Judith Cossart Second

F, b. 25 January 1637, d. 23 March 1641
  • Judith Cossart Second was born on 25 January 1637 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn.
  • Judith Cossart Second died on 23 March 1641 in France at age 4.

Judith Cossart Sixth

F, b. 1710

Laurence Cossart

M, b. 1544, d. before 1611

Laurence Cossart

M, b. 1537

Bourgeois Laurent Cossart

M, b. 1552

Children of Bourgeois Laurent Cossart and Judith Conteux

Leland Cossart

M, b. 1843, d. 1898
  • Leland Cossart was born in 1843 in Portugal.
  • He was the son of Peter Cossart Second and Jane Edwards.
  • In 1870, after their father's Peter Cossart's death, Charles and Leland took over the firm of Cossart, Gordon & Co. When Leland died in 1898, Charles became the senior partner.
  • Like his brother Charles Leland had a keen interest in plants. He owned a home high up on a hilliside "This Quinta was constructed in the beginning of the 14th century, when a Dr, Gordon, born in London, came to live to Madeira and decided to build a home in Monte. In 1871 Gordon sold his Quinta to Leland Cossart. On July 24th, 1899, Luis Rocha Machado bought the Quinta" "One morning I was walking on the terrace in front of Mr. Leland Cossart's house in Madeira, at an elevation of close upon 2000 feet above the sea" a position perfect for growing ferns and camelias - In Mr Leland Cossart's beautiful and extensive grounds many rare and curious plants and trees from all parts of the world are to be seen (introduced by Mrs Webster Gordon). "This quinta is celebrated for its beautiful camellias, and Mrs Leland Cossart has some fine Australian treeferns growing in the open air."
  • Leland Cossart died in 1898.

Leslie Dunlop Cossart

M, b. 18 November 1906, d. 1971

Leslie Roy Cossart

M, b. 6 August 1902, d. 1973
  • Leslie Roy Cossart was also known as Roy.
  • He was born on 6 August 1902 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Albert Leslie Cossart and Mary Anne Batch.
  • He was an accountant, Queensland National Bank.
  • Leslie Roy Cossart died in 1973 in Queensland.

Louise Cossart

F, b. 1552

Luc Cossart

M, b. 1648
  • Luc Cossart was born in 1648 in France.
  • He was the son of Estienne Cossart Third and Esther du Mesnil.
  • At the age of 26 years, Luc Cossart married Jeanne Montier, daughter of Jean Montier and Jeanne Le Sueur, on 17 June 1674.
  • "In 1684 Luc Cossart fled Holland, and some of his offspring are included in the list of Huguenots, refugees residing at Frankfurt, Germany, where a large family was raised."

Children of Luc Cossart and Jeanne Montier

Lucy Cossart

F, b. 1810

Lucy Eva Cossart

F, b. 6 November 1881, d. 23 May 1945
  • Lucy Eva Cossart was born on 6 November 1881 in Queensland, Australia.
  • She was the daughter of James Cossart and Rhoda Bidgood.
  • Lucy Eva Cossart attended school in Boonah State School.
  • She attended school in Ipswich Girls Grammar.
  • At the age of 25 years, 7 months and 27 days, Lucy Eva Cossart married Emmanuel Raymond, son of Robert Raymond and Rosanna Williams, on 3 July 1907 in Queensland. A Wedding Notice appeared in the "Brisbane Courier" on Saturday, 6 July 1907 regarding the wedding. It read:-
    RAYMOND-COSSART-On Wednesday July 3 at the Methodist Church Boonah by the Rev Jas. H Heston, Emanuel Raymond second son of the late Robt. Raymond Ipswich to Lucy Eva the eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs James Cossart "Bona Vista" Dugandan.
  • Lucy Eva Cossart died on 23 May 1945 in Queensland at age 63.

Children of Lucy Eva Cossart and Emmanuel Raymond

Ludwig or Louis Cossart

M, b. 13 March 1741, d. 7 January 1807
  • Ludwig or Louis Cossart was born on 13 March 1741 in Vaud, Switzerland.
  • He was the son of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Ludwig or Louis Cossart died on 7 January 1807 in Eustonia, Russia, at age 65.

Lydia Beatrice Cossart

F, b. 19 April 1875, d. 18 October 1876
  • Lydia Beatrice Cossart was born on 19 April 1875 in Perseverance, Queensland, Australia.
  • She was the daughter of Joseph Cossart and Sarah Ann (Annie) Bidgood.
  • Lydia Beatrice Cossart died on 18 October 1876 in Perseverance, Queensland, at age 1.
  • She was buried on 20 October 1876 in Toowong Cemetery.

Madeline Cossart

F, b. 1572

Madeline Cossart

F, b. 1588

Margaret Cossart

F, b. 1910

Margaret Cossart

F, b. 1722
  • Margaret Cossart was born in 1722 in County Cork, Ireland.
  • She was the daughter of Pierre Cossart Tenth and Elizabeth Perdriau.
  • Margaret Cossart married George Carleton circa 1745 in Ireland. George was "of Dublin", the fifth son of John Carleton the High Sheriff of Tipperary in 1717.
  • In 1784Margaret Cossart was named as a beneficiary of Pierre Cossart Thirteenth's will. It provided that his wife Elizabeth (nee Roberts) "should have the use of all his plate for life" and that "in case my children die before my wife, I leave her one-third of all my substance, on-third to my brother Isaac of London, and the other third between my three sisters, Margaret Carelton, Elizabeth Baker and Suzanne Lapp."

Children of Margaret Cossart and George Carleton

Margaret Cossart Second

F, b. 1809
  • Margaret Cossart Second was born in 1809 in Ireland.
  • She was the daughter of John Cossart Fourth and Elizabeth Crosthwait.
  • At the time of the 30 March 1851 census Margaret Cossart Second was living in the household of William Cossart Second in Middlesex. He was shown as the head of the family born Dublin in 1811. Living with him were his sisters Mary, born Dublin 1809, and Margaret born Dublin 1810, as well as his daughter Elizabeth Jane, born 1844 in Marlebone.

Marguerite Cossart Fifth

F, b. 6 July 1697

Marguerite Cossart Fourth

F, b. 1636

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1535

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1587

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1637

Marie Anne Cossart

F, b. 1656
  • Marie Anne Cossart was born in 1656 in Rouen. She married Guillaume Le Nostre and they had Catherine, Robert, Charles, Pierre, Marie Jeanne, Jean, Maria Ann and Clotilde.
  • She was the daughter of Estienne Cossart Fourth and Marie Goden.

Marie Catherine Cossart

F, b. 15 January 1696, d. 16 July 1724
  • Marie Catherine Cossart was born on 15 January 1696 in Holland.
  • She was the daughter of Isaac Cossart Second and Suzanne Cornelie de la Fontaine.
  • Marie Catherine Cossart was naturalized along with Isaac Cossart Second and Pierre Cossart Tenth on 20 March 1710; along with Marie Catherine, Isaac's daughter.
  • At the age of 21 years, 8 months and 18 days, Marie Catherine Cossart married Andrew Faneuil on 3 October 1717 in Amsterdam. Andrew was a leading merchant from Boston, Massachusetts. The couple returned to Boston to live. They had no children.
  • Marie Catherine Cossart died on 16 July 1724 in Massachusetts at age 28. Her obituary in the "Boston Gazette" described her as a "gentle woman of extraordinary perfection of mind and body."

Marie Cossart Eighth

F, b. 5 July 1597, d. 2 December 1648
  • Marie Cossart Eighth was born on 5 July 1597 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain.
  • At the age of 29 years, 7 months and 5 days, Marie Cossart Eighth married Abraham du Pont on 10 February 1626/27 in Rouen, France. Its is from Maria and Abraham that the Du Ponts of South Carolina and the Du Ponts de Nemours are descended.
  • In 1640 After the death of her husband Abraham Du Pont, Marie Cossart requested that her nephew Pierre Cossart accept the appointment of executor to his will. Pierre carried out this responsibility until he was relieved by Jean du Pont.
  • In 1640,her husband, Abraham du Pont died.
  • At the age of 50 years and 2 months, Marie Cossart Eighth married Daniel Le Provost in October 1647 in France.
  • Marie Cossart Eighth died on 2 December 1648 in France at age 51.

Children of Marie Cossart Eighth and Abraham du Pont

Marie Elizabeth Francoise Cossart

F, b. 1682

Marie Cossart Fifteenth

F, b. 1649, d. 1661

Marie Cossart Fourteenth

F, b. 29 November 1648, d. 1671

Children of Marie Cossart Fourteenth and Bernard Torin