Henry John Lau

M, b. 1871, d. 15 June 1930

Child of Henry John Lau and Anna Magdaline Borgert

Hermann Lau

M, b. 28 July 1867, d. 13 March 1925

Children of Hermann Lau and Augusta (Amelia) Paulina Keding

Irene Lau

F, b. 1909, d. 1989
  • Irene Lau was born in 1909 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Peter Jacob Lau and Ann Mary Perina.
  • At the age of 23 years, Irene Lau married Fred Glasgow Mathieson, son of John Mathieson and Jemmima Agnes Glasgow, on 14 September 1932 in Uniting Church, Crow's Nest, Queensland. The couple worked a share farm in the district until they bought a farm near Goombungee. As they were building up the farm, Fred continued to work as a drover and contractor. In 1945 they moved to Goombungee. Inspired by his good friend Ray White, who had an auctioneer's and commission agent's business in Crows Nest before shifting to Brisbane and moving into real estate, Fred established a business in Goombungee. The family prospered there, with in the loving and caring atmosphere created by Irene and Fred.
  • Irene Lau was listed as the next of kin of Fred Glasgow Mathieson when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 17 June 1942 in Goombungee Fred was living at Goombungee at the time and gave his next of kin as Irene. His service number was Q226408. He was discharged with the rank of Private in the 7th Battalion Volunteer Defence Corp on 21 October 1945
  • Irene Lau died in 1989.
  • Irene was buried in Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance.

Ivy Evelyn Melinda Lau

F, b. 1906

John Frederick Lau

M, b. 1897, d. 21 April 1991

John Jacob Lau

M, b. 1879, d. 15 January 1931
  • John Jacob Lau was born in 1879.
  • He was the son of Clause Jacob Lau and Julie Haje.
  • John Jacob Lau appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Goombungee. He was a farmer as was his brothers Hermann and Henry and father Clause.
  • At the age of 25 years, John Jacob Lau married Anna Maria Auguste Abraham, daughter of Carl August Albert (Charlie) Abraham and Albertine Kuhl, in 1904 in Queensland.
  • On 15 June 1930,his wife, Henry John Lau died in Queensland.
  • John Jacob Lau died on 15 January 1931 in Queensland.
  • John was buried on 16 January 1931 in Douglas Cemetery.
    Grave of John Jacob & Anna Maria Auguste (nee ABRAHAM) LAU , Douglas Cemetery. Copyright 2006, http://www.ChapelHill.homeip.net

Children of John Jacob Lau and Anna Maria Auguste Abraham

John Jacob Lau

M, b. 1865, d. 1866
  • John Jacob Lau was born in 1865 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Clause Jacob Lau and Julie Haje.
  • John Jacob Lau died in 1866 in Queensland.

Julia Wilhelmine Augustine Lau

F, b. 1889

Keith Lau

M, b. circa 1920, d. 1924

Maria Magdeline Ottile Lau

F, b. 1875, d. 1950

Children of Maria Magdeline Ottile Lau and Wilhelm Friedrich (William) Weber

Mathilda Lau

F, b. 1902

Nellie Lau

F, b. 1899

Peter Jacob Lau

M, b. 1882, d. 1963

Children of Peter Jacob Lau and Ann Mary Perina

Ruby Lau

F, b. 1910

Sylvia Lau

F, b. October 1905, d. 8 May 1987

Unnamed Lau

M, b. 1915, d. 1915

Violet Lau

F, b. 1908

Wilhelmine Ottlie Lau

F, b. 1892

William Lau

M, b. 1900

William Jospeh Laughton

M, b. circa 1885

Charles Henry Laurence

M, b. 1883, d. 30 November 1928
  • Charles Henry Laurence was born in 1883. He was the son of Elizabeth and William LAURENCE.
  • At the age of 25 years, Charles Henry Laurence married Mabel Bridgeman, daughter of James Adams Bridgeman and Mary Ann Rampton, in 1908 in New Zealand.
  • Charles Henry Laurence died on 30 November 1928 in New Zealand.
  • Charles was buried on 8 December 1928 in Inglewood Cemetery.

Children of Charles Henry Laurence and Mabel Bridgeman

Clyde Laurence

M, b. 19 July 1912, d. 23 July 1985
  • Clyde Laurence was born on 19 July 1912.
  • He was the son of Charles Henry Laurence and Mabel Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 29 years, Clyde Laurence married Tui Christensen in 1942.
  • Clyde Laurence died on 23 July 1985 at age 73.

Edna Laurence

F, b. 26 September 1908

Gordon Laurence

M, b. 24 April 1922, d. 2008

Child of Gordon Laurence

Jennifer Edna Laurence

F, b. 13 August 1944, d. 2008
  • Jennifer Edna Laurence was born on 13 August 1944.
  • She was the daughter of Gordon Laurence.
  • Jennifer Edna Laurence died in 2008.

Jillian Mabel Laurence

F, b. 20 July 1943, d. 2 November 1997
  • Jillian Mabel Laurence was born on 20 July 1943.
  • She was the daughter of Keith Laurence.
  • At the age of 20 years, Jillian Mabel Laurence married Douglas Dawson in 1964. They had two children Tina born 2 Jan 1971, married Ivan Stanimiroff; and Claire born 31 Mar 1971.
  • Jillian Mabel Laurence died on 2 November 1997 at age 54.

Keith Laurence

M, b. 8 June 1914, d. 20 November 1989
  • Keith Laurence was born on 8 June 1914.
  • He was the son of Charles Henry Laurence and Mabel Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 25 years, 7 months and 23 days, Keith Laurence married Joan Clarke on 31 January 1940.
  • Keith Laurence died on 20 November 1989 at age 75.

Child of Keith Laurence

Mervyn Laurence

M, b. 18 August 1926, d. 10 January 2017
  • Mervyn Laurence was born on 18 August 1926.
  • He was the son of Charles Henry Laurence and Mabel Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 24 years, 4 months and 25 days, Mervyn Laurence married He married (Elsie) Rae Fagan (21 Jan 1931 - 16 Mar 1996) on 12 January 1951 in Te Aroha, New Zealand.
  • Mervyn Laurence died on 10 January 2017 in Hamilton, New Zealand, at age 90.

Neil Laurence

M, b. 16 March 1920
  • Neil Laurence was born on 16 March 1920.
  • He was the son of Charles Henry Laurence and Mabel Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 26 years, 8 months and 4 days, Neil Laurence married Gwen Moffat Thomas on 20 November 1946.

Norma Laurence

F, b. 24 September 1923, d. 23 December 1958