Leonard Erb

M, b. 10 May 1831, d. 20 November 1916
  • Leonard Erb was born on 10 May 1831 in Wurtemburg, Germany.
  • At the age of 23 years and 10 days, Leonard Erb married Johanna Fredrike Feigell on 20 May 1854 in Germany.
  • In 1901 Leonard was listed as a farmer of Geham in the 1901 Crow's Nest Post Office Directory.
  • Leonard Erb appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Geham. Leonard was a farmer, son William a labourer and daughter Jane carried out domestic duties.
  • Leonard Erb died on 20 November 1916 in Geham, Queensland, at age 85.
  • Leonard was buried in Cabarlah Cemetery.

Children of Leonard Erb and Johanna Fredrike Feigell

Leonhardt Erb

M, b. 9 June 1860
  • Leonhardt Erb was born on 9 June 1860 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Leonard Erb and Johanna Fredrike Feigell.
  • At the age of 24 years, Leonhardt Erb married Alice Mary Josephine Maundell in 1885 in Queensland.

Robert Macklin Erb

M, b. 18 January 1914, d. 20 May 1995
  • Robert Macklin Erb was born on 18 January 1914 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of August Erb and Johanna Fredricka Helsham.
  • Robert Macklin Erb enlisted in the Australian Army on 5 June 1941 in Rockhampton. Robert was living at Rannes at the time he enlisted and gave his wife Ruth as his next of kin. He was discharged on 2 Jun 1946 with the rank of Corporal in the 2/31 Australian Infantry.
  • Robert Macklin Erb died on 20 May 1995 at age 81.
  • Robert was buried in Caloundra Cemetery.

Sarah Elizabeth Erb

F, b. 1891
  • Sarah Elizabeth Erb was born in 1891 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Ann Catherine Erb.

Sarah Jane Erb

F, b. 1911

Sophia Albertina Erb

F, b. 17 December 1874, d. 3 March 1958
  • Sophia Albertina Erb was born on 17 December 1874 in Queensland. She married William John Stacy and had six children.
  • She was the daughter of Leonard Erb and Johanna Fredrike Feigell.
  • Sophia Albertina Erb died on 3 March 1958 at age 83.

Victoria May Erb

F, b. 1913

William George Erb

M, b. 1895
  • William George Erb was born in 1895 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Ann Catherine Erb.

Albert Erbacher

M, b. 1895, d. 1981

Friedrich Erbacher

M, b. circa 1830
  • Friedrich Erbacher was born circa 1830.
  • Friedrich Erbacher married Margaret Edginar circa 1860.

Children of Friedrich Erbacher and Margaret Edginar

Gladys Cissie Erbacher

F, b. 1901, d. 1 April 1971

Leonard Erbacher

M, b. circa 1860, d. 1931

Children of Leonard Erbacher and Christina Grieshaber

Peter Erbacher

M, b. circa 1850, d. 1932

Child of Peter Erbacher and Mary Diflo

Peter John Erbacher

M, b. 1883, d. 1965
  • Peter John Erbacher was born in 1883 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Peter Erbacher and Mary Diflo.
  • At the age of 22 years, Peter John Erbacher married Isabella Florence Ibell in 1905 in Queensland.
  • Peter John Erbacher appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Hampton. He was a caretaker.
  • Peter John Erbacher died in 1965 in Queensland.

Child of Peter John Erbacher and Isabella Florence Ibell

Thomas William Erbacher

M, b. 1907

Johanna Maria Ericksen

F, b. circa 1860, d. 1942
  • Johanna Maria Ericksen was born circa 1860 in Denmark. On her death certificate her parents are given as Jes and Maria Tuchsen - however her husband's parents were also Jes and Maria?
  • Johanna Maria Ericksen married Johann Nicholi Jessen circa 1880.
  • On 6 August 1905,her husband, Johann Nicholi Jessen died in Queensland at age 56.
  • Johanna Maria Ericksen appeared on the Electoral Roll with Erick (Peter) Jessen and Johanna (Hannah) Schulz in 1930 in Perseverance. Eric was a farmer. His mother Johanna also lived with them.
  • Johanna Maria Ericksen died in 1942 in Queensland.

Children of Johanna Maria Ericksen and Johann Nicholi Jessen

Nothburga Erne

F, b. circa 1810, d. 1850
  • Nothburga Erne was born circa 1810.
  • Nothburga Erne married Johan Graf in December 1831 in Switzerland.
  • Nothburga Erne died in 1850 in Switzerland.

Children of Nothburga Erne and Johan Graf

Janet Roberta Erskine

F, b. 1901, d. 19 April 1984
  • Janet Roberta Erskine was born in 1901. She was the daughter of Christina Daziel Archibald and William Erskine.
  • At the age of 22 years, Janet Roberta Erskine married Jack Dascombe Martin, son of John Dascombe Martin and Sarah Jane Hooper, on 2 June 1923 in Queensland.
  • Janet Roberta Erskine died on 19 April 1984 in Queensland.

Olive (Betty) Escott

F, b. 2 January 1914, d. 25 June 1993
  • Olive (Betty) Escott was born on 2 January 1914 in England. She was the daughter of Thomas Escott and Sarah Jane Cousen.
  • She immigrated to Victoria, Australia, on 24 October 1917. Troop Ship "Benella" destined for Bendigo, Victoria.
  • She was in 1930 in Victoria, Australia, She carried out home duties.
  • At the age of 21 years, 10 months and 21 days, Olive (Betty) Escott married George Robert (Rob) Staines, son of William John Staines and Ethel Mary Stuart Woods, on 23 November 1935 in Queensland. [NOTE:- Cannot find this marriage on the QLD BDM Index]
  • Olive (Betty) Escott and George Robert (Rob) Staines appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1949 living at 101 Lakeside Parade, The Entrance. Betty carried out home duties and George Robert was a salesman.
  • On 17 February 1961,her husband, George Robert (Rob) Staines died in South Australia at age 54. An extract from The Border Watch , Saturday 18th February 1961 reads
    "STAINES - On February 17, at his residence, George Robert, of Crouch Street South, Mount Gambier. Loved Husband of Betty Staines, and loved father of Heather, Shirley (Mrs D Lassett), Nola, Robyn and Betty. Loved grandfather of Vicki. Aged 54 years. The friends of the late Mr George Robert Staines are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave the private chapel of Ern James, Commercial Street, Mt Gambier, on Monday next, at the conclusion of a service commencing at 11 am for the Mt Gambier Cemetery. ERN JAMES, Funeral Director."
  • Olive (Betty) Escott died on 25 June 1993 in South Australia, Australia, at age 79.
  • Olive was buried on 29 June 1993 in Mt Gambier Cemetery. Grave Site - Section K, Allotment 1143.
  • Olive (Betty) Escott also went by the name of Betty.

Thomas Escott

  • Thomas Escott married an unknown person.

Otto Carl Esling

M, b. circa 1880

George Devereux Essex

M, b. circa 1890
  • George Devereux Essex was born circa 1890.
  • George Devereux Essex married Doris Unknown circa 1910.
  • George Devereux Essex and Doris Unknown appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Douglas. George was a farmer.

Ruth (Beatrice) Essex

F, b. 1916, d. 5 September 1968
  • Ruth (Beatrice) Essex was born in 1916. She was the daughter of John Essex and Adelia Lucht.
  • At the age of 23 years, Ruth (Beatrice) Essex married Ralph Alexander Coleman, son of Alexander George (Alick) Coleman and Anna Margaretha Kajewski, in 1939 in Queensland.
  • Ruth (Beatrice) Essex died on 5 September 1968 in Queensland.
  • Ruth was buried on 7 September 1968 in Goombungee Cemetery. MULDOM1-00G-0012.

Mary Esterbrook

F, b. circa 1785
  • Mary Esterbrook was born circa 1785.
  • Mary Esterbrook married Edward Drew on 20 June 1805 in Cornwall.

Child of Mary Esterbrook and Edward Drew

Martha Etherington

F, b. circa 1851
  • Martha Etherington was born circa 1851 in Sussex.
  • Martha Etherington married Robert Jefferis, son of Thomas Jeffery Jefferis and Ann Kemp, on 5 April 1875 in Trotten.
  • Martha Etherington appeared on the census of 3 April 1881 in Hampshire. She is shown as a 30 year old living with her husband and daughter.

Child of Martha Etherington and Robert Jefferis

Irene Beatrice Eva

F, b. 1887, d. 25 May 1962

Oswald Francis St David Eva

M, b. 1891, d. 5 October 1940

Canon Richard Roberts Eva

  • Canon Richard Roberts Eva married Eliza Jane Hicks circa 1882.
  • Canon Richard Roberts Eva married an unknown person.

Children of Canon Richard Roberts Eva and Eliza Jane Hicks

Agnes Bessie Evans

F, b. 1891, d. 26 June 1982
  • Agnes Bessie Evans was born in 1891 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of James Evans and Anna Gertrude Mengel.
  • At the age of 20 years, Agnes Bessie Evans married Henry Handford, son of William Handford and Caroline Voicey, in 1911 in Queensland.
  • Agnes Bessie Evans appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Goombungee. She carried out home duties.
  • On 26 February 1930,her husband, Henry Handford died in Queensland.
  • Agnes Bessie Evans died on 26 June 1982 in Queensland.
  • Agnes was buried on 30 June 1982 in Goombungee Cemetery. CE1-00L-0015.

Children of Agnes Bessie Evans and Henry Handford

Annie Eliza Evans

F, b. 1892, d. 27 October 1940
  • Annie Eliza Evans was born in 1892. She was the daughter of Thomas Evans and Ann Shelly.
  • At the age of 20 years, Annie Eliza Evans married Thomas Richard Spence, son of John George Spence and Mary Jane Simpson, in 1912 in Queensland.
  • Annie Eliza Evans died on 27 October 1940 in Queensland.
  • Annie was buried on 28 October 1940 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. CE4-003-0045.

Children of Annie Eliza Evans and Thomas Richard Spence