Victor Rudolf Frederick Haim

M, b. 1905, d. 1939

Kathleen Roberta Hain

F, b. 4 July 1903, d. 15 November 1974

Ada Rose Haines

F, b. 1889
  • Ada Rose Haines was born in 1889 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of George Haines and Catherine Ann Griffith.
  • At the age of 17 years, Ada Rose Haines married Harry Edser, son of Joseph (Joe) Edser and Emily Halloway, on 13 March 1906 in Queensland. The marriage was not a success and on 20 October 1908, The Brisbane Courier reported:- " APPLICATION FOR DISSOLUTION
    OF MARRIAGE. Harry Edser, Crow's Nest farmer, applied for a dissolution of his marriage with Ada Rose Edser, nee Haines, on the grounds of adultery with James Creed, of Crow's Nest, bullock driver and Alfred Williams, of Crow's Nest, painter, who were joined as co-defendants. Mr McGregor (instructed by Messers Crouch and Darvall, town agents for Messrs. Eden and Groom, Toowoomba) appeared for the plaintiff, and there was no appearance of defendant or co-defendants. The petition set out that the parties were married on March 13, 1906, according to the rights of the Methodist Church and they lived together at Pinelands. Adultery was alleged to have taken place with Creed, and on other dates with Williams.
    His honour asked if there was any issue of marriage, and was informed there was a child, of which, however, plaintiff denied the paternity. His Honour held that this should appear in the petition. An adjournment was then granted in order the council might site authorities for amending the petition without re-service.
    Mr McGregor, on the court resuming, said he had not been able to find authority for amending without re-service, but, according to 36 L JMC 63 (1901) Challon v Challon, evidence could be taken at this stage.
    His Honour accordingly granted leave to amend the plaint and affidavit by stating the facts as to issue, and also for re-service, on the usual conditions. Evidence was then called.
    Plaintiff gave evidence in support of the petition. After living with his wife at Pinelands for about three months he had quarrelled with her mother and because he would not allow the mother to continue to reside with them his wife left him. A child was subsequently born of which the witness denied any paternity. Defendant afterwards went to reside at the home of her brother, George Haines. Witness then gave evidence as to what he had seen between defendant and the co-defendants.
    Ambrose Bearton, Alfred Edser, and E Jackson, clerks in the employ of Messrs Eden and Groom, solicitors, gave corroborative evidence.
    At this stage the case was adjourned to November 13."

Child of Ada Rose Haines and Harry Edser

Children of Ada Rose Haines

Alice Mountjoy Haines

F, b. 1874, d. 18 January 1938
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines was born in 1874. She was the daughter of Charles Haines and Sarah Mountjoy.
  • At the age of 22 years, Alice Mountjoy Haines married Ernest Juillerat on 13 April 1896 in Queensland. the Queensland Times reported:- "A very pretty wedding eventuated here Wednesday last, at 2-30, p.m., when Mr. Ernest. Juillerat and Miss A. Mountjoy Haines were united in holy wedlock. The marriage was solemnised at Denham Lodge, the residence of Mr. C. T. Urry. The sitting-room having been converted into a church pro ten, Mr. L T. Young, minister of the Catholic Apostolic Church, Manning-street, South Brisbane, officiating. As the bride entered, on the arm of her brother, Mr.C. R. Haine the organ, pre sided over by Miss Winnie Urry struck up "The Voice that breathed o'er Eden, and the hymn " How welcome was the call," was also sung during the service. The bride, who was given away by her brother, looked charming in a dress of cream crepon, prettily arranged with lace and ribbon and sprays of orange blossoms, with hat en suite; she also carried a shower-bouquet of white flowers. Her only bridesmaid, Miss Carrie Urry, wore a frock of pale cream crepe, relieved with rose-pink ribbon and white sailor hat. Mr. Juillerat, the, bridegroom, was supported by Mr. Alfred Yates as best man. After the ceremony, which was solemn and impressive, and amid the strains of the "Wedding March," the happy pair--who, by-the-way, underwent a heavy fire of rice and old shoes-left with the numerous guests, and drove to the residence of Mr. C.R. Hines, where the wedding tea was served under a bower created for the occasion. After the usual speeches were made and responded to, the evening was spent in games, interspersed with singing. Mrs. E. Juillerat's going away dress was of rich maroon serge, trimmed with jet, The presents were both ornate and useful."
  • On 16 May 1903 Edward was taken to the petty debts court by A. Cox for the amount of £7 17s. 2d for goods sold and delivered. The verdict went to the plaintiff and Edward had to pay 3s.
  • On 27 June 1907 The Queensland Times reported "INSOLVENTS. The " Daily Mail" states that, in the Supreme Court, Brisbane, on the l8th instant, Ernest Juillerat, labourer, Ipswich ... ... adjudicated insolvent, in forma pauperis.
  • In May 1910 Edward found himself in court again. The Queensland Times reported on 26 May: - "CHARGE OF CHILD DESERTION. THE FATHER GIVEN A CHANCE TO REDEEM HIMSELF. On remand from Helidon, a man named Ernest Juillerat was brought before the Police Magistrate (Mr. C. A. M. Morris), at the Ipswich Police Court, yesterday morning, on a charge of having unlawfully deserted his six children. Senior-Sergeant King conducted the prosecution. The Police Magistrate asked : Will you enter into a bond to support your children ? The Accused , I have been willing to support them all along. Senior,-Sergeant King . That is all nonsense. The accused : I wrote to my wife three days after I left and told her where I got work. Senior-Sergeant King : That is not correct. He is aggravating the of fence by telling falsehoods. The Police Magistrate: You cannot expect your wife and children to live on nothing. Senior-Sergeant King : There is no use disguising the fact, your Worship, that the accused went away with another woman and that he was living with her at Perseverance. The Police Magistrate: What are you doing? The Accused : I am felling timber for Mr. Munro.
    The Police Magistrate : Will you consent to enter into a bond to pay to pay so much a week to your wife.
    The Accused : I have a house there that she can come and live in. The Police Magistrate.: Can you expect her to do that after you ran away with another man's wife ?
    The Accused : I didn't pay the wo man's fare, but we travelled in the same train. Senior-Sergeant King then handed the Police Magistrate a letter which he said, the accused had written, and in which he (accused) admitted having gone away and also made other admissions. The Police Magistrate, having read the letter, said to accused : Are the contents of this letter true?
    The Accused: Yes, according to the way I wrote. I don't know what construction may be put on it. The Police Magistrate: I will put an ordinary, reasonable construction on it. When you say "'I have been living with somebod else," what does that mean? The Accused : We were in the same house, sir.
    Senior-Sergeant King : He went under the name of Philp Picot, your Worship, and the woman under the name of Mrs. Picot. The Police Magistrate then s
    asked the accused's wife, who was in Court, whether she would consent to go to Perseverance and live with the accused. Mrs. Juillerat replied that she would do so if the accused were sorry for what he had done.
    The Accused: That is all I want. I want my wife and children to come and live with me.
    The Police Magistrate: I sincerely hope that you will treat them better then you appear to have done in the past. Your wife must be a really good woman who cares for her children , to forgive you as she has done. I will put you to the test, and will adjourn this case fortnight. If, in the meantime, everything goes well, and your wife and children are satisfied, there will be no more about the case. If, however, you go back on your word, further proceedings will be taken. . The accused then retired from this Court."
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines and Ernest Juillerat appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Perseverance. Ernest was a labourer.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines was listed as the next of kin of Ernest Juillerat when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 17 November 1917 in Toowoomba. He gave his occupation as a sawyer and address as Perseverance via Murphy's Creek. He was sent overseas but may not have seen action.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines was listed as the next of kin of Ernest Frederick Juillerat when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 2 April 1918 in Toowoomba. He gave his mother Alice as his next of kin and his occupation a labourer, once apprenticed to Mr Shum. He served in France and was discharged on 8 Nov 1919.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines and Ernest Juillerat appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1921 living at Ravensbourne. Ernest was a labourer.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines and Ernest Juillerat appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Ravensbourne. Ernest was a labourer. Their son Ernest was a labourer of Perseverance and his wife Elsie Florence carried out home duties, and son Leslie a labourer of Ravensbourne. Son Edward was an engine driver.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines and Ernest Juillerat appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at an unknown place . Ernest was a labourer.
  • Alice Mountjoy Haines died on 18 January 1938 in Queensland.
  • Alice was buried on 19 January 1938 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. METH3-002-0025.

Children of Alice Mountjoy Haines and Ernest Juillerat

Ann Haines

F, b. 30 November 1817, d. 4 August 1914
  • Ann Haines was baptized on 30 November 1817 in Odcombe, Somerset.
  • She was the daughter of John Haines and Maria Unknown.
  • At the age of 20 years and 25 days, Ann Haines married George Burgess, son of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker, on 25 December 1837 in Somerset, England. Ann's surname was spelt HAINS. She was the daughter of John HAINS, a labourer and was a nineteen year old spinster. George was a 24 year old bachelor labourer of East Fields, West Chinnock. His father was Samuel Burgess. They signed with their mark. Witnesses to the marriage were Simeon HAMLYN and Elizabeth PURCHASE.
  • Ann Haines and George Burgess immigrated to Tasmania, Australia, on 22 November 1842. They travelled with their children George and William on the "Royal Saxon". They were Bounty Passengers, sponsered by the Launceston Immigration Aid Society. George was assigned to Mr Jennings of Kelso, presumabley as a shepherd as that was his listed occupation. He earned a wage of ?52 withoiut rations. According to the immigration records neither George nor Ann could read or write and they were of the Church of England faith.
  • On 9 May 1887,her husband, George Burgess died in Tasmania at age 73.
  • Ann Haines died on 4 August 1914 in Tasmania at age 96.
  • Ann was buried on 7 August 1914 in Deloraine General Cemetery.

Children of Ann Haines and George Burgess

Edith Harriet Haines

F, b. 1890, d. 1972
  • Edith Harriet Haines was born in 1890 in New South Wales. She was the daughter of William HAINES and Emily.
  • At the age of 22 years, Edith Harriet Haines married Thomas Bird, son of William John Bird and Priscilla McMunn, in 1912 in New South Wales.
  • In 1931,her husband, Thomas Bird died in Dubbo.
  • Edith Harriet Haines died in 1972 in Penrith, New South Wales.

George Haines

M, b. circa 1860

Children of George Haines and Catherine Ann Griffith

George Frederick Haines

M, b. 1886, d. 1966

Henry Walter Haines

M, b. 1913
  • Henry Walter Haines was born in 1913 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Ada Rose Haines.

John Haines

M, b. circa 1795
  • John Haines was born circa 1795.
  • John Haines married Maria Unknown circa 1816.

Child of John Haines and Maria Unknown

  • Ann Haines+ b. 30 November 1817, d. 4 August 1914

Sarah Jane Haines

F, b. circa 1850

Child of Sarah Jane Haines and Thomas Briggs Stephen Starnes

Ella Violet Hainsworth

F, b. 1 November 1885, d. 28 July 1955
  • Ella Violet Hainsworth was born on 1 November 1885 in Tasmania. She was the daughter of Joseph Batty HAINSWORTH and Elizabeth WEEKS.
  • At the age of 24 years, 5 months and 26 days, Ella Violet Hainsworth married Ernest Alfred Watts, son of William Kent Watts and Maria Burgess, on 27 April 1910 in Tasmania.
  • On 16 August 1932,her husband, Ernest Alfred Watts died in Tasmania at age 48.
  • Ella Violet Hainsworth died on 28 July 1955 in Latrobe at age 69.
  • Ella was buried in Devonport General Cemetery.

Child of Ella Violet Hainsworth and Ernest Alfred Watts

Catherine Hair

F, b. 11 March 1896
  • Catherine Hair was born on 11 March 1896 in Queensland. She was the daughter of William Hair and Elizabeth Cooper.
  • At the age of 26 years, Catherine Hair married John Herbert Sondergeld, son of Ludwig Sondergeld and Kate Evans, in 1923 in Queensland.

Children of Catherine Hair and John Herbert Sondergeld

Dulcie Jean Haiser

F, b. circa 1910
  • Dulcie Jean Haiser was born circa 1910.
  • Dulcie Jean Haiser married Wesley Jenner Black, son of William Black and Sarah Amelia Lucinda (Emma) Johnston, in 1940 in New South Wales.
  • Dulcie Jean Haiser was listed as the next of kin of Wesley Jenner Black when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 14 June 1942 in New South Wales. He was living at Dunoon at the time he enlisted and gave his next of kin as Dulcie Black. His service number was N438856. He was discharged with the rank of Sergeant in the 1st Battalion Volunteer Defence Force.

Julie Haje

F, b. 1838, d. 12 April 1925
  • Julie Haje was born in 1838 in Germany. She was the daughter of Henry Hage.
  • Julie Haje married Clause Jacob Lau circa 1862.
  • Julie Haje and Clause Jacob Lau immigrated to Brisbane on 2 September 1863. Claus 20 and Julie 26 travelled on the Beausite.
  • On 7 July 1921,her husband, Clause Jacob Lau died in Queensland at age 78.
  • Julie Haje died on 12 April 1925 in Queensland.
  • Julie was buried on 15 April 1925. The headstone was erected by their daughter Ottlie Weber.
    Grave of Clause Jacob & Julie (nee HAJE) LAU , Douglas Cemetery. Copyright 2006,

Children of Julie Haje and Clause Jacob Lau

Ann Dorothy Pauline Hale

F, b. 1908

Catherine Amelia Alma Hale

F, b. 2 April 1896, d. 18 March 1965
  • Catherine Amelia Alma Hale was born on 2 April 1896 in Moonbah, New South Wales.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas William Hale and Elizabeth Mary Pendergast.
  • At the age of 19 years and 3 months, Catherine Amelia Alma Hale married William Henry Kidman, son of Samuel Kidman and Ann Cogan, in August 1915 in Mascot, New South Wales.
  • On 25 April 1964,her husband, William Henry Kidman died in Queensland at age 77.
  • Catherine Amelia Alma Hale died on 18 March 1965 in Newtown at age 68. Under the name of Katherine Kidman.
  • Catherine was buried in Field of Mars Cemetery. Under the name of Katherine Kidman - Church of England Section A448.

George Bartholmew Hale

M, b. 1871, d. October 1946
  • George Bartholmew Hale was born in 1871 in New South Wales.
  • He was the son of John Hale and Sarah Pendergast.
  • At the age of 36 years, George Bartholmew Hale married Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Kidman, daughter of Samuel Kidman and Ann Cogan, in 1907 in New South Wales.
  • George Bartholmew Hale and Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Kidman moved to Crow's Nest sometime before 1908.George is believed to have worked at one of the sawmills in the area at the time. They were the first of the Kidmans to arrive in the district. Kate's parents and sibling arrived in the later half of 1908.
  • George Bartholmew Hale died in October 1946 in Queensland.
  • George was buried on 9 October 1946 in Lutwyche Cemetery. Location MON-5-87-34.

John Hale

M, b. circa 1875
  • John Hale was born circa 1875.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Thallon Street, Crow's Nest. He was a butcher.
  • John Hale married Mary Gracey, daughter of John Gracey and Ellen Hurley, on 14 February 1905 in Queensland.
  • On 6 August 1933 John Hale and Mary Gracey lived in Kaimkillunbun.

John Hale

M, b. circa 1845
  • John Hale was born circa 1845.
  • John Hale married Sarah Pendergast in 1868 in New South Wales.

Children of John Hale and Sarah Pendergast

Samuel Cyril John Hale

M, b. 1914

Stanley Arthur Cogan Hale

M, b. 1909
  • Stanley Arthur Cogan Hale changed is name by Deed Poll to Thomas Hale.
  • He was born in 1909 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of George Bartholmew Hale and Catherine Elizabeth (Kate) Kidman.
  • At the age of 26 years, Stanley Arthur Cogan Hale married Eileen Margaret Core in 1935 in Queensland.

Thomas William Hale

M, b. 1869

Child of Thomas William Hale and Elizabeth Mary Pendergast

Veronica Ella Hale

F, b. 1912

Ethel Hall

F, b. 17 October 1880, d. September 1978
  • Ethel Hall was born on 17 October 1880.
  • At the age of 30 years, 8 months and 5 days, Ethel Hall married William Craven Eyles, son of Charles Eyles and Amelia Mytton, on 22 June 1911 in New Zealand.
  • On 26 May 1975,her husband, William Craven Eyles died in New Zealand at age 96.
  • Ethel Hall died in September 1978 in New Zealand at age 97.
  • Ethel was buried on 11 September 1978 in Marsden Valley Cemetery.

Florence Mary Hall

F, b. 29 September 1900, d. 1991

Frederick Hall

M, b. 18 February 1893, d. 6 September 1966

Children of Frederick Hall and Amy Louisa Bennett

Harold Hall

M, b. circa 1913

Harriet Hall

F, b. circa 1850
  • Harriet Hall was born circa 1850.
  • Harriet Hall married George Gough circa 1875.

Child of Harriet Hall and George Gough

Lisle Hall

M, b. 13 January 1917, d. 1991