterfield French was born in 1895 in New South Wales, Australia.
  • He was the son of John Maitland French and Elizabeth Ann Bailey.
  • Cecil Tenterfield French died in 1956 in Manly, New South Wales.

Charles Albert (Charlie) French

M, b. 1909, d. 1982

Possibly Charles Albert French - the inscription on back reads - Charlie French (written by Lucy Harriman nee Werner). Photo thanks to Helen J.

Child of Charles Albert (Charlie) French and May Hartwig

Charles Edward French

M, b. 20 July 1886, d. 1976
  • Charles Edward French was born on 20 July 1886 in New South Wales, Australia.
  • He was the son of John Maitland French and Elizabeth Ann Bailey.
  • On 26 July 1890 Charles was involved in an accident as reported by the Maitland Mercury -" (Tenterfield Star, July 26). An accident which might have resulted fatally took place in Rouse-street on Wednesday afternoon about half-past 5 o'clock. A little boy named Charles Edward French, and only 4 years old, was running about in front of his father's shop, Mr. French's, hairdresser, when the lad carrying the mail for Tenterfield station came down the street at a sharp trot, and rode right over the poor little fellow, knocking him down. He was at once picked up and carried into his father's house, where it was found that although he had serious bruises about the thigh and was badly shaken no bones were broken. The parents applied hot water ban- dages and other domestic remedies, and the fol- lowing day the child seemed fairly recovered, although the injured limb was stiff and sore. The boy who rode over him is usually very careful, and we hope will for the future continue so.
  • Charles Edward French enlisted in the Military on 26 August 1914 in Randwick. He joined H Company 2nd Battalion. He was a baker, 28 years old and listed his father J French of Boase Street, Tenterfield as his next of kin. He was 5'8", 11 stone 10 lbs with dark complection and hair and grey eyes. His religion was Presbyterian. He fought in the Middle East including serving at Gallipoli in 1915, and was discharged on 23 March 1916 on medical grounds. He then joined the Special AIF on 17 June 1916.
  • At the age of 30 years and 23 days, Charles Edward French married Effie McGeorge, daughter of James Samuel McGeorge and Joan Dage, on 12 August 1916 in Manly, New South Wales, Australia. Details from the marriage certificate appear on his War Record. They were married by William Henry Young on 12 August 1916 at Manly. Effie was the 26 year old daughter of James McGeorge a postal inspector. She worked as a domestic, living in Manly. Charles was 30 living in Newcastle son of John French, a hairdresser.
    Charles Edward French and Effie McGeorge, married 12 Aug 1916, Manly, Sydney. Photo thanks to Carol Kurz and ansund1 (Ancestry)
  • Sometime after their marriage Effie went back to Scotland (28 Windsor Street Edinburgh) to nurse her mother. Charles' address remained as Logan Street, Tenterfield. His hair colour was now noted as grey, not dark. He was sent to London. Just before his discharge in 1919 his wife Effie wrote to Charles' captain in London asking that Charles be discharged in England so she could stay with her mother in Scotland who was suffering from a heart condition. He was finally discharged on 4 December 1919 in London having satisfied the Australian military that he would be given work in Scotland by his father in law, James McGeorge.
  • In March 1918 Charles and Effie had a family photo with their child Effie.
    Effie McGeorge and Charles French with their daughter Effie French born 5 Feb 1918 Sydney. Photo thanks to Carol Kurz and ansund1 (Ancestry)
  • On 2 November 1919 Effie wrote a letter from her mother's home at 28 Hudson Street, Edinburgh to Captain Dowden, of London. It stated:-
    "Dear Sir
    Owing to the very serious condition of my mother's health I have had to leave Australia where I have been residing for the last nine years. I arrived in Scotland four weeks ago.
    My mother is quite incapacitated from work, therefore my services are required here in her home for many years.
    This is my reason for not returning to Austalia, and if you see your way to give my husband his discharge here, it will save us a good deal of unnecessary expense, and worry, as he would have to return to Britain on the first available steamer, if he has to return to Australia."
    Yours sincerely - Effie French.
    Letter written by Effie French in 1919, regarding her husband Charles Edward's discharge from the AIF - courtesy of National Archivies of Australia
  • On 6 November 1919 James McGeorge (Effie's father) wrote a letter to the Army regarding employing his son-in-law Charles French.
    It was written from Edinburgh Postal District to The Commonwealth Authorities, London and stated:-
    I have much pleasure in assuring you that I will undertake to guarantee Mr Chas E French suitable employment provided that he obtains his discharge from the AIF. Yours Faithfully - Jas McGeorge, Asst Inspector of Postmen?"
    Letter written by James McGeorge regarding employment for his son-in-law Charles Edward French after his discharge from the AIF - courtesy of National Archives of Australia
  • Charles Edward French's and Effie McGeorge's second child, Charles Cecil French was born 15 August 1920 in New South Wales.
  • In 1922 Charles and Effie had a family photo with their children Effie and Charles.
    Charles Edward French and Effie McGeorge, with children Effie and Charles Cecil. Photo thanks to Carol Kurz and ansund1 (Ancestry)
  • Between 1924 and 1928 Charles was working as a travelling baker and spent time in Esk and Stanthorpe.
  • Around in 1930 Charles French and his father John posed for a photo with Charles' twin daughters.
  • Charles Edward French and Jill (Effie) French appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Cowper, New South Wales.
  • On 9 January 1933,his wife, Effie McGeorge died in Queensland at age 42.
  • Charles Edward French appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1936 and 1937 living at Queensland.
  • He enlisted in the Australian Army on 1 June 1940 in Paddington. His service number was N72772 and he listed his next of kin as Effie Gordon , his daughter whose address was c/- Simpson's Limited, Brisbane. He gave his place of birth as Tenterfield and date of birth as 20 July 1886. His address was c/- Buckinghams, Tenterfield. During this time he may have been working as a cook at Cowra as family hearsay has it that he was there when the Japanese prisioners broke out. He was discharged with the rank of Private in the AASCTD on 11 February 1942 as medically unfit.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1943 living at New South Wales.
  • At the age of 57 years, Charles Edward French married Agnes Constance Smith in 1944 in Petersham.
  • Charles Edward French appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1954 living at Bardon.
  • Charles Edward French died in 1976 in New South Wales.

Children of Charles Edward French and Effie McGeorge