Heinrich Johann Muller

M, b. 5 May 1880

Children of Heinrich Johann Muller and Adeline Matilda Rosebella Humberdross

Henry Ernest Muller

M, b. 19 April 1899, d. 1980

Herman Gustav Muller

M, b. 9 March 1872, d. 27 March 1916

Herman Gustav Muller

M, b. 27 April 1895, d. 15 May 1976

Honorah Muller

F, b. 1917, d. 19 June 1991

Ida Muller

F, b. 1907

Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller

F, b. 30 September 1894, d. 25 May 1947
  • Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller was born on 30 September 1894 in Walloon, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of George Frederick (Michael) Muller and Maria Margaretha Magdelina (Mary) Hoffmann.
  • Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller attended Moss View State School. While not at school she helped her parents on the dairy farm.
  • She appeared on the Electoral Roll with George Frederick (Michael) Muller and Maria Margaretha Magdelina (Mary) Hoffmann in 1916 in Emu Creek. Michael was a farmer. Their son George was a labourer and daughter Ida carried out home duties.
  • Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller appeared on the Electoral Roll with Frederick Martin (Fred) Miller and George Frederick Michael Miller in 1922 in Emu Creek. Fred ws a farmer and George a labourer. Ida carried out home duties as did her mother Mary.
  • At the age of 29 years, Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller married John Joseph (Jack) Avis, son of Mary Ann Unknown Avis, in 1924 in Queensland. Jack also worked for the Broadfoot family as their overseer. The family of four girls lived in the Broadfoot home at Kooralgin until they moved into Yarraman in 1939.
  • In the early part of the 1925's Ida Miller went to work for a Broadfoot family at Kooralgin, as their housekeeper. This may have been Thomas and Amanda's family as the mill at Djuan closed around 1914. Ida would have been known to the Broadfoot family as she grew up at Emu Creek not far from the Djuan Mill. --- Thomas Broadfoot.
  • Ida Louisa Emily (Lou) Muller died on 25 May 1947 in Queensland at age 52.
  • She was buried on 26 May 1947 in Toowong Cemetery.

Johann Otto Muller

M, b. 24 December 1889, d. 18 June 1981
  • Johann Otto Muller was born on 24 December 1889 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of August Frederick Wilhelm Muller and Wilhelmine Justine Emilie Zillmann.
  • Johann Otto Muller appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1909 living at Ravensbourne. He was a labourer.
  • He enlisted in the AIF on 31 May 1918 in Toowoomba. At the time he was living at Perseverance and gave his father August as his next of kin. He also lived at Perseverance and gave his occupation as a farmer. In 1919 he was admitted to hospital in England suffering from pleurisy. Most of his time overseas was spent ill in hospital. He was sent to France in January 1919. He returned to Australia in April 1919.
  • Between 1924 and 1941 John was living at Nickinbah, Maryborough.
  • Johann Otto Muller died on 18 June 1981 in Queensland at age 91.

John Frederick Muller

M, b. 22 August 1882, d. 1977

John Ludor Muller

M, b. 1834, d. 1905
  • John Ludor Muller was born in 1834 in Birmingham.
  • His marriage, at 19 years, to Caroline Hanson was registered in the December 1853 Quarter in Kings Norton, Warwickshire Registration District.
  • John Ludor Muller died in 1905.

Child of John Ludor Muller and Caroline Hanson

John Ludwig Muller

M, b. 1899
  • John Ludwig Muller was born in 1899 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Wlhelm August Muller and Emily Marie Rosalie Raeck.
  • John Ludwig Muller appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Perseverance. John was a labourer.

Keith Charles Muller

M, b. June 1914
  • Keith Charles Muller's birth was registered in the in Aston,Warwickshre Registration District in the June 1914 Quarter.
  • He was the son of Charles Muller and Alice Bellfield.

Lena Minna Muller

F, b. 27 April 1897, d. 1899

Louisa Johanna Muller

F, b. 26 October 1886, d. 1977

Children of Louisa Johanna Muller and Herman Henry Gerhardt

Louise Auguste Muller

F, b. 14 July 1893, d. 1972

Maggie Minnie Muller

F, b. 23 August 1903

Minnie Elizabeth Muller

F, b. 1904

Minnie Maggie Muller

F, b. 19 August 1907

Noel Muller

M, b. 1913, d. 1913

Percy Muller

M, b. 1909

Ray Muller

M, b. 1911, d. 1911

Rose Muller

F, b. 1902

Sophia Muller

F, b. 1905

Stanley Arthur Muller

M, b. 1911

Suzanne Pauline Muller

F, b. circa 1840
  • Suzanne Pauline Muller was born circa 1840.
  • Suzanne Pauline Muller married Carl Ernest Hoppe circa 1860.

Child of Suzanne Pauline Muller and Carl Ernest Hoppe

Vincent Muller

M, b. 1909

Violet Muller

F, b. 1909

Walter Frank Muller

M, b. 3 December 1905, d. 1969

Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller

M, b. 22 March 1837, d. 9 August 1905
  • Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller was born on 22 March 1837 in Prussia. He was the son of Daniel Muller and Charlotte Ucohms.
  • Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller married Maria (Christine) Louisa Wieland circa 1860.
  • Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller and Maria (Christine) Louisa Wieland appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Ravensbourne. August was a farmer.
  • On 5 August 1903,his wife, Maria (Christine) Louisa Wieland died in Perseverance, Queensland.
  • Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller died on 9 August 1905 in Ravensbourne, Queensland, at age 68.

Children of Wilhelm (August) Albert Muller and Maria (Christine) Louisa Wieland

Wilhelm Albert Muller

M, b. 1901, d. 1982
  • Wilhelm Albert Muller was born in 1901 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Wlhelm August Muller and Emily Marie Rosalie Raeck.
  • Wilhelm Albert Muller attended the funeral of Clara Olive Shum She was killed. while playing near the Perseverance Mill when a large log rolled over her - The Daily Standard reported:- "A shocking fatality occurred at Perseverance on Friday afternoon, whereby a little girl, Clara Shum, daughter of Mr and Mrs H. Shum, well known residents, was killed in a painfully tragic manner (writes a Crow's Nest representative). The wee maiden, who was only six years of age, was playing with: some other children about the sawmill yards, when a tog rolled and, passing over the child, crushed out the little life instantaneously. The utmost sympathy is felt for, the family. The funeral took place this afternoon, at Cabarluh. A remarkable sequel to the sad event was reported later, when a boy named William Muller, whilst riding to the funeral of the little girl, had his pony fall with him, whereby he sustained a fractured arm and'some other bruises. The lad was conveyed to. Crow's Nest, where Dr. Henderson set the injured limb"
    in Perseverance, Queensland.
  • At the age of 26 years, Wilhelm Albert Muller married Margaret Thelma Gerhardt, daughter of Heinrich Carl Gerhardt and Catherine Jane Roseman, in 1927 in Queensland.
  • Wilhelm Albert Muller died in 1982 in Queensland.