Mary Parnell Condy

F, b. December 1768
  • Mary Parnell Condy was born in December 1768 in Cornwall.
  • She was the daughter of Phillip Condy and Sarah Unknown.
  • At the age of 22 years and 2 months, Mary Parnell Condy married John Dunn on 10 February 1791 in Cornwall.

Children of Mary Parnell Condy and John Dunn

Phillip Condy

M, b. circa 1740
  • Phillip Condy was born circa 1740.
  • Phillip Condy married Sarah Unknown circa 1765.

Child of Phillip Condy and Sarah Unknown

Phillipa Condy

F, b. 27 December 1728
  • Phillipa Condy was born on 27 December 1728.
  • At the age of 26 years, 4 months and 13 days, Phillipa Condy married James Lower, son of John Lower and Joan Williams, on 10 May 1755 in St Just in Roseland.

Children of Phillipa Condy and James Lower

Robert Swift Congleton

M, b. circa 1890

Judith Congnard

F, b. circa 1625

Children of Judith Congnard and Bourgeois Jacques Cossart Third

Marguerite Congnard

F, b. circa 1630
  • Marguerite Congnard was born circa 1630.
  • Marguerite Congnard married David Cossart, son of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn, on 8 November 1654. She was the sister of Judith Congnard who married his brother Jacques.
  • Marguerite Congnard and David Cossart immigrated in 1669. David and Marguerite fled to Ireland before the Revocation with their family of seven children and established themselves in Dublin. Another three children were born there.

Children of Marguerite Congnard and David Cossart

Alexander Conley

M, b. circa 1875

Sarah Conley

F, b. circa 1880, d. 1971
  • Sarah Conley was born circa 1880. She was the daughter of John Conley and Margaret May.
  • Sarah Conley married John Plant, son of John Plant and Alice Gillis, in 1900 in Queensland.
  • On 5 July 1956,her husband, John Plant died in Queensland.
  • Sarah Conley died in 1971 in Queensland.

Children of Sarah Conley and John Plant

William Conley

M, b. circa 1875

Elwin Stanley Conn

M, b. 1898, d. 1978
  • Elwin Stanley Conn was born in 1898 in New South Wales. He was the son of Robert CONN and Margaret.
  • At the age of 26 years, Elwin Stanley Conn married Kathleen Olive Bird, daughter of Charles Alfred Bird and Elizabeth Fagan, in 1924 in New South Wales.
  • Elwin Stanley Conn died in 1978 in New South Wales.

Barbara Connell

F, b. 23 November 1863, d. 25 November 1920
  • Barbara Connell was born on 23 November 1863 in Victoria.
  • At the age of 16 years, Barbara Connell married John Hodge Ball in 1880 in Queensland.
  • Barbara Connell and John Hodge Ball appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Goombungee. John was a farmer and Barbara carried out domestic duties. Their daughter Elizabeth Annie lived in Mocatta Street, Goombungee at the time.
  • Barbara Connell died on 25 November 1920 at age 57.
  • Barbara was buried on 26 November 1920 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.

Children of Barbara Connell and John Hodge Ball

Ann Connolly

F, b. 1856, d. 1921
  • Ann Connolly was born in 1856 in Victoria.
  • Ann Connolly married Patrick Ryan circa 1880.
  • Ann Connolly and Patrick Ryan appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1905 living at Ravensbourne. Patrick was a farmer as was their son William.
  • Ann Connolly and Patrick Ryan appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1909 and 1913 living at Ravensbourne. Patrick was a farmer.
  • Ann Connolly and Patrick Ryan appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1921 living at Ravensbourne. He was a farmer.
  • Ann Connolly died in 1921 in Ravensbourne, Queensland.

Child of Ann Connolly and Patrick Ryan

Anna Marcella Connolly

F, b. 1886

Archibald John Connolly

M, b. 1896, d. 1970
  • Archibald John Connolly was born in 1896 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Matthew Connolly and Mary Josephine Conroy.
  • Archibald John Connolly appeared on the Electoral Roll with Matthew Connolly and Mary Josephine Conroy in 1925 in Mt Luke. Matthew was a lengthsman. Their son Archibald was a farmer.
  • Archibald John Connolly was amongst those who employed Clarence Davidson. During his teen years at his parents farm at Mt Luke, Clarence Davidson worked for a number of his neighbours including Bart Brady, Fred Green, Tom Turkington, Carl Kahler, Fred Gossow and Arch Connolly. After leaving school at the age of 14 he worked for Eric Grehan on Don Davidson's property at Cressbrook. After the family left Mt Luke for Yednia, Clarry worked for Hancock & Gore at their Jimna mill for four years before moving to Brisbane where he became a fitter and turner.
  • In 1939Archibald John Connolly let a fencing contract to his neighbour James Clarence Davidson at Mt Luke.
  • Archibald John Connolly died in 1970 in Queensland.

Catherine Connolly

F, b. 1884, d. 26 January 1924
  • Catherine Connolly was born in 1884 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Matthew Connolly and Mary Josephine Conroy.
  • Catherine Connolly appeared on the Electoral Roll with Matthew Connolly and Mary Josephine Conroy in 1913 in Mt Pleasant. Matthew was a lengthsman. Their daugthers Catherina and Ann most likely lived with them.
  • Catherine Connolly died on 26 January 1924 in Queensland.
  • Catherine was buried on 28 January 1924 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. She is buried with her sister Jessie - RC3-005-0026.

Denis Connolly

M, b. 1900, d. 1901

Denis Connolly

M, b. 1912

Denis Paul Connolly

M, b. circa 1880, d. 1945
  • Denis Paul Connolly was born circa 1880. He was the son of Mary Johanna O'Callaghan and Denis Connolly.
  • Denis Paul Connolly married Ellen Mary Gallagher in 1900 in Queensland.
  • Denis Paul Connolly died in 1945 in Queensland.

Children of Denis Paul Connolly and Ellen Mary Gallagher

Eamon de Valera Connolly

M, b. circa 1916, d. 1959

Edward James Connolly

M, b. 1892, d. 17 December 1961
  • Edward James Connolly was born in 1892 in Queensland. He was the son of Edward CONNOLLY and Mary Ann WILSON.
  • Edward James Connolly lived in Rosewood, Queensland.
  • He was Railway worker.
  • At the age of 25 years, Edward James Connolly married Beatrice Lousia Austin, daughter of Thomas Henry Ascendant Austin and Ellen Hooper, on 25 June 1917 in Queensland.
  • Edward James Connolly died on 17 December 1961 in Queensland.
  • Edward was buried on 19 December 1961 in Hemmant Cemetery.

Children of Edward James Connolly and Beatrice Lousia Austin

Eliza Hannah Connolly

F, b. 1879, d. 1946

Ellen Mary Connolly

F, b. 1905

Eugine Connolly

M, b. 1902

Frances Mary Connolly

F, b. 1904

Francis Michael Connolly

M, b. 1909

Gordon James Connolly

M, b. circa 1925, d. 1925

Hugh Connolly

M, b. 1894, d. 1983

James Connolly

M, b. circa 1875
  • James Connolly was born circa 1875.
  • James Connolly married Ann Unknown circa 1900.
  • He was a member of the first Crow's Nest Band in 1902; Band members were Raymond White, Frederick Williams, Alf Colthrup, James Gleeson, Walter George Benton, Norman White, John William Brass, Thomas Askin, Alfred William Blinco, Tim Gleeson, Anthony Lavery, James Connolly, James Nathanial Cole and HENDY.
  • James Connolly appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Queen Street, Crow's Nest. James was a storekeeper and Annie was a salesperson.

James Connolly

M, b. circa 1870

Child of James Connolly and Sarah Mary Ann Eldridge

Jane Connolly

F, b. 1845, d. 7 January 1922
  • Jane Connolly was born in 1845 in County Donegal, Ireland. She was the daugher of Charles Connolly and Bridget Dogherty.
  • She immigrated to Brisbane on 16 May 1865. Jane, 21 travelled on the Golconda, leaving Plymouth on 10 Apr 1865 She was listed as a single woman - surname spelt CONOLLY.
  • At the age of 23 years, Jane Connolly married John Brennan, son of Martin Brennan and Elizabeth Carroll, in 1868 in Queensland.
  • On 12 September 1885,her husband, John Brennan died in Queensland.
  • On 24 April 1886,Jane Connolly's son, Patrick Brennan was buried in Toowong Cemetery.
  • Jane Connolly appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1913 living at Cabarlah. She carried out domestic duties and most likely lived with her sons James and Thomas who were farmers in the Cabarlah district.
  • Jane Connolly died on 7 January 1922 in Cabarlah.
  • Jane was buried on 8 January 1922 in Cabarlah Cemetery. RC1-00C-0017.
  • Jane Connolly's orbituary appeared The Catholic Press on 11 May 1922. It read:- "THE LATE MRS. J. BRENNAN.
    After 50 years of pioneer work in the Toowoomba district of Queensland, Mrs. J. Brennan, of Reedy Creek, Cabarlah, passed peacefully away, at the ripe age of 77. Born in Drumkeen, County Donegal, Ireland, she emigrated to Queensland in the ship Golconda 53 years ago, and duly arrived in Moreton Bay. She went to Toowoomba shortly after her arrival, and there Jane Connolly met her future husband, the late John Brennan. Land settlement at the time was opened up in the Cabarlah district, then known as Reedy Creek. There the happy couple decided to work out their fortunes. John Brennan became the original founder of the Highfields State School. A fatal riding accident left Mrs. Brennan a widow with a family of eight little ones. The struggle was a keen fight against adverse conditions which many a man to day would shirk. She carried on mixed farming and dairying, and her industry and perseverance were rewarded with a comfortable home and healthy children. Apart from her duties, she had time to attend to her neighbours' troubles, and her cheerful smile and generous helping hand brought comfort to many. The family are well known throughout Queensland. They are: Martin Joseph Brennan (sergeant of police, Charters Towers), Nicholas Peter Brennan (Blackbutt), Mrs. J. W. E. Ryan (police station, Goolagong, N.S.W.), James Aloysius Brennan (Dandarah, Biggenden), and Thomas Liguori Brennan (Cabarlah). Three children predeceased their mother, viz., Pat rick, Elizabeth and John. There are six grandchildren. Her remains were interred beside those of her husband, in the Highfields Cemetery, before a large attendance of mourners. The ceremonies at the grave were conducted by Rev. Father Carlton, who also, with Rev. Father O 'Gorman, attended to the deceased's spiritual welfare. — R.I.P. "

Children of Jane Connolly and John Brennan