Marguerite Cossart Fourth

F, b. 1636

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1535

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1587

Marie Cossart

F, b. 1637

Marie Anne Cossart

F, b. 1656
  • Marie Anne Cossart was born in 1656 in Rouen. She married Guillaume Le Nostre and they had Catherine, Robert, Charles, Pierre, Marie Jeanne, Jean, Maria Ann and Clotilde.
  • She was the daughter of Estienne Cossart Fourth and Marie Goden.

Marie Catherine Cossart

F, b. 15 January 1696, d. 16 July 1724
  • Marie Catherine Cossart was born on 15 January 1696 in Holland.
  • She was the daughter of Isaac Cossart Second and Suzanne Cornelie de la Fontaine.
  • Marie Catherine Cossart was naturalized along with Isaac Cossart Second and Pierre Cossart Tenth on 20 March 1710; along with Marie Catherine, Isaac's daughter.
  • At the age of 21 years, 8 months and 18 days, Marie Catherine Cossart married Andrew Faneuil on 3 October 1717 in Amsterdam. Andrew was a leading merchant from Boston, Massachusetts. The couple returned to Boston to live. They had no children.
  • Marie Catherine Cossart died on 16 July 1724 in Massachusetts at age 28. Her obituary in the "Boston Gazette" described her as a "gentle woman of extraordinary perfection of mind and body."

Marie Cossart Eighth

F, b. 5 July 1597, d. 2 December 1648
  • Marie Cossart Eighth was born on 5 July 1597 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain.
  • At the age of 29 years, 7 months and 5 days, Marie Cossart Eighth married Abraham du Pont on 10 February 1626/27 in Rouen, France. Its is from Maria and Abraham that the Du Ponts of South Carolina and the Du Ponts de Nemours are descended.
  • In 1640 After the death of her husband Abraham Du Pont, Marie Cossart requested that her nephew Pierre Cossart accept the appointment of executor to his will. Pierre carried out this responsibility until he was relieved by Jean du Pont.
  • In 1640,her husband, Abraham du Pont died.
  • At the age of 50 years and 2 months, Marie Cossart Eighth married Daniel Le Provost in October 1647 in France.
  • Marie Cossart Eighth died on 2 December 1648 in France at age 51.

Children of Marie Cossart Eighth and Abraham du Pont

Marie Elizabeth Francoise Cossart

F, b. 1682

Marie Cossart Fifteenth

F, b. 1649, d. 1661

Marie Cossart Fourteenth

F, b. 29 November 1648, d. 1671

Children of Marie Cossart Fourteenth and Bernard Torin

Marie Cossart Fourth

F, b. 1570

Marie Francoise Cossart

F, b. 1753

Marie Judith Cossart

F, b. 1737

Marie Madeleine Barbe Reine Cossart

F, b. 1747

Marie Cossart Nineteenth

F, b. 1680
  • Marie Cossart Nineteenth was born in 1680 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit.
  • Marie Cossart Nineteenth witnessed the Note of Noel Cossart Third and Ann Petit in 1696; Noel, his wife Elizabeth and their children fled to London at the time of the Revocation. He was admitted to membership in the Threadneedle Street French Church in 1696.

Marie Cossart Second

F, b. 1536, d. 1 February 1598

Marie Cossart Seventeenth

F, b. 1661
  • Marie Cossart Seventeenth was born in 1661 in France.
  • She was the daughter of David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard.
  • Marie Cossart Seventeenth immigrated in 1669 with David Cossart and Marguerite Congnard. David and Marguerite fled to Ireland before the Revocation with their family of seven children and established themselves in Dublin. Another three children were born there.

Marie Cossart Sixteenth

M, b. circa 1659

Marie Cossart Sixth

F, b. 1596

Marie Cossart Third

F, b. 1565

Marie Cossart Twelfth

F, b. 1628
  • Marie Cossart Twelfth was born in 1628 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn.
  • At the age of 19 years, Marie Cossart Twelfth married Isaac Daussey on 5 June 1647 in France. Isaac was a merchant of Rouen. At the time of the Revocation four soldiers were quartered in his home where he was living with his wife and two daughters and a number of servants.

Children of Marie Cossart Twelfth and Isaac Daussey

Marie Cossart Twentieth

F, b. 1695

Marie Cossart Twenty-first

F, b. 1696

Marquerita Cossart

F, b. 1578, d. 2 May 1652
  • Marquerita Cossart was born in 1578 in Rouen, France.
  • She was the daughter of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain.
  • At the age of 24 years, Marquerita Cossart married Jehan Lorin on 17 January 1602.
  • Marquerita Cossart married Jacques Rogers circa 1620.
  • Marquerita Cossart died on 2 May 1652.

Child of Marquerita Cossart and Jehan Lorin

Marquerite Cossart

F, b. 1534

Marquerite Cossart

F, b. 1636

Martha Cossart

F, b. 18 November 1877, d. 23 July 1925
  • Martha Cossart was born on 18 November 1877 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John Cossart and Martha French.
  • Martha was a bridesmaid at the wedding of George Cossart and Minnie Maria Shaw on 5 June 1901 in Enoggera Terrace Presbyterian Church, Brisbane,
    ; An account of the wedding appeared in "The Brisbane Courier" on Friday 7 June 1901
    MARRIAGE - Cossart-Shaw.
    A very pretty and interesting wedding took place on Wednesday last in the Enoggera Terrace Presbyterian Church, the contracting parties being Mr. George Cossart, of Toowoomba, and Miss Minne M. Shaw, of Paddington, Brisbane. The Church was well filled with a large company of friends of both parties, and was very effectively decorated by the girl friends of the bride. A pretty marriage bell, suspended above the heads of the bridal party, was specially admired. The ceremony was performed by Rev. R. H. Roberts, the minister of the Church, assisted by Revs. J. Lundie, B.A., and A. G. Weller, of Toowoomba. The bride entered the Church leaning on the arm of her father, and was attended by four bridesmaids-namely, Miss Shaw, sister of bride, Miss Cossart, sister of the bride-groom, and Misses Gertie Shaw, and Bessie McNulty, nieces of the bride. The bride looked very charming in her handsome wedding costume. The dress was of soft, white silk, the skirt slightly trained, and arranged with a deep circular-tucked flounce, finished at the foot with very narrow frills; the bodice, which was in the bolero style, was finely tucked, the sleeves also tucked, and worn with a pretty fichu of crepe-de-chine, trimmed with silk Maltese lace; the swathed belt was fastened with a handsome pearl buckle, and the beautifully embroidered veil with a spray of orange blossoms.
    Miss Emmeline Shaw, chief bridesmaid, wore a pretty cream silk zephyr gown, the tucked bodice contrasted with buttercup chiffon; her fancy straw hat was arranged with cream chiffon, buttercup,and roses. Miss Cossart, sister of the bridegroom, was in cream silk, voile, patented in stripes, the bodice yoked with cream satin and guipure, and a very becoming hat to harmonise. The two little nieces of the bride, Miss Gertie Shaw, and Miss Bessie McNulty, were frocked alike in pale-blue cashmere, and wore white leghorn hats. The bridesmaids carried shower bouquets; the two elder wore gold brooches and the two younger gold chain bangles, gifts of the bridegroom. All the flowers at the wedding were arranged by Mr. George Lothian, of Toowoomba.

    At the conclusion of the ceremony, a large company of friends of the happy couple assembled at the Foresters' Hall, Paddington, where a sumptuous wedding breakfast was laid in Mr. David Webster's best style. The tables were ladened with the most tempting dainties, whilst the handsome bride cake gave a picturesque finish to a most inviting feast. The hall was nicely decorated by the hall-keeper, Mr. John Butters. Many appropriate mottos adorned the walls, the most prominent being that which extended right across the hall-the words of John Milton-" Marriage rightly understood gives to the tender and the good a paradise below." The usual wedding toasts were proposed and honoured. The Rev. Mr. Roberts, in proposing the health of the bride and bridegroom, told of the high esteem in which his young friends were held, and of the excellent service they had both rendered in the cause of God and temperance. He He wished them every happiness and godspeed in their new life. Mr.Cossart suitably replied. The health of the bridesmaids was proposed by Rev. Mr. Lundie, and responded to by Mr. John Cossart. That of the parents was entrusted to Rev. Mr. Weller, who, in a brief happy speech, told of the general esteem in which Mr. Cossart is held in Toowoomba, and paid a fitting tribute to the family of the bride, as old personal friends of his own. Mr. Cossart, sen., and Mr. .lames Shaw,sen., each replied in fitting terms. Before resuming his seat, Mr.. Shaw proposed the health of the ministers, which was replied to by Ret.Mr. Weller . This brought a highly enjoyable and interesting function to a close. In the afternoon a reception was held, and the many beautiful and useful presents inspected and admired. The bride and bridegroom left by the evening train for Wynnum for the honeymoon, after which they will reside in
  • At the age of 31 years, Martha Cossart married George Lothian, son of Adam Lothian and Barbara Allen, in 1909 in Queensland.
  • Martha Cossart died on 23 July 1925 in New South Wales at age 47.
  • Martha was buried on 25 July 1925 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery.

Marthe Cossart

F, b. 1574

Marthe Cossart Second

F, b. 17 November 1638, d. 17 December 1638
  • Marthe Cossart Second was born on 17 November 1638 in France.
  • She was the daughter of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn.
  • Marthe Cossart Second died on 17 December 1638 in France.

Mary Cossart

F, b. 1806
  • Mary Cossart was born in 1806 in Ireland.
  • She was the daughter of John Cossart Fourth and Elizabeth Crosthwait.
  • At the time of the 30 March 1851 census, Mary Cossart was living in the household of William Cossart Second in Middlesex. He was shown as the head of the family born Dublin in 1811. Living with him were his sisters Mary, born Dublin 1809, and Margaret born Dublin 1810, as well as his daughter Elizabeth Jane, born 1844 in Marlebone.