Jane Maria White

F, b. circa 1823

John White

M, b. 1836, d. circa 1914
  • John White was born in 1836 in England.
  • At the age of 21 years, John White married Henrietta Jarrett on 19 April 1857 in St Lukes Church, Charleton, Kent, England.
  • John White and Henrietta Jarrett immigrated to Queensland on 20 February 1878. Henrietta, aged 1 travelled to Australia on the Gauntlet with her husband John also 41 and children William S aged 16 and Emily aged 6. They left London on 14 October 1877.
  • John White and William Samuel Jarrett lived in Brisbane for a few years after arriving in Australia. William worked as a saddle tree maker for a saddler in Brisbane before becoming a carpenter. In 1891 he moved his family to Wallumbilla where he worked as a builder erecting schools, churches and homesteads.
    At some stage John and Henrietta moved to Crow's Nest, some time before Emily's marriage in 1887 to Thomas Blinco.
  • Between 1901 and 1905 he was storekeeper and produce merchant, according officail records.
  • John White and Henrietta Jarrett appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1905 and 1908 living at Crow's Nest. John was an engine driver and Henrietta carried out domestic duties. He worked for Blinco's sawmill at Crow's Nest.
  • John White and Henrietta Jarrett appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Crow's Nest. John was an engine driver and Henrietta carried out home duties.
  • John White died circa 1914. According to family, John died about ten years before Henrietta, but to date his death record has not been found.

Children of John White and Henrietta Jarrett

  • William Samuel Jarrett+ b. 1862, d. 1939; John and Henrietta White didn't have any children of their own. They brought Emily, who was having a difficult home life and William, Hernietta's nephew with them to Australia
  • Emily Rosina Wellington+ b. 11 May 1871, d. 30 December 1944; John and Henrietta White didn't have any children of their own. They brought Emily, who was having a difficult home life and William, Hernietta's nephew with them to Australia

John White

M, b. 1841, d. 13 June 1923
  • John White was born in 1841. He was the son of William WHITE and Mary.
  • At the age of 30 years, John White married Jane Barkman, daughter of William Barkman and Jane Tomlinson, in 1871 in Queensland.
  • On 10 September 1910,his wife, Jane Barkman died in Queensland.
  • John White died on 13 June 1923 in Queensland.
  • He was buried on 14 June 1923 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.

Children of John White and Jane Barkman

John Charles (Jack) White

M, b. 6 October 1910, d. 23 October 1988
  • John Charles (Jack) White was born on 6 October 1910 in Crow's Nest, Queensland.
  • He was the son of William White and Ethel Jane Barnes.
  • John Charles (Jack) White commenced school at Pinelands State School on 6 October 1916. His birth year was given as 1911. His father William was a farmer at Pinelands. His sibling attended the school in later years. With each enrollment their age was reduced by one year.
  • At the age of 20 years and 8 months, John Charles (Jack) White married Eliza Ann (Ann) Barton, daughter of Thomas James Barton and Annie Jane Mowat, in July 1931 in Queensland. Their marriage got off to a rocky start as reported in The Sydney Morning Herald on 23 July - AEROPLANE HITS TREE.
    Newly-married Couple Injured.
    BRISBANE, Wednesday
    Misfortune befell a bride and bridegroom at Crow's Nest (at the racecourse) to-day, when the aeroplane in which they were travelling hit a tree when taking off and turned over. Mr. and Mrs. White, the newly-married couple, received cuts on their faces and heads and suffered from shock. Pilot Higginson received cuts on the face. The machine was badly damaged.
  • In July 1931 Percy Guy wrote this poem about Jack and Eliza White's fated honeymoon flight.

    To Jacky and Wife
    With happy smiles they bade farewell
    To friends that afternoon
    Ere they stepped in an aeorplane
    To spend their honeymoon.

    But elements beyond control
    Of human hand and mind.
    They intervened unhearalded
    To prove a fate unkind.

    The aeroplane had gone aloft
    Just o'er the tree tops there
    When suddenly it swerved and fell
    A wreck beyond repair.

    Its human freight in wreckage lay
    Their faces screened with blood,
    To meet the gaze of anxious friends
    Who heard the sickening thud.

    Tho' they are injured painfully,
    May they recover soon,
    And in the future both enjoy
    One lifelong honeymoon
    John Charles (Jack) White.
  • He enlisted in the Australian Army on 15 July 1942 in Crow's Nest. He was living at Crow's Nest at the time he enlisted and gave his next of kin as his wife Eliza. He was discahrged from the 2/1 Field Company with the rank of Sapper on 14 Jan 1946.
  • He and Eliza Ann (Ann) Barton appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1943 living at Crow's Nest. Jack was a farmer. Eliza gave their address as Sharpe Street.
  • John Charles (Jack) White died on 23 October 1988 at age 78.
  • He was buried on 25 October 1988 in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

John Duncan Forbes White

M, b. 1875, d. 1930

John Joseph James White

M, b. 1883, d. 1954

Joseph White

M, b. 7 August 1851, d. 13 October 1931
  • Joseph White was born on 7 August 1851. He was the son of John William WHITE and Margaret MCCORMACK.
  • At the age of 23 years, Joseph White married Amelia Matilda White in 1875 in Tasmania.
  • In 1892 Joseph and his family, urged by his brother George, undertook the arduous journey from Hobart to Thargaminda where Joseph took over the running of the prosperous store his brother had established there. The store failed because Joseph, with his strict Methodist beliefs, ceased sellling the liquor on which most of the stores trade depended. After the store closed, Joseph took his family to Crow's Nest where he opened a drapery store.
  • Joseph White's son, Geoffrey Guy White was buried in Thargaminda Cemetery.
  • Joseph White moved to Toowoomba and then Crow's Nest in 1901.
  • He and Amelia Matilda White appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Creek Street, Crow's Nest. Joseph was a merchant. Their sons Norman, an accountant (1903) and Raymond, a store assistant also lived in Crow's Nest.
  • On 25 July 1907 The Queenslander reported that a fire had destroyed a building belonging to Joseph. The article read:- FIRE AT CROW'S NEST.


    A disastrous fire occurred here at 4 a.m. to-day, destroying the building owned by Mr. Joseph White, and occupied by Messrs. Eden and Groom (solicitors), T.G. Robinson and Co. (of Toowoomba), James Symes (storekeeper), and W. H. Carlile (saddler). Fortunately there was no wind at the time of the outbreak ; if a westerly wind had been blowing the whole block, comprising six business premises, including the Q.N. Bank and the Post Office, must have gone. As it was, the next building started to burn, but the water furnished by the bucket brigade pre vented further damage.. The total loss is estimated at £2000. The heaviest loser will be Mr. Carlile (saddler), who was only insured for £50 (in the Australian Alliance). The property is insured for £400 in the New Zealand office, and James Symes's stock for £800 in the Alliance. The origin of the fire is a mystery. The outbreak was first noticed by Mrs. James Gleeson, after it had got a fair hold.
  • Joseph White and Amelia Matilda White appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Creek Street, Crow's Nest. Amelia carried out domestic duties and Joseph was shown as a music teacher, having given up his drapery store. Their sons Kenneth and Ray were also living at Creek Street and were auctioneers.
  • On 24 July 1923,his wife, Amelia Matilda White died in Queensland at age 68.
  • Joseph White appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1925 and 1930 living at Crow's Nest. Joseph was a music teacher.
  • Joseph White died on 13 October 1931 in Queensland at age 80.
  • He was buried in Crow's Nest Cemetery.
  • On 22 October 1931 Joseph White's obituary appeared in The Queenslander. It read:- It read:- The death occurred at Crow's Nest, on October 13, of Mr. Joseph White. Deceased was a native of Tasmania, where he was born
    in 1851. He became engaged in commercial pursuits in Hobart, and was married to Miss White, also of Hobart, in the year, 1874. He came to Queensland about forty years ago, and eventually opened a general store in Thargomindah, where he took a prominent part in the commercial and social life of the town. The late Mr. White was always a keen church worker, and for many years was organist in the Methodist Church in Hobart, and prior to his departure from that city he was the recipient of a framed address from the congregation, also a gold watch from the trustees, as a memento of the high esteem in which he was held. From Thargomindah Mr. White, accompanied by his wife and family, moved to Toowoomba, where he again engaged in commercial pursuits, and from there he went to Crow's Nest, about 30 years ago. Here he opened a general store. In 1906 he retired from business, and since then had lived privately in Crow's Nest. He was amongst the foundation members of the Crow's Nest Masonic Lodge, and for a number of years was lodge organist. Mrs. White pre-deceased Mr. White, who was 80 years of age, is survived by three sons, Messrs. Norman White, managing director of the Daily Mail, Ltd., Brisbane; Mr. Raymond White, a well-known Brisbane estate agent, and Mr. Kenneth White, who is also in the real estate business in Brisbane; and one daughter, Mrs. R. K. Hobbs, of Wollongong, New South Wales."
  • On 1 November 1931 A memorial service was held for him at the Crow's Nest Methodist Church. The Courier Mail reported on 2nd November- OBITUARY.
    Mr. J. White.
    CROW'S NEST, November 1.

    A memorial service was held here this morning in memory of the late Mr. Joseph White, the church being crowded. Rev. James Stirling, in an impressive sermon, said the late Mr. White, during the whole of his life, had been a devoted church worker, first, at Hobart and later at Thargomindah and Crow's Nest. He had served his church as trustee, choir master, and organist, and the present choir at Crow's Nest owed its formation.
  • The Methodist Church in Crow's Nest erected memorial plaques to early Crow's Nest Pioneers on the Church building and fence. Joseph and Amelia's names were amongst them.

Children of Joseph White and Amelia Matilda White

Joshua White

M, b. circa 1840
  • Joshua White was born circa 1840.
  • Joshua White married Emily Bellemy circa 1855.

Child of Joshua White and Emily Bellemy

Joy Elizabeth White

F, b. 5 December 1921, d. 3 May 1988
  • Joy Elizabeth White was born on 5 December 1921 in Nelson, New Zealand.
  • She was the daughter of William Botham White and Elsie Mabel Holdaway.
  • Joy Elizabeth White died on 3 May 1988 in Nelson, New Zealand, at age 66.

Kate Alice White

F, b. 1893, d. 1935

Kenneth Wilson White

M, b. 1889, d. 1957
  • Kenneth Wilson White was born in 1889 in Hobart, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Joseph White and Amelia Matilda White.
  • Kenneth Wilson White appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Creek Street, Crow's Nest. He was an auctioneer as was his brother Raymond, and most likely lived with his parents in their home in Creek Street.
  • At the age of 25 years, Kenneth Wilson White married Isabella May Lane in 1914 in Queensland.
  • Kenneth Wilson White died in 1957 in Brisbane, Queensland.

Leslie Charles White

M, b. 1896
  • Leslie Charles White was also known as Charles Leslie.
  • He was born in 1896 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Charles White and Sarah Arnold.
  • Leslie Charles White commenced school at Pinelands State School on 30 May 1905. He was 8 years 1 month old. His father was a farmer at Pinelands.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1919 living at Crow's Nest. He was a labourer and his sister Florence May carried out home duties at "The Pines" in Plainby.
  • At the age of 25 years, Leslie Charles White married Sarah Margaret Gleeson, daughter of William Gleeson and Annie Hayden, in 1921 in Queensland.
  • Leslie Charles White and Sarah Margaret Gleeson appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1930 and 1943 living at Crow's Nest. Les was a lorry driver.

Children of Leslie Charles White and Sarah Margaret Gleeson

Lilian Adeline White

F, b. 3 May 1910, d. 2000

Lily Louisa White

F, b. 12 March 1910, d. 31 October 1985

Louisa Alice Jane White

F, b. 1908

Lucy Ann White

F, b. 10 July 1914, d. 26 February 2005
  • Lucy Ann White was born on 10 July 1914 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of William White and Ethel Jane Barnes.
  • Lucy Ann White commenced school at Pinelands State School on 11 October 1920. Her birth year was given as 1915.
  • At the age of 23 years, Lucy Ann White married Leslie Harold Kajewski in 1938 in Queensland.
  • Lucy Ann White died on 26 February 2005 at age 90.
  • She was buried in Caloundra Cemetery.

Mabel A White

F, b. 9 June 1915, d. 1916
  • Mabel A White was born on 9 June 1915 in Ballina, New South Wales.
  • She was the daughter of Frank Edward White and Linda Crawford.
  • Mabel A White died in 1916 in Lismore, New South Wales.

Maria Minne White

F, b. 1875

Children of Maria Minne White and George Langdon Lane

Marjorie Florence White

F, b. 29 May 1909

Mary Ann White

F, b. 17 February 1830, d. 1 November 1892
  • Mary Ann White was born on 17 February 1830 in Andover, Hampshire, England.
  • She was the daughter of William Blessley White and Ann Spencer.
  • Mary Ann White and Henry Gilbert White immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, on 1 August 1855. They travelled on the Lloyds from London. Henry was 18 years old and Mary Ann 24. She was from Henton, Somerset and he was from Caistdon, Mitchire?. According to immigration details Mary Ann was a "Nurse of Lunatic Asylum, housemaid or needlewoman"
    After travelling to Queensland on the Boomerang and then the Hawk to Ipswich, Henry was contracted for two years to Westbrook Station. He then tried his luck at the Talgai gold diggings before working as a carrier operating his bullock team between Ipswich and Roma. He farmed at Drayton, where he had establised his depot of his hauling business for a time before settling at Henton Brook (Portion 1918, Parish of Goombungee, 1280 acres.)
  • At the age of 27 years, Mary Ann White married James William Jull in 1858 in Glebe, Sydney, New South Wales. (Surname spelt JULT on marriage record). They had 10 children, the first being born at Bombala in the Snowy Mountains. Two more children were born in Sydney before the family moved to Queensland. They were living at Drayton at the time James took up his selection at Haden in 1878.
  • On 26 April 1877,Mary Ann White's daughter, Annie Jull was buried in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.
  • On 7 September 1877,Mary Ann White's son, Henry Gilbert Jull was buried in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.
  • In 1878 moved from Drayton to the Haden district. They named their property "Arlington". James, who was adept at constructing shingle roofs, built their first house of bark lined with calico. Later another home was constructed on the property.
    Mary Ann was a millner making Cabbage tree hats for the local trade as well as shops such as Cribb & Foote in Ipswich. The children helped plait the leaves while Mary Ann bleached & blocked the hats.
    During the drought the family washing was done in a nearby creek.
  • In 1891 the White family posed for a photo outside their shingle roofed second home. From left - George, Henry Gilbert, Annie, Sarah Ruth, Mary Ann, Gilbert Julius, Charles Spencer. The other children Amy, Ada and Sidney were at school.
  • Mary Ann White died on 1 November 1892 in Queensland at age 62.
  • She was buried on 2 November 1892 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.
  • She and Henry Gilbert White appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Doctor's Creek Post Office. Henry was a farmer as was their son Charles and George. Daughters Annie, Amy and Sarah carried out home duties as did Mary Ann.

Children of Mary Ann White and James William Jull

Mary Hanna White

F, b. October 1910, d. 19 December 1985
  • Mary Hanna White was born in October 1910 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Charles Spencer White and Annie Penrose King.
  • About 1911 the White family posed for a photo - Standing Amy, Charles, Annie, Sidney, Ada, John NEWTON, Rose, Gilbert. Sitting - Annie KING with Mary, Henry, Mary Ann with Rosalie, Henry Gilbert, Stanley, Sarah NEWTON with Ada.
  • Mary Hanna White died on 19 December 1985 at age 75.
  • She was buried on 21 December 1985 in Goombungee Cemetery.

Mary Jane White

F, b. 1873

Maxwell Clarke Wilcox White

M, b. 19 September 1907

Neil Ignatius White

M, b. 1922, d. 1950

Norman White

M, b. 1876, d. July 1950
  • Norman White was born in 1876 in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  • He was the son of Joseph White and Amelia Matilda White.
  • At the age of 25 years, Norman White married Eliza Breydon, daughter of John Breydon and Jane Savage, on 17 September 1901 in Methodist Church, Brooklyn ?, Queensland. The Brisbane Courier reported on 21 September :- WEDDING AT BROOKLYN. White-Breydon. The marriage of Norman White, eldest son of Mr. J. White, of Crow's Nest, to Eliza, youngest daughter of Mrs. Graham, of Brooklyn, took place at the Methodist Church, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, 17th instant, the church being beautifully decorated for the occasion. The Rev. Charles Wesley officiated. The bride was given away by Mr. H. Graham, and looked charming in a gown of Duchess satin veiled with cream silk lace, trimmed with pearl passementeries and orange blossom, and carried a very pretty shower bouquet. The bridesmaids were Miss Black and Miss Crawford. The first wore cream crepe with trans parent yoke and collar, bodice prettily tucked, and trimmed with blue chiffon, and a very pretty crinoline straw hat,'trimmed with blue chiffon and cream roses; the second bridesmaid wore cream nun's veiling, fancy transparent yoke, trimmed peacock bebe ribbon, crinoline straw hat, trimmed with peacock chiffon and cerise roses. The bridesmaids had pretty bangles, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried handsome bouquets. The best man was Mr. Ray White, and the groomsman Mr. J. Breydon. Mrs. Graham, mother of the bride, wore a costume of fine black bengaline, trimmed with lace, over cream satin, finished with jet bonnet ensuite Mrs. J. White, mother of bridegroom, wore a very handsome dress of brocade with garniture of cream chiffon, edged with chenille. The wedding was a very quiet one. Mr. and Mrs. Graham re ceived a few relatives and friends after the cere mony. Some very handsome presents were re ceived, and numerous cheques; bridegroom to bride, pearl and diamond brooch set in a crescent, and a gold muff chain , bride to bride groom, valuable Cutler writing-desk. The travelling dress was of biscuit coloured voile, richly trimmed with cream silk guipure, and hat en suite. the bride and the bridegroom drove in from Brooklyn and caught the mail train from Crow's Nest, en route for Maryborough.
  • He was a member of the first Crow's Nest Band in 1902; Band members were Raymond White, Frederick Williams, Alf Colthrup, James Gleeson, Walter George Benton, Norman White, John William Brass, Thomas Askin, Alfred William Blinco, Tim Gleeson, Anthony Lavery, James Connolly, James Nathanial Cole and HENDY.
  • Norman White and Eliza Breydon appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1905 living at Queen Street, Crow's Nest. Norman was an accountant. His father Joseph was a merchant and brother Ray, a store assistant. They also lived in Crow's Nest.
  • On 9 October 1934,his wife, Eliza Breydon died in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Norman White died in July 1950.
  • He was buried on 27 July 1950 in Toowong Cemetery. He is buried with his wife Eliza.

Children of Norman White and Eliza Breydon

Olive White

F, b. 1886, d. 1963
  • Olive White was born in 1886 in Raymond Terrace, New South Wales. She was the daughter of Charles Edward White and Eliza Jane.
  • At the age of 24 years, Olive White married William (Ambrose) Crawford, son of William Crawford and Charlotte Lucy Staff, in 1910.
  • Olive White died in 1963 in Ballina, New South Wales.

Child of Olive White and William (Ambrose) Crawford

Pearl White

F, b. circa 1920, d. 2011

Percy White

M, b. 7 March 1909, d. 18 March 1909

Peter White

M, b. 1895

Ralph Cedric White

M, b. 20 September 1919, d. 28 June 1991