Johann Jannusch

M, b. 15 October 1843, d. 26 October 1912
  • Johann Jannusch was born on 15 October 1843 in Germany.
  • Johann Jannusch married Maria Franchesca Weeck/Feck circa 1866.
  • Johann Jannusch and Maria Franchesca Weeck/Feck immigrated to Queensland on 4 September 1877. Johann 34, and Maria 42, travelled on the Charles Dickens which departed from Hamburg. With them were Henriette aged 9, Bertha aged 6, Herman 3 and Ferdinand 1. The surname for the children was spelt JAMMUSCH or JAMNUSCH. Also Maria's children from a previous KNACK marriage travelled with them - Johanne 22, Auguste 16 and Hermine 20.
  • In 1878 Johann was one of the first selectors of land at Meringendan along with W. Andrew and A. Neden.
    The 40 acres he selected was not prime land. In 1898 the Land Court deliberated to fix the price of the land as reported by The Queenslander :- "In the matter of the fixing of the value of 40 acres of land in the parish of Meringandan, ad joining selection No. 2518, Toowoomba register, and proposed to be sold to John Jannusch. Mr. Hamilton appeared on behalf of John Jannusch. Jacob Julius Micheli, produce merchant, Brisbane, was examined, and valued the land at 10s. and acre. To Mr. Warner, who appeared for the Crown, witness said it was four or five years since he had seen the land. Tobias Hans Metzger, carpenter, Boggo-road, said the land was mostly hill land with rooks and stones upon it; when he saw it a couple of years ago he was shown 300 or 400 dray loads of stones which had been taken off it. Mathias Schaefe said he held a selection ad joining Jannusch's; he took up the land in question as a homestead, and held it for two years ; the first year he paid 9d. an acre for it; this rental was raised to 1s. the second year; a further increase to 1s. 6d. was about to be made on the third year, but as this price was too high witness gave the land up; Jannusch had taken as many stones off the land as would pave Queen-street—(laughter); some of the stones would take two men to lift them on to a dray. John Jannusch said he had been on his selection ten years. The stones taken off it were piled in a heap one chain square and half a chain high, and also in a wall of stone ten chains long. Mr. Jokn Reid Warner, Land Commissioner at Toowoomba, said he had not seen the land in question, but from information he had received he valued it at £4 per acre. Mr. Groom sold some land in the immediate locality recently at £4 10s. per acre. The court fixed the valuation of the 40 acres in question at £1 per acre. "
  • In 1897Johann Jannusch was issued with a Selection Certificate for 160 acres of land in Djuan.
  • Johann Jannusch died on 26 October 1912 in Queensland at age 69.
  • He was buried in Glencoe Cemetery.
  • He left a will on 30 September 1912 in which he made Johann Ehrlich of Haden and Frederick Kanowski of Glencoe his executors. Johann's wife Mary of Glencoe, sons Herman of Djuan and Ferdinand of Glencoe, both farmers petitioned for the land - Portions 2518 and 2518a, county of Aubigny parish of Menigandan.

Children of Johann Jannusch and Maria Franchesca Weeck/Feck

Lena Jannusch

F, b. 1906, d. 1906

Wilhelm Jannusch

M, b. 1905, d. 1986
  • Wilhelm Jannusch was born in 1905 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Herman August Jannusch and Augusta Schilf.
  • Wilhelm was the best man at the wedding of Elsie Christina Suhr and Herman Jannusch, son of Herman August Jannusch and Augusta Schilf, on 5 August 1925 in Queensland; The Brisbane Courier reported:- "At the Bergen Lutheran Church, in the Crow's Nest district, on August 5, the marriage was solemnised of Mr. Herman Jannusch (second son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Jannusch, Haden) and Miss Elsie Christina Suhr (second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Suhr, Bergen) by Pastor Poland. The church had been tastefully decorated by girl friends of the bride, and the chief feature was a large wedding bell filled with confetti, and made by Mrs. A. .Schilf (Haden). During the signing of the register a vocal solo was rendered by Mrs. D. Stark, Messrs. G. Jannusch and D. Keenan. Mrs. D. Stalk presided at the organ, and violin accompaniments were given by Mr. A Schilf. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of cream satin de sole and lace, made with a shirred feather fringed panel at the left side, and a cabochon finished with tiny pearls at the right side. The sleeves were finished with small hand-made roses. She wore a veil in mob cap style, with a posy of orange blossom at either side. She carried a large sheaf of lilies tied with white satin streamers, and also wore a gold wristlet watch, the gift of the bridegroom. The chief bridesmaid, Miss Ruby Suhr (sister of the bride), and her second bridesmaid Miss Belle Jannusch (sister of the bridegroom), were frocked in apricot crepe de Chine, trimmed with feathers and cadochons, and finished with large bows at the right sides. On the left shoulders were rosettes of silver tissue and feather, from which white suspended streamers of the same material as the frocks. They wore black "Nelly Kelly'' hats and carried bouquets of deep cream stocks veiled in asparagus
    plumosus, tied with cream streamers. The bride's mother wore a beaded black Marocain costume, with a hat to match. The bridegroom's mother wore black silk Marocain, trimmed with hand-sewn beads, and also a hat to tone. Mr. W. Jannusch (brother of the bridegroom) acted as best man, and Mr. C. Suhr (brother of the bride) carried out his duties of groomsman. At the conclusion of the ceremony the guests drove to the home of the bride's parents, where about 150 persons were entertained at the breakfast, which was served in a large marquee at the side of the house. A wedding cake adorned the centre of the chief table. Dancing took place at night. The bride and bridegroom left subsequently for Coolangatta, where the honeymoon is being spent. The bride wore a travelling costume of navy gabardine, made with a pleated tunic, with collar and cuffs finished with fur trimmings. Her black hat was relieved with ornamental trimmings. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a pair of xylonite military brushes in a case, and the bridegroom's present to each of the bridesmaids was a gold armlet."
  • Wilhelm Jannusch appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Haden. William was a butcher.
  • At the age of 25 years, Wilhelm Jannusch married May Askin, daughter of Henry (Harry) Askin and Lillian Pearce, in 1930 in Queensland.
  • Wilhelm Jannusch and May Askin appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1936 and 1954 living at Haden. William was a butcher.
  • Wilhelm Jannusch died in 1986 in Queensland.

Mary Hall Jansen

F, b. circa 1870, d. 1951
  • Mary Hall Jansen was born circa 1870. She was the daugher of Harry Jansen and Ellen Hall.
  • Mary Hall Jansen married Robert Breydon, son of John Breydon and Jane Savage, in 1891 in Queensland.
  • Mary Hall Jansen died in 1951 in Queensland.

Frederick Edmund Janz

M, b. circa 1900

John Joshua Jarmain

M, b. circa 1880

Child of John Joshua Jarmain and Harriet Rodgers

Child of John Joshua Jarmain and Ivy May Gribble Hooper

Norma Jarmain

F, b. circa 1916, d. 1917

Thomas Edward Jarmain

M, b. before 1900, d. 1928

Frances Caroline Jarman

F, b. 1914, d. 7 March 1951

Cecilai May Jarrett

F, b. 1884

Elizabeth Ann Jarrett

F, b. 17 August 1884, d. 5 May 1973
  • Elizabeth Ann Jarrett was born on 17 August 1884 in Shoalhaven, New South Wales.
  • At the age of 21 years, 4 months and 6 days, Elizabeth Ann Jarrett married George Alfred Hooper, son of John Thomas Hooper and Susannah Gribble, on 23 December 1905 in New South Wales.
  • Elizabeth Ann Jarrett died on 5 May 1973 in Queensland at age 88.

Children of Elizabeth Ann Jarrett and George Alfred Hooper

Ernest Henry Comley Jarrett

M, b. 1899

Florence Ivy Jarrett

F, b. 1887

Henrietta Jarrett

F, b. 30 March 1836, d. August 1923
  • Henrietta Jarrett was born on 30 March 1836 in England. She was the daughter or Aaron JARRETT and Mary PARSONS.
  • At the age of 21 years and 20 days, Henrietta Jarrett married John White on 19 April 1857 in Kent, England.
  • Henrietta Jarrett and John White immigrated to Queensland on 20 February 1878. Henrietta, aged 1 travelled to Australia on the Gauntlet with her husband John also 41 and children William S aged 16 and Emily aged 6. They left London on 14 October 1877.
  • Henrietta Jarrett and John White appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1905 and 1908 living at Crow's Nest. John was an engine driver and Henrietta carried out domestic duties. He worked for Blinco's sawmill at Crow's Nest.
  • Henrietta Jarrett and John White appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Crow's Nest. John was an engine driver and Henrietta carried out home duties.
  • Circa 1914,her husband, John White died. According to family, John died about ten years before Henrietta, but to date his death record has not been found.
  • Henrietta Jarrett died in August 1923 in Queensland at age 87.
  • She was buried on 18 August 1923 in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Children of Henrietta Jarrett and John White

Henrietta May Jarrett

F, b. 1886, d. 1887

John James Jarrett

M, b. 1883, d. 1883

Pearl Emily Jarrett

F, b. 1895

Rachel Elizabeth Jarrett

F, b. 1888

Child of Rachel Elizabeth Jarrett and Alfred Prudent

Roy Alfred Jarrett

M, b. 1902, d. 1950

Vera Eva Jarrett

F, b. 1890, d. 1964

Wilfred Sidney Jarrett

M, b. 1893

William Samuel Jarrett

M, b. 1862, d. 1939
  • William Samuel Jarrett was born in 1862. He was the son of Henrietta's sister Celia Jarrett.
  • He was the son of John White and Henrietta Jarrett.
  • William Samuel Jarrett immigrated on 20 February 1878 to Queensland with Henrietta Jarrett and John White. Henrietta, aged 1 travelled to Australia on the Gauntlet with her husband John also 41 and children William S aged 16 and Emily aged 6. They left London on 14 October 1877.
  • William Samuel Jarrett and John White lived in Brisbane for a few years after arriving in Australia. William worked as a saddle tree maker for a saddler in Brisbane before becoming a carpenter. In 1891 he moved his family to Wallumbilla where he worked as a builder erecting schools, churches and homesteads.
    At some stage John and Henrietta moved to Crow's Nest, some time before Emily's marriage in 1887 to Thomas Blinco.
  • At the age of 20 years, William Samuel Jarrett married Emma Jane Comley in 1882 in Queensland.
  • William Samuel Jarrett died in 1939 in Queensland.
  • He was buried on 23 August 1939 in South Brisbane Cemetery. He is buried with his wife Emma who died in 1950.

Children of William Samuel Jarrett and Emma Jane Comley

William Stevens Jarrett

M, b. 1892, d. 1892

Alfred Jarvis

M, b. 1885, d. 8 April 1975

Abel Friedricka Jasper

F, b. circa 1855, d. 1907

Children of Abel Friedricka Jasper and Johann Nicholas Detlef Wieden

Alice Ethel Jefferis

F, b. 26 October 1876, d. 27 September 1934

Alice Ethel Jefferis 1876-1934, Daughter of James Eggar Jefferis and Jane Louisa Webb
  • Alice Ethel Jefferis was also known as Ethel.
  • She was born on 26 October 1876.
  • She was the daughter of James Eggar Jefferis and Jane Louisa Webb.
  • Alice Ethel Jefferis's birth was registered in the an unknown place , an unknown place Registration District in the December 1876 Quarter.
  • At the time of the 3 April 1881 census Alice Ethel Jefferis was living in the household of Jane Louisa Webb in Henly on Thames. Louisa is shown as a 34 year old widow, no occupation living with Percy aged 8, and Alice aged 4 and a servant Keziah Midgly aged 14.
  • In a letter written around the time of her marriage, to Robert Percy in Australia on 18 February 1897, his sister Ethel Moorel (Alice Ethel Jefferis) refers to Harry (their brother Henry Samuel Eggar Jefferis) and says "When both my dear brothers are rich enough to come to England how gladly they will be welcomed."
  • Her marriage, at 20 years and 7 months, to Leonard Charles Thomas Moore was registered in the June 1897 Quarter in Henley, Oxfordshire Registration District. Leonard was an architect.
  • Alice Ethel Jefferis's and Leonard Charles Thomas Moore's first child Eileen was born 17 February 1900. She was mentally handicapped and her letters to her brother Robert Percy, Eileen's mother Alice Ethel expressed concern at her backwardness. Her mother's will of 1934 left provision for a trustee and guardian for Eileen.
  • Alice Ethel Jefferis left a will in 1934. She left provison for a trustee and guardian for her diabled daughter Eileen Ethel and she left money to "my brother Henry Samuel Jefferis or his children."
  • Alice Ethel Jefferis died on 27 September 1934 in Brentford Hospital, Middlesex, at age 57.
  • She appeared on the census of 2 April, 1911.

Child of Alice Ethel Jefferis and Leonard Charles Thomas Moore

Alice Mary Jefferis

F, b. 17 April 1861
  • Alice Mary Jefferis was born on 17 April 1861 in Alton.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Sparshott Jefferis and Elizabeth Mary Monk.
  • Alice Mary Jefferis was baptized on 15 May 1861 in Hampshire.
  • She appeared on the census of 2 April 1871 in Dry Hill Park, Tunbridge. shown as a 9 year old living with her grandparents Robert and Sarah Monk.
  • At the time of the 3 April 1881 census Alice Mary Jefferis was living in the household of Elizabeth Mary Monk in St Peters, Kent, England. Elizabeth is shown as a 53 year old widow born Tunbridge Kent, a retired fr? fancy business. She is living with her daughter Alice M Jefferis aged 19, born Alton and son Graham Jefferis aged 14 born Tunbridge, Kent, a drapers apprentice.
  • Her marriage, at 23 years and 4 months, to Herbert Hooper was registered in the September 1884 Quarter in Hackney, London Registration District.

Children of Alice Mary Jefferis and Herbert Hooper

Ann Jefferis

F, b. 23 August 1793
  • Ann Jefferis was born on 23 August 1793.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas Jeffery Jefferis and Ann Kemp.
  • Ann Jefferis was baptized on 27 September 1793 in Hampshire. Her brother Thomas Jeffery, a year older was baptised the same day.

Ann (Mary) Jefferis

F, b. 16 April 1830, d. March 1926

Taken in Bath in 1923. Ann Mary Garrett (93 years), her daughter Catherine (71 years) and grandson Percy Lewis Garrett and his wife Olive Mabel Maud Butler and their son Bernard Garrett.
  • Ann (Mary) Jefferis was baptized on 16 April 1830 in Alton, England. She was baptised privately and received into the church on 30 April 1830.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Jefferis and Ann Sparshott.
  • At the time of the 7 June 1841 census Ann (Mary) Jefferis was living in the household of Henry Jefferis and Ann Sparshott in Hampshire. The census showes Henry 40, Ann 30, Ann Mary 11, Henry Sparshott 8, Lewis 6 and Robert Kemp aged 4. All born in County.
  • At the time of the 30 March 1851 census Ann (Mary) Jefferis was living in the household of Henry Jefferis and Ann Sparshott in Alton. Henry is shown as a 53 year old tanner employing 13 men born Alton and living with his wife Ann 45, born Lamberhurst, Anne M aged 21, Lewis 16, Robert K 14 all born Alton.
  • Ann (Mary) Jefferis married Thomas Poynder Garrett, son of John Garrett and Catherine Unknown, on 16 October 1851 in Hampshire Ann's father is shown as Henry Jefferis. Witnesses are Sarah Jefferis (wife of James), John Jefferis, William and Mary Garrett.
    (From the Diary of William Terrell Gunner of Will Hall Alton - Mr and Mrs Garrett to the station hence they were off to the Continent; Garrett is studying at Cambridge for the Church, and he's married this day to our friend Mary Jefferies. I am sure I wish her every happiness and that she may fulfil the many duties of a clergyman's wife.")
  • On 5 October 1852 Gunner wrote in his Diary - "Supped at Mr Hy Jefferis, my sisters had been taking tea there. Mrs G Garrett formerly Ma(r)y Jefferis is staying with her mother, her lit(t)le chil(d) (a girl) with her, and a very small one too, or I know nothing of such matters wh. is most likely the case. Mary is still very pretty, very lively, though a little sobered - ergo improved."
  • At the time of the 7 April 1861 census Ann (Mary) Jefferis was living in the household of Henry Jefferis and Ann Sparshott in Alton. Henry was shown as a 68 year old tanner born Alton and Ann a 57 year old born Lambrkent (Lamberhurst, Kent) Their daughter Ann Mary and her son Lewis were staying with them. A servant Eliza Whetstone aged 52 was also living in the house.
  • Before 1881,her husband, Thomas Poynder Garrett died. Mary is noted as a widow on the 1881 census. There is a possible death for him in Whitechapel in 1866.
  • At the time of the 3 April 1881 census Ann (Mary) Jefferis was living in the household of Ann Sparshott in Lambeth. Ann is shown as a 78 year old widow born Lamberhurst, Kent living with her widowed daughter Ann M Garrett aged 47, born Alton, Hampshire and her sons Gilbert H 26, born F(T)amworth, Stafford and Lewis P Garrett 24, born F(T)amworth, Stafford, both were mechanical engineers - also boarder Ralph Archbould 25, a mechanical engineer born in Islip, Northampton and Martha Goulding 21, servant born Hollybourne, Hampshire.
  • Her death was recorded with the Bath, an unknown place Registration District in the March 1926 Quarter.

Children of Ann (Mary) Jefferis and Thomas Poynder Garrett

Anne Jefferis

F, b. 22 January 1873, d. 14 July 1965
  • Anne Jefferis was born on 22 January 1873 in Port Curtis (Gladstone), Queensland. Robert Kemp's occupation is shown as a digger.
  • She was the daughter of Robert Kemp Jefferis and Emily Ann Bright.
  • Anne Jefferis was of the amonst the earliest members of the Salvation Army in Bunderberg, her name appearing on the First Roll of 1886-1889. faith.
  • She witnessed the marriage of Edith Mary Jefferis and Sampson Henry Chambers on 13 May 1895; The marriage took place in the residence of Mrs Jefferis, Electra Street, Bundaberg and the ceremony was performed by the Wesleyan Methodist Minister, Howard Holme Nolan. Sampson is was a 28 year old farmer of Degilbo, Biggenden, born Bloxwich Staffordshire, father Sampson Chambers, coal mining manager, mother Jane Jones. Edith Mary was a 29 year old spinster born Ballarat, Victoria. Father Robert Kemp Jefferis, a draper, mother Emily Ann Bright. Witnesses to the marriage were Arthur and Ann Jefferis.
  • Anne Jefferis and Emily Ann Bright appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Crofton Street, Bundaberg. Emily carried out domestic duties and Anne was a store keeper. Son Arthur, a horse driver also lived with them as did Emily's grandaughter Bessie.
  • Anne Jefferis and Emily Ann Bright appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1908 living at Crofton Street, Bundaberg. Emily was shown as carrying out domestic duties. Anne was a store keeper and Bessie who also lived with them also carried out domestic duties. Emily's son Arthur, a blacksmith lived in Braynan Street.
  • In 1909 Anne Jefferis lived in Electra Street, Bundaberg.
  • At the age of 37 years and 24 days, Anne Jefferis married Alfred Franklin Faulkner on 15 February 1910 in Queensland. There were no children.
  • In 1921 Anne Jefferis lived in Burnett Heads, Queensland.
  • In 1960,her husband, Alfred Franklin Faulkner died. At the time of Alf's death he was living at Vernon Point, Pialba.
  • Anne Jefferis died on 14 July 1965 at age 92. At the time of her death Anne was living at Point Vernon, Pialba.
  • She was buried in Queensland. She was buried with her husband Alf who had died 5 years before.
    The headstone reads:
    In Loving memory of my late husband Alfred Franklin Faulkner Died oct 29, 1960 - aged 90 years
    Also his beloved wife Annie Died July 14, 1965, aged 92 years