William H(olden) Browne

M, b. April 1799, d. 21 January 1885
  • William H(olden) Browne was born in April 1799 in County Sligo, Ireland. He was the son of Matthew Browne and Margaret Hawks.
  • William H(olden) Browne married Mary McCleary circa 1830.
  • William H(olden) Browne immigrated to Brisbane on 4 August 1874. William and Mary, both aged 70 travelled on the Juliet in the Remittence section. Their son Holden and daughter Margaret had immigrated four years earlier on the Planet. Son Samuel arrived in 1875 with his wife and son.
  • On 19 April 1877,his wife, Mary McCleary died in Queensland.
  • William H(olden) Browne died on 21 January 1885 in Queensland at age 85.
  • He was buried in Highfields Baptist Cemetery.
    Grave of William BROWNE, Highfields Baptist Cemetery. Copyright 2006, http://www.ChapelHill.homeip.net

Children of William H(olden) Browne and Mary McCleary

William Samuel Browne

M, b. circa 1875, d. 1932
  • William Samuel Browne was born circa 1875.
  • He was the son of Samuel Browne and Jane Sheridan.
  • William Samuel Browne appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Cawdor. William was a school teacher.
  • William Samuel Browne died in 1932 in Queensland.

Elizabeth Browning

F, b. 18 February 1842, d. 11 August 1928
  • Elizabeth Browning was born on 18 February 1842 in Hampshire, England.
  • At age 23 years and 9 months, her marriage to James Taylor was registered in the December 1865 Quarter at the Hampshire Registration District.
  • Her marriage, at 31 years, to William Knight was registered in the March 1873 Quarter in Alton, Hampshire Registration District. This may not be correct.
  • Elizabeth Browning and William Knight immigrated to Queensland on 14 September 1883. William 33, Eliza 17?, Robert 15, Margaret 9, Mary 5, Lucy 7 and William 8 travelled on the Nowshera.
  • Elizabeth Browning and William Knight appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Douglas. William was a farmer as was his son William Junior and son Robert.
  • Elizabeth Browning and William Knight appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1908 and 1913 living at Pechey. William was a farmer, as was their son William who also lived at Pechey.
  • Elizabeth Browning died on 11 August 1928 in Queensland at age 86.
  • She was buried in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Children of Elizabeth Browning and William Knight

Joseph Browse

M, b. circa 1834

Arnold Turner Bruce

M, b. 1895, d. 1974
  • Arnold Turner Bruce was born in 1895. He was the son of George Ellis Bruce and Rosa Anna Ellis.
  • At the age of 45 years, Arnold Turner Bruce married Alma Florence Littleton, daughter of Harold Littleton and Elizabeth Lacey, in 1940 in Queensland.
  • Arnold Turner Bruce died in 1974 in Queensland.

Catherine May Bruce

F, b. 9 July 1902, d. 1976
  • Catherine May Bruce was born on 9 July 1902 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Peter Bruce and Catherine Montgomery.
  • At the age of 28 years, 8 months and 30 days, Catherine May Bruce married John Henry Cossart, son of George Cossart and Minnie Maria Shaw, on 8 April 1931 in Queensland. An article on the wedding appeared in "The Courier Mail" on Monday 13 April 1931 COSSART - BRUCE. A picturesque wedding was solemnised at St. Andrew's Church, West street, Toowoomba, last Wednesday evening. The bridegroom was Mr. John Henry Cossart (elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cossart, Campbell street, Toowoomba) and the bride was Miss Catherine May (Rene) Bruce (third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Bruce, Cumming-street, Toowoomba). The church was beautifully decorated with white dahlias and palms. Rev. A. M. Martin, assisted by the Rev. John Armour, officiated. Miss Edna M'Naught presided at the organ, and during the signing of the register Miss Lilian George rendered a vocal solo. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a princess frock of white mariette, with the skirt inset with godets, and the bodice was finished on the shoulder with a spray of lily of the valley. Her Brussels net veil over pale pink tulle was worn Madonna fashion, and she carried a bouquet of white sweet peas and tuberoses. There were two bridesmaids, Misses Ruby Bruce (sister of the bride) and Ivy Cossart (sister of bridegroom), who were frocked alike in eau de Nil mariette made in bolero effect. They wore summer felt hats of the same shade, showing a pink rose under the brim, and they carried bouquets of pink gerberas, sweet peas, and carnations. Mr. R. Cossart was best man, and Mr. V. Marshall groomsman, Mrs. P. Bruce (mother of the bride) chose a frock of black satin and georgette, relieved with amber. She wore a black Baku hat, and carried a bouquet of bronze dahlias. Mrs. G. Cossart (mother of bridegroom) wore a black velour hat, with her frock of black mariette touched with shell pink, and she carried a bouquet of autumn-toned dahlias. At the conclusion of the ceremony a reception was held at the Cafe Alexandra. On leaving for the honeymoon, which will be spent in Sydney, Mrs. Cossart wore an ensemble of navy blue crepe de Chine, and blue velvet beretta.
  • Catherine May Bruce died in 1976 in Queensland.

Evelyn Iris Bruce

F, b. circa 1915, d. 1938

Gertrude Kathleen Bruce

F, b. circa 1912, d. 8 July 2003

Henry Bruce

M, b. circa 1870
  • Henry Bruce was born circa 1870.
  • The following article appeared in the The Darling Downs Gazette on 11 August 1888. published a Quarterly Electoral list that included William Gregory Bidgood, William Parton, Henry Bruce and Julius Rohde. All were listed as residents of Emu Creek.

Lillian A Bruce

F, b. circa 1913, d. 1913

Mary Ann Stenna Bruce

F, b. circa 1885

Child of Mary Ann Stenna Bruce and Thomas Johnston

Peter Bruce

M, b. circa 1870

Child of Peter Bruce and Catherine Montgomery

Richard Robert Bruce

M, b. circa 1880, d. 1956
  • Richard Robert Bruce was born circa 1880. He was the son of Lillian and Duncan BRUCE.
  • Richard Robert Bruce married Amy Louisa Johnston, daughter of George Johnston and Margaret Ann McMahon, in 1911 in New South Wales.
  • Richard Robert Bruce died in 1956 in New South Wales.

Children of Richard Robert Bruce and Amy Louisa Johnston

Annie Beatrice Bruce-Smith

F, b. 20 June 1913

George Bruce-Smith

M, b. 22 May 1888, d. 12 May 1971
  • George Bruce-Smith was also known as George Robert.
  • He was born on 22 May 1888 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of George Bruce Smith and Mary Ann Park.
  • An notice regarding the marriage of Beatrice to George Bruce Smith appeared in the Social column of the The Brisbane Courier on 10 August 1912. "The marriage of Mr. G. Bruce-Smith to Miss Beatrice Cossart will take place in the Albert Street Methodist Church next Wednesday, at 11 a.m."
  • At the age of 24 years, 2 months and 23 days, George Bruce-Smith married Beatrice Kathleen Cossart, daughter of Joseph Cossart and Sarah Ann (Annie) Bidgood, on 14 August 1912 in Queensland.
  • On 8 April 1954 George Bruce-Smith and Beatrice Kathleen Cossart lived in New South Wales.
  • George Bruce-Smith died on 12 May 1971 in New South Wales at age 82.

Child of George Bruce-Smith and Beatrice Kathleen Cossart

Albert Ferdinand Bruggemann

M, b. 1879, d. 1957

Albert Herbert Bruggemann

M, b. 1905

Anna Mathilda Bruggemann

F, b. 1878

Child of Anna Mathilda Bruggemann and Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm Lange

August Heinrich Bruggemann

M, b. 1892, d. 1968
  • August Heinrich Bruggemann was born in 1892 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Fredrick Bruggemann and Auguste Hartwig.
  • August Heinrich Bruggemann appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Silverleigh. He was a farmer.
  • At the age of 25 years, August Heinrich Bruggemann married Eda Ada Mathies, daughter of Carl Johann Daniel Mathies and Martha Vohland, on 5 September 1917 in Silverleigh, Queensland.
  • August Heinrich Bruggemann and Eda Ada Mathies appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Silverleigh. August was a farmer.
  • August Heinrich Bruggemann died in 1968 in Queensland.
  • He was buried in Garden of Remembrance, Toowoomba. Plot      305-C-3; Memorial ID      180502122.

Cecil Roy Bruggemann

M, b. circa 1920, d. 1950

Chalres Bruggemann

M, b. 1883, d. 1950
  • Chalres Bruggemann was born in 1883 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Fredrick Bruggemann and Auguste Hartwig.
  • Chalres Bruggemann and Ada Jane Starmer appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Boah Peak. Carl was a labourer.
  • At the age of 36 years, Chalres Bruggemann married Ada Jane Starmer in 1919 in Queensland.
  • Chalres Bruggemann died in 1950 in Queensland.

Eric David Bruggemann

M, b. 1911, d. 1981

Frederick William Bruggemann

M, b. 1903, d. 1927
  • Frederick William Bruggemann was born in 1903 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Albert Ferdinand Bruggemann and Wilhelmine Sophia (Minna) Bormann.
  • Frederick William Bruggemann appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Silverleigh. Friedrick was a farmer.
  • Frederick William Bruggemann died in 1927 in Queensland.

Fredrich Wilhelm Bruggemann

M, b. 1880, d. 1961

Fredrick Bruggemann

M, b. 16 March 1838, d. 29 September 1923
  • Fredrick Bruggemann was born on 16 March 1838 in Prussia. He was the son of Christian Bruggemann and Fredericka.
  • At the age of 35 years, Fredrick Bruggemann married Auguste Hartwig, daughter of Michael Friedrich Hartwig and Justina Christine Randt, in 1874 in Queensland.
  • Fredrick Bruggemann and Auguste Hartwig appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Boah Peak. Frederick was a farmer.
  • Fredrick Bruggemann died on 29 September 1923 in Queensland at age 85.

Children of Fredrick Bruggemann and Auguste Hartwig

Gertrude Bruggemann

F, b. 1906, d. 19 October 1953

Herman Bruggemann

M, b. 1881

Laurence Harold Bruggemann

M, b. 1919, d. 1943

Lillian Gladys Bruggemann

F, b. 1907

Maria Bruggemann

F, b. circa 1876, d. 1890