John Cornish

M, b. 5 June 1733, d. August 1775
  • John Cornish was baptized on 5 June 1733 in Lewannick, Cornwall. There are three John Cornish's baptised around this time. However, the parents name is not recorded.
  • At the age of 24 years, 9 months and 12 days, John Cornish married Mary Kenner on 17 March 1758 in Lewannick, Cornwall.
  • In February 1765,his wife, Mary Kenner died in Lewannick.
  • John Cornish died in August 1775 in Lewannick at age 42.
  • John was buried on 2 August 1775 in Lewannick, Cornwall.

Children of John Cornish and Mary Kenner

Mary Cornish

F, b. 16 February 1762, d. February 1806
  • Mary Cornish was baptized on 16 February 1762 in Lewannick, Cornwall.
  • She was the daughter of John Cornish and Mary Kenner.
  • At the age of 20 years and 3 months, Mary Cornish married John Honey on 16 May 1782 in South Petherwin, Cornwall.
  • Mary Cornish died in February 1806 in South Petherwin, Cornwall.
  • Mary was buried on 23 February 1806 in Lewannick, Cornwall.

Children of Mary Cornish and John Honey

Thomas Cornish

M, b. 11 March 1760
  • Thomas Cornish was baptized on 11 March 1760 in Lewannick, Cornwall.
  • He was the son of John Cornish and Mary Kenner.

Dorothea Maria Cortzen

F, b. 1897
  • Dorothea Maria Cortzen was born in 1897 in New Zealand. She was the daughter of Emma and John CORTZEN.
  • She and Lawrence William Eyles were engaged on 8 August 1914; Dora lived at Ranzau near Nelson. She wrote of her engagement in the back of her address book - Engaged to LWE on 8th August 1914

    She later married Alfred Kennedy Sloane in 1919.
  • Dorothea Maria Cortzen also went by the name of Dora.

Abraham Cossart

M, b. 22 July 1642

Abraham Cossart

M, b. 1604, d. 1631
  • Abraham Cossart was born in 1604 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain.
  • Abraham Cossart died in 1631.
  • He left a will in 1631. He died unmarried and his estate was divided amongst his three brothers, Estienne, Jacques and Pierre Cossart.

Abraham Cossart

M, b. May 1625, d. 20 October 1629
  • Abraham Cossart was born in May 1625 in Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France.
  • He was the son of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn.
  • Abraham Cossart died on 20 October 1629 at age 4.
  • Abraham was buried on 21 October 1629 in St Vivien, Rouen, France.

Abraham Cossart

M, b. 14 July 1658

Abraham Claude Cossart

M, b. 1741

Abraham Cossart Sixth

M, b. 1671
  • Abraham Cossart Sixth was born in 1671 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit.
  • Abraham Cossart Sixth witnessed the Note of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit in 1696; Noel, his wife Elizabeth and their children fled to London at the time of the Revocation. He was admitted to membership in the Threadneedle Street French Church in 1696.

Abraham Cossart Third

M, b. 26 January 1633

Children of Abraham Cossart Third and Marie Fallaize

Agnes Cossart

F, b. 1888, d. 10 July 1960
  • Agnes Cossart was born in 1888 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John Cossart and Martha French.
  • Agnes Cossart died on 10 July 1960 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Albert Leslie Cossart

M, b. 24 September 1876, d. 1956
  • Albert Leslie Cossart was born on 24 September 1876 in Pipeclay, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Joseph Cossart and Sarah Ann (Annie) Bidgood.
  • In 1890 Albert Leslie Cossart lived in Dugandan.
  • In 1899 he was a partner in family sawmill at Gatton.
  • At the age of 22 years, 6 months and 26 days, Albert Leslie Cossart married Mary Anne Batch, daughter of Alfred Batch and Eleanor Todd, on 19 April 1899.
  • He was Joiner and Cabinet Maker.
  • Albert Leslie Cossart lived in Woody Point, Queensland.
  • On 27 January 1940, at the time of their son Leslie's engagement, Albert Leslie Cossart and Mary Anne Batch lived in Gordon Park, Brisbane.
  • In 1944,his wife, Mary Anne Batch died in Queensland.
  • At the time their brother Noel died in Brisbane on 23 June 1944, both Albert Leslie Cossart and Sidney Joseph Cossart lived in Gatton.
  • On 8 April 1954 Albert Leslie Cossart lived in Brisbane.
  • Albert Leslie Cossart died in 1956 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Children of Albert Leslie Cossart and Mary Anne Batch

Alexander Cossart

M, b. 1813, d. March 1887
  • Alexander Cossart was born in 1813.
  • He was the son of Joseph Cossart and Susan Davidson.
  • May have married Ann (born 1817) who died in 1899 aged 82 years.
  • In 1862 his name appears on a list of Griffiths Valuation of Ireland Index Extracts 1848-1864. He is listed as the Occupier with the Lessor being the Moravian Society. He has land at Lower Toombe, Ballykennedy and Gracehill, Ahoghill, Co Antrim. His brother Joseph held land at Gloonan, Ahoghill.
  • In 1870 Alexander appeared in the Slater's Royal National Commercial Directory Of Ireland.
  • His death was recorded with the Ballymena, Northern Ireland, Registration District in the March 1887 Quarter. The record shows he was 74 years old at the time of his death.

Reverend Alexander William Cossart

M, b. 13 September 1903, d. 18 July 1955
  • Reverend Alexander William Cossart was born on 13 September 1903 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of John Cossart and Rosana Edith Garton Gough.
  • Nellie Ada Kahler and Herbert George Bormann were married by Reverend Alexander William Cossart in June 1925 in Presbyterian Church, Geham, Queensland; Their marriage was reported in The Queenslander on 13 June 1925 - "A picturesque Wedding was celebrated at Geham recently. When Miss Nellie Ada Kahler (only daughter of Mr. and Mrs.J.P Kahler of Ivydale Geham) was married to Mr. Herbert George Borman (Calaborma, Cawdor). The ceremony which was performed by the Rev. A.M. Martin (Toowoomba), assisted by the Rev. A. W. Cossart, took place at the Geham Presbyterian Church, which had been artistically decorated with ferns and flowers. Asparagus plumbous and pink and white roses were arranged on the rostrum and stairs, and ribbon streamers twined with asparagus fern held a white and silver flower decked wedding bell over the bridal party. The service was fully choral. Mrs. N. C. Hansen presided at the organ, and during the signing of the register the children the Presbyterian Sunday School (of which the bride was a teacher) sang "O Perfect Love" The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a sleeveless gown of pearl white martiette, finished with pointed panels embroidered with coral pearl beads. An embroidered court train of the same material, lined with coral satin, fell from the shoulders, and was caught at one side with a large white satin bow and touches of silver. She wore a veil of white tulle embroidered in silver thread and caught under a coronet of orange blossom, and carried a sheaf of arum lilies and fern. Mr. Fred. Borman (brother of the bridegroom) was best man, and Messer's. Richard and Joseph Kahler were groomsmen. After the ceremony a reception was held at Ivydale, the home of the bride's parents, at Geham. Subsequently Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Borman left for Sydney and the Blue Mountains, where the honeymoon will be spent; the bride's travelling dress was a tailored suit of nigger brown gabardine, trimmed with brown fur, and a small felt hat."
  • On 17 July 1929 Reverend Alexander William Cossart lived in Kingaroy. He performed the wedding ceremony for Stuart Hogg and Chris Jessen in the Wooroolin Presbyterian Church. his departure from Kingaroy was noted in The Courier Mail on Monday13 January 1930 - KINGAROY. Farewell to Rev. A. Cossart. After having been in charge of the local Presbyterian Church for almost three years., Rev. A. Cossart has been transferred to Hughenden, leaving on Tuesday last. Prior to his departure a large number of church adherents and friends met to bid him farewell, and to express appreciation of his labours in church work. The departing guest was presented with a wallet of notes and a suit case on behalf of the church adherents, and a handsome gold medal on behalf of the officers and members of the Kingaroy Orange Lodge. Mr. Cossart feelingly replied, thanking all for the presentations.
  • On 16 October 1933 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier":- PEAK CROSSING.
    Anniversary Services -The anniversary services at the Flinders Congregational Church were well attended. The services were conducted by the Revs. J. Proudfoot and A. Cossart."
  • At the age of 31 years, 3 months and 26 days, Reverend Alexander William Cossart married Pearl Mildred Redman on 8 January 1935.
  • He was a minister. He was in charge of the Presbyterian Church, Boonah before serving in Bundaberg.
  • Reverend Alexander William Cossart joined the Australian Army, Q266795 on 10 June 1942 in Bundaberg He was living at Bargara at the time and listed his next of kin as his wife Pearl. He was discharged on 22 October 1945 with the rank of Sergeant in the 2nd Australian M C T Batallion.
  • Reverend Alexander William Cossart died on 18 July 1955 in Queensland at age 51.
  • Alexander was buried in Bundaberg Crematorium and Memorial Park. Plot Wall 4 - C23,Memorial ID 196569449.

Child of Reverend Alexander William Cossart and Pearl Mildred Redman

Alfred John Cossart

M, b. January 1894
  • Alfred John Cossart's birth was registered in the Dublin, Ireland, Registration District in the January 1894 Quarter.

Allan Edward Cossart

M, b. 10 May 1905, d. 5 January 1971
  • Allan Edward Cossart was born on 10 May 1905 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of John Cossart and Rosana Edith Garton Gough.
  • At the age of 24 years, Allan Edward Cossart married Margaret Crawford McCullock in 1930 in Queensland. Allan was a watchmaker and jeweller in Kingaroy.
  • Allan Edward Cossartjoined the Australian Army, QX55527 (Q142718), on 3 June 1942 in Charters Towers He was living at Kingaroy at the time and gave his next of kin as his wife Margaret. He was discharged on 13 July 1944 as a Lieutenant in the A A M C (OPTOMETRICAL BRANCH.)
  • He was Watchmaker and Jeweller, Kingaroy.
  • Allan Edward Cossart died on 5 January 1971 in Queensland at age 65.

Child of Allan Edward Cossart and Margaret Crawford McCullock

Amy Mildred Cossart

F, b. 1 July 1893, d. 1 June 1964
  • Amy Mildred Cossart was born on 1 July 1893 in Dugandan, Boonah, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of James Cossart and Rhoda Bidgood.
  • Amy Mildred Cossart attended school in Boonah State School in 1895.
  • She attended school in Ipswich Girls Grammar in 1905.
  • At the age of 40 years, 10 months and 21 days, Amy Mildred Cossart married Reverend William Thomas Phillips, son of Thomas Phillips and Celia Gomm, on 22 May 1934. Amy's mother Rhoda Cossart had been living with Amy since the death of her father James Cossart in 1922. When Amy and William were transferred to Crows Nest, Rhoda went to live with them in the Methodist Church Manse.
  • Amy Mildred Cossart died on 1 June 1964 in Queensland at age 70.

Andre Cossart

M, b. circa 1633

Children of Andre Cossart and Barbe de La Haye

Ann Cossart

F, b. 29 November 1774, d. 10 October 1847
  • Ann Cossart was born on 29 November 1774 in Grace Hill, Northern Ireland.
  • She was the daughter of Dr Christian Frederick Cossart and Ann Gordon.
  • Ann Cossart and Elizabeth Amelia Cossart left Gracehill and went to live in the Single Sisters House, St Stephens Green, Dublin, Northern Ireland.
  • In June 1798 Ann and her friend Elizabeth Carmichael were on their way from Dublin to Gracehill when they became caught up in the 1798 Rebellion. An account of the event was recorded in the Gracehill Community diary "On 10 June, Carts laden with goods began to arrive, as it was expected Ballymena would be burned by the King's Armies, though the Unite Irish were surrendering their arms, which might mean the town would be spared. In the afternoon they young Single Sisters, Ann Cossart and Elizabeth Carmichael arrived. They had been on their way from the Single Sister's house in Dublin to visit relatives in Gracehill, when they were warned of the danger ahead and turned off the road 'to sleep that night at Boyds, who belong to our people'. Next day they were witnesses to the aftermath of the Battle of Antrim, seeing 'men and horses dead all around'. They were detained in Antrim some days, but were given a passport to continue their journey."
  • Ann Cossart married Christian Frederick Hasse circa 1808. Christian was from Leeds. According to an article he only moved to Leeds in 1809, possibly after his marriage.
  • In 1810 Ann's sister, Sophia died while on a visit to her sister and brother-in-law Hasse in Fulneck. She left, as her father sadly notes "her little riding whip as a token of remembrance between her and me."
  • On 1 May 1831,her husband, Christian Frederick Hasse died in Leeds, England, at age 60.
  • Ann Cossart appeared on the census of 7 June 1841 in Wellington Street, Leeds, West Riding Yorkshire.
  • Ann Cossart died on 10 October 1847 in Leeds, West Riding Yorkshire, at age 72.

Children of Ann Cossart and Christian Frederick Hasse

Ann Cossart

F, b. 1532

Ann Cossart Eleventh

F, b. 1673
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh was born in 1673 in Rouen, France.
  • She was the daughter of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit.
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh witnessed the Note of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit in 1696; Noel, his wife Elizabeth and their children fled to London at the time of the Revocation. He was admitted to membership in the Threadneedle Street French Church in 1696.
  • Ann Cossart Eleventh married Unknown ChefdoTsel circa 1705.

Ann Cossart Tenth

F, b. 1663
  • Ann Cossart Tenth was born in 1663 in Rouen, France. She was a twin to Elizabeth.
  • She was the daughter of David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard.
  • Ann Cossart Tenth immigrated in 1669 with David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard. David and Marguerite fled to Ireland before the Revocation with their family of seven children and established themselves in Dublin. Another three children were born there.

Ann Cossart Twelfth

F, b. 17 July 1698

Anna Louisa Cossart

F, b. 26 November 1752, d. 24 May 1796
  • Anna Louisa Cossart was born on 26 November 1752 in London, England.
  • She was the daughter of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Anna Louisa Cossart died on 24 May 1796 in Ebersdorf, Thuringen, Germany, at age 43.

Anna Magdalena Cossart

F, b. 17 March 1743, d. 14 March 1796
  • Anna Magdalena Cossart was also known as Maria Magdalena.
  • She was born on 17 March 1743 in Montmirail, Kanton, Neuchatel, Switzerland.
  • She was the daughter of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Anna Magdalena Cossart died on 14 March 1796 in Herrnut, Bautzen, Sachsen, Germany, at age 52.

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1657, d. 2 July 1684

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1635

Anne Cossart

F, b. 1638

Anne Cossart Eigth

F, b. 9 July 1653