George Eric Cossart

M, b. 8 May 1921, d. 2004
  • George Eric Cossart was born on 8 May 1921 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • He was the son of William Cossart and Margaret Bain.
  • George Eric Cossart died in 2004.
  • George was buried on 2 July 2004 in Mt Gravatt Cemetery.

Gillies Cossart

M, b. 1660
  • Gillies Cossart was born in 1660. He married Marie Anne Coette and they had Marie Anne who married Francois Le Rat and had children Pierre Francois Le Rat born 1714, Gillies Francois Le Rat and Louise Marie Le Rat; Marie Anfelique born 1701 and Marie Genevieve Cossart born 1703, married Henri Francois Pinchon.
  • He was the son of Jean Cossart Seventh and Genevieve Arnault.

Graham Balflour Cossart

M, b. 29 July 1910, d. 7 September 1972
  • Graham Balflour Cossart was born on 29 July 1910 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Albert Leslie Cossart and Mary Anne Batch.
  • Graham Balflour Cossart served during WW2.
  • At the age of 32 years, 4 months and 6 days, Graham Balflour Cossart married Myra Evelyn Miles on 5 December 1942 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Graham Balflour Cossart died on 7 September 1972 in Brisbane, Queensland, at age 62.

Guillaume Cossart Priest and Canon

M, b. 1528

Guillaume Cossart Second

M, b. 1532, d. 1611
  • Guillaume Cossart Second was born in 1532 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Sieur de Boscbestre Jehan Cossart and Jacquette Puchot.
  • Guillaume Cossart Second died in 1611 in Boissiere Le Roy, France. He never married and his estate was distributed between his siblings and nephew and nieces.

Hazel Isabelle Cossart

F, b. 24 February 1908, d. 25 April 1957

Heather Mary Ann Cossart

F, b. 4 June 1912
  • Heather Mary Ann Cossart was also known as Mary Ann Heather.
  • She was born on 4 June 1912 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of William Cossart and Margaret Bain.

Heinrich Frederic Cossart

M, b. 29 April 1714, d. 7 May 1763
  • Heinrich Frederic Cossart was also known as Henry Frederic de Cossart St Aubin d'Espier.
  • He was born on 29 April 1714 in Frankfurt, Oder, Bradenburg, Preussen.
  • He was the son of Jean Luc Cossart and Mary Magdaline Aubin.
  • At the age of 24 years, 5 months and 20 days, Heinrich Frederic Cossart married Amalia Faillard on 19 October 1738 in Marionborn, Schlesien, Preussen.
  • Heinrich Frederic Cossart died on 7 May 1763 in Herrnut, Brautzen, Sachsen, Germany, at age 49.

Children of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard

Henry Cossart

M, b. 1814, d. 11 January 1878
  • Henry Cossart was born in 1814 in Ireland.
  • He was the son of Joseph Cossart and Susan Davidson.
  • At the age of 25 years, Henry Cossart married Mary Walker, daughter of Unknown Walker and Ann (Nancy) Unknown, in 1839 in Ireland. After their marriage Henry and Mary lived about 3 miles south east of Gracehill at Ballyminstra. At least three children were born there. By the time James was born in 1857 they had moved west to Ballyscullan, not far from the town of Bellaghy (about 10 miles south west of Gracehill). They lived at Ballymacombs in 1861.
  • The Will of Nancy McKee late of Bellaghy in the County of Londonderry Widow deceased who died 26 February 1861 at same place was proved at Londonderry by the oaths of Henry Cossart and Mary Cossart his Wife both of Ballymacombs in said County the Executors. Mary was the sole beneficiary of her mother's estate and received £45 9/- after probate. Perpaps this money was a factor in the family's decision to emmigrate.
  • Henry Cossart and Mary Walker immigrated to Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, in February 1864. They came on the "Flying Cloud" with their children John 23, Joseph 21, Sarah, Henry 12, James 7, David, 6 and Mary Ann aged 2. After some delay with Quarantine in Brisbane the family set out by bullock dray for Toowoomba. Henry selected land at Highfields and the family remained there for some years. Leaving the Highfields property in the care of John who, by this time, had married Martha French, Henry and his other sons moved to property at Pipeclay in the Perseverance area.
    The "Flying Cloud" - the ship on which the Cossart family travelled to Moreton Bay in 1864.
  • On 2 August 1864 the General Post-Office published a list of unclaimed letters in the Queensland Times. A letter for Henry Cossart was unclaimed at the Laidley Post Office.
  • On 6 September 1869 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier":- "CROWN LANDS COMMISSIONER'S COURT. The Commissioner for the Darling Downs district held his usual monthly Court at the Land-office, Russell-Street, when the following selections were conditionally approved :AGRICULTURAL
    Henry Cossart, 20 acres, Toowoomba Agricultural Reserve.
    Carl Noller, 40 acres, parish Geham.....H. Cossart, 120 acres, county of Cavendish, parish Taylor. ."

  • Henry Cossart witnessed the near death of his daughter, Mary Ann Cossart, on 27 September 1870. “The Maitland Mercury & Hunter River General Advertiser” printed the following article - "The Darling Downs Gazette of Wednesday last says:-" A little girl named Mary Cossart met with a frightful accident at Highfields on Tuesday week. It appears that the child went on an errand to her father, who was engaged in clearing, a short distance from the homestead, when the branch of a falling tree dashed the child to the ground, and almost buried its head in the earth. The father endeavoured to release the child by chopping away the branch which held it so firmly to the ground, but he soon discovered that such a course would not enable him to remove the timber, and would tend to increase the weight upon the child's body. He consequently resolved to dig out the poor little sufferer, and, with the assistance of several neighbours, the little prisoner was at length released. A messenger was immediately sent for medical assistance, and Dr. Roberts attended in a few hours, when the injuries received were found to be less severe than was at first supposed. Great hopes are entertained that the child will survive the terrible bruising she has received."
    Sadly, five months later her brother Henry was killed when a tree fell on him while he was carting logs to the Highfields Sawmill.
  • On 17 October 1874 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier":- Toowoomba. FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT October 15
    Mr. Charles Coxen, at the Crown Lands Office, Russell-street, held the usual monthly Land Court, on Monday last. There were nine applications for second-class pastoral land, containing in the aggregate an area of 2150 acres, which were conditionally approved. The application of Mr. E. A V. Wilcox, for 640 acres, in the parish of Douglas, was held over till next court day for consideration. Application was also made by Messrs. Charles George Davey, Patrick Garvey,
    Henry Cossart, Frederick Strover, Nathaniel Murray, Charles Cocks, George Bishop, and David Leah, that certificates of the fulfilment of the conditions required by the Act might be granted them for their respective claims ; evidence in each case was taken thereon, which proved satisfactory, and the applications for certificates were consequently acceded to certificates granted.
  • Henry Cossart selected land in the late 1870's at Pipeclay. He held Portion 294 (Crow's Nest Parish). The Highfields property was worked by his son John while Henry carried on farming and timber getting at the Pipeclay property. His son Joseph selected Portion 16 nearby.
    Cossart Selections - Pipe Clay
  • Henry Cossart died on 11 January 1878 in Pipeclay Creek, Highfields, Toowoomba. The death certificate (signed by Joseph Cossart of Pipeclay Creek) showed Henry a 64 year old farmer of Pipeclay Creek. He had been suffering from dysentery and had been attended by Dr Roberts on the 4th January 1878. His parents were given as Joseph Cossart, a cabinet maker and Susan Davidson. He had been born in Ireland and had lived in the Colony for 13 years. He married Mary Walker in Ireland when he was 25 years old and had six living children John 34, Joseph 31, Sarah 22, James 20, David 18 and Mary Ann 16. [The ages are not correct].There was one deceased male.
    Joseph was also executor of his father's will and after his death sold the property to the Case family.
  • Henry was buried on 13 January 1878 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery. His headstone shows he was buried with son Henry and wife Mary.
  • On 28 February 1898 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier" - twenty years after Henry's death:- Name of Deceased Proprietor.-Henry Cossart, late of Pipeclay, near Toowoomba, farmer- Date of Death.-11th January, 1878.
    Name of Claimant -Mary Cossart, of Ipswich, widow of deceased.
    Description and Situation of Land.Selection 294 and portion 5, county of Cavendish, parish of Crow's Nest.
    Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Life estate.
    Particulars of Will or Otherwise.-Will dated 18th June, 1874.
    Date within which Caveat may be Lodged. -5th April, 1898

    Name of Deceased Proprietor.-Henry Cossart aforesaid.
    Date of Death.-11th January, 1878.
    Names of Claimants.-James Cossart, of Dugandan, sawmill proprietor, and David Cossart, of the same place, sawyer.
    Description and Situation of Land.-Selection 294 and portion 5, county of Cavendish. parish of Crow's Nest.
    Estate Claimed to be Transmitted.-Fee simple in remainder.
    Particulars of Will or Otherwise.-Will dated 18th June, 1874.
    Date within which Caveat.-may be Lodged. -5th April, 1898

    After Henry's death, the property at Pipeclay was sold. By this time John, Joseph and James were married. Mary and the two girls Sarah and Mary Ann moved to Toowoomba.

Children of Henry Cossart and Mary Walker

Henry Cossart

M, b. 1852, d. 1 February 1871
  • Henry Cossart was born in 1852 in Ballyminstra, County Atrium, Northern Ireland.
  • He was the son of Henry Cossart and Mary Walker.
  • Henry Cossart immigrated to Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia, in 1864. on the "Flying Cloud" with his parents and siblings.
    The "Flying Cloud" - the ship on which the Cossart family travelled to Moreton Bay in 1864.
  • Henry Cossart died on 1 February 1871 in Highfields, Queensland, Australia. he died from injuries received when a tree fell on him.
  • Henry was buried on 2 February 1871 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery. Henry's parents were buried with him later.
  • On 6 February 1871 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier":- From the "Darling Downs Gazette" of Saturday last.
    A young man named Henry Cossart met with a fatal accident yesterday morning, about two miles from the Highfields Saw mills. It appears that Cossart was engaged in drawing timber to the mill, and while passing through the bush his carriage ran against a tree in such a manner as to check the further progress of the team. He endeavoured to turn the bullocks so as to clear the carriage and the log, when the tree suddenly fell over the bullocks, and brought him to the ground. Several German timber getters ran to his assistance, but before they could extricate him from beneath the limbs of the tree life was quite extinct. Cossart was only nineteen years of age and the son of Mr Henry Cossart one of the oldest settlers on the Highfields road. An inquest will be held on the body this (Saturday) morning.
  • An inquest was held into Henry Cossart's death (Index No COSSART Henry 1871 11 JUS/N28. )

Henry Cossart

M, b. 1783

Henry Cossart

M, b. circa 1753, d. May 1833
  • Henry Cossart was born circa 1753.
  • Henry Cossart died in May 1833. He was living at James Street at the time of his death.
  • Henry was buried on 25 May 1833 in St Catherine.

Henry Cossart

M, b. circa 1757

Henry Charles Cossart

M, b. 8 May 1750, d. 1773
  • Henry Charles Cossart was also known as Heinrich Karl de Cossart St Aubin d'Espier.
  • He was born on 8 May 1750 in London, England.
  • He was the son of Heinrich Frederic Cossart and Amalia Faillard.
  • Henry Charles Cossart died in 1773 in Furth, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Germany.

Henry James Cossart

M, b. 1 May 1867, d. September 1923
  • Henry James Cossart was also known as Harry.
  • He was born on 1 May 1867 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • He was the son of John Cossart and Martha French.
  • Henry James Cossart spent his early years working on his father's farm. He then moved to Gatton where he worked for his uncle Joseph Cossart at the Cossart mill as a rack bench sawyer.
  • In the early 1890's Jack and his brother Harry ran a Firewood Depot at the corner of Neil and Russell streets in Toowoomba in partnership with their uncle David Cossart.
  • On 29 April 1898 the following article appeared in the "Brisbane Courier":-TOOWOOMBA, April 28. The District Court Sittings were continued to-day, before his Honour Judge Paul. ....... The greater portion of the day was occupied in hearing a charge of perjury against Henry Cossart, in connection with an affiliation case. The accused, who was defended by Mr. A. Feez, was found guilty, and sentenced to six months' imprisonment. [Note:- I am not sure if this the correct Henry Cossart, but I know of no other]
  • At the age of 45 years and 3 months, Henry James Cossart married Edith Sarah Whittle, daughter of John Cady Whittle and Sarah Ann Lorterton, on 1 August 1912 in Gatton, Queensland. Henry and Sarah never had any children.
  • Henry James Cossart and Edith Sarah Whittle moved to Brisbane.
  • Henry James Cossart died in September 1923 in Brisbane, Queensland, at age 56. he died suddenly having taken ill just before work.
    His funeral notices appeared in The Brisbane Courier on Monday 23 September 1923 -
    COSSART - The friends of Mrs H J COSSART are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of her deceased husband, Mr. Henry James Cossart, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 644 Petrie Bight, THIS (Monday) MORNING, at 10 o'clock, for the South Brisbane Cemetery.
    JOHN HISLOP & SONS, Funeral Directors
    COSSART.-The friends of the COSSART Family, Toowoomba, Mr. and Mrs. J. DEMPSTER, and Miss .A. COSSART, Brisbane, are respectfully invited to attentd the Funeral of their deceased Brother, Mr. Henry James Cossart, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 644 Petrie B'ght. THIS (Monday) MORNING. at 10 o'clock, for the South Brisbane Cemetery.
    JOHN HISLOP & SONS. Funetal Director.
  • Henry was buried on 10 September 1923 in South Brisbane Cemetery.

Ian Alexander Cossart

M, b. 12 August 1942, d. 6 April 1983
  • Ian Alexander Cossart was born on 12 August 1942 in Bundaberg, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Reverend Alexander William Cossart and Pearl Mildred Redman.
  • Ian was a prominant member of the Bagara community near Bundaberg. He now has a park erected in his name in Bargara, as well as streets named after the Cossart and Redman families.
  • Ian Alexander Cossart died on 6 April 1983 in Queensland at age 40. He passed away from cancer.
  • Ian was buried on 8 April 1983 in Bundaberg Crematorium and Memorial Park. Plot Wall 4 - D23 Memorial ID 196569476.

Isaac Cossart

M, b. 1843
  • Isaac Cossart was born in 1843 in Gloonen, Ireland.
  • He appeared on the census of 7 April 1861 in Fulneck Moravian Boys Boarding School, Fulneck, Leeds. Issac is shown as an 18 year old theological student born in Gloonen, Ireland.

Isaac Cossart

M, b. 1626, d. after 1670
  • Isaac Cossart was born in 1626 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Pierre Cossart Third and Marie Baudouyn.
  • Isaac Cossart witnessed the baptism of Solomon Cossart on 15 February 1670 in French Church of Dublin; His sponsors were his uncle Isaac Cossart, cousin David Daussy and elder sister Judith Cossart.
  • Isaac Cossart died after 1670 in Dublin, Ireland.

Isaac Cossart Fifth

M, b. circa 1732, d. 23 July 1792
  • Isaac Cossart Fifth was born circa 1732 in Cork, County Cork, Ireland.
  • He was the son of Pierre Cossart Tenth and Elizabeth Perdriau.
  • In 1784Isaac Cossart Fifth was named as a beneficiary of Pierre Cossart Thirteenth's will. It provided that his wife Elizabeth (nee Roberts) "should have the use of all his plate for life" and that "in case my children die before my wife, I leave her one-third of all my substance, on-third to my brother Isaac of London, and the other third between my three sisters, Margaret Carleton, Elizabeth Baker and Suzanne Lapp."
  • Isaac Cossart Fifth died on 23 July 1792 in London, England.
  • He left a will in 1792. He left the whole of his estate to his nephew and god-son Peter James Cossart.

Isaac Cossart Fourth

M, b. 16 September 1690, d. 16 September 1690

Isaac Cossart Second

M, b. 30 September 1651, d. 15 January 1717
  • Isaac Cossart Second was born on 30 September 1651 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Bourgeois Pierre Cossart Fifth and Marie Loquet.
  • On 16 November 1683 Isaac was living in Rouen where he "at which date he assigned a mortgage of 3,100 livres to Louis Le Buffier upon the latter's payment of the principal in cash, the validity of the mortgage being guaranteed by Isaac's father, Pierre Cossart. In this assignment Isaac is qualified as 'marchand demeurant rue Potard,' and as his father's domicile was in that street, he no doubt was living with him."
  • Isaac left France. He joined the Huguenot Church of Leydon, Holland in June1684 and later moved to Amsterdam.
  • At the age of 38 years, 5 months and 15 days, Isaac Cossart Second married Suzanne Cornelie de la Fontaine on 15 March 1690 in Amsterdam.
  • Isaac Cossart Second witnessed the baptism of Marie Cossart Twenty-first in 1696 in Rotterdam, Holland.
  • Isaac Cossart Second and Pierre Cossart Tenth were naturalized on 20 March 1710 along with Marie Catherine, Isaac's daughter.
  • In 1713,his wife, Suzanne Cornelie de la Fontaine died.
  • Isaac Cossart Second died on 15 January 1717 in Amsterdam at age 65.

Children of Isaac Cossart Second and Suzanne Cornelie de la Fontaine

Isaac Cossart Third

M, b. 1667

Isabella Cossart

F, b. 8 October 1885, d. 30 January 1968
  • Isabella Cossart was born on 8 October 1885 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John Cossart and Martha French.
  • Isabella was a bridesmaid at the wedding of John Cossart and Rosana Edith Garton Gough, daughter of George Gough and Harriet Hall, on 5 February 1902 in "Glencoe", Montague Road, Brisbane, Queensland; An account of the wedding appeared in "The Brisbane Courier" on 6 February 1902:- Cossart-Gough. The marriage of Mr. John Cossart (of Toowoomba.) to Miss Rosanna E. Gough, third daughter of Mr. George Gough, of Glencoe, Montague-road, took place yesterday at the residence of the bride's parents. The drawing room had been prettily decorated for the occasion with, white flowers and foliage, and a bridal bell of white flowers formed a conspicuous, feature in the decorations. The Rev. J. Lundie Presbyterian minister from Toowoomba, officiated, the bride being given away by her father.
    The Bride's dress was a simple and tasteful costume of white grass lawn, the skirt being made with two circular flounces. The bodice was composed of tucked grass lawn and Maltese insertion with a deep circular collar, edged with Maltese lace. The toque was of white chiffon with two ostrich tips. A beautiful shower bouquet (the gift of the bridegroom) was carried by the bride. Miss Bella Cossart, the bridegroom's sister was chief bridesmaid, and was accompanied by Miss Ivy Grigson, a tiny niece of the bride. Miss Cossart wore a becoming costume of white tucked lawn with insertions of trouchon lace the skirt being made with two circular frills. Her hat, of fine white straw, was trimmed with chiffon and lillies of the valley. Little Miss Ivy Grigson wore a pretty smocked frock, of white washing silk flounced with Valenciennes, and a pretty bonnet of silk and chiffon. Mrs Gough (mother of the bride) wore a handsome gown of black brocade, trimmed with silk Maltese lace, and a bonnet to harmonise. Mrs Cossart (mother of the Bridesgroom) wore a costume of black, brocade ornamented with crewel embroidery; bonnet en suite. The groomsmen were Mr William Cossart, brother of the bridegroom (best man),
    and Master Arthur Grigson, a small nephew of the bride.
    The presents were numerous, and included several cheques. The bridegroom's gift to the chief bridesmaid was a gold band ring, and to the younger bridesmaid, a true lovers knot broach.
    The bride's travelling dress was of a pretty gray and blue checked material, with a vest of tucked blue silk and square sailor collar, trimmed with baby ribbons. Her hat, of rice straw was
    trimmed with black chiffon, ostrich tips, and a brilliant buckle.
    The honeymoon will be spent at Manly, and Mr. and Mrs. Cossart will in future reside at Toowoomba. The wedding breakfast was given in the dining room at Glencoe, only near relatives being invited. In the evening, Mr and Mrs Gough entertained a large party of friends.
    The bridal costume was made by Miss Cassidy.

  • At the age of 29 years, Isabella Cossart married Joseph Dempster, son of John Dempster, in 1915 in Queensland.
  • On 7 March 1939,her husband, Joseph Dempster died in Kyogle, New South Wales.
  • Isabella Cossart died on 30 January 1968 in Queensland at age 82.

Ivy Blanche Cossart

F, b. 25 November 1913, d. 16 April 1953
  • Ivy Blanche Cossart was born on 25 November 1913 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Sidney Joseph Cossart and Ivy Agnes Louisa Smith.
  • At the age of 26 years, 4 months and 12 days, Ivy Blanche Cossart married James Philp on 6 April 1940.
  • Ivy Blanche Cossart died on 16 April 1953 in Queensland at age 39.

Ivy May Shaw Cossart

F, b. 5 September 1903, d. 2 July 1973

Minnie Cossart nee Shaw (1875-1967) with her four children Jack, Ivy, Ethel and Reginald. Photo courtesy of Rod Chapman
Photograph by Rod Chapman
  • Ivy May Shaw Cossart was born on 5 September 1903 in Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of George Cossart and Minnie Maria Shaw.
  • Ivy May Shaw Cossart attended school in East State School in 1910. She completed her High School education at Fairhome College.

  • She attended school in Fairholme College.
  • Ivy was a bridesmaid at the wedding of John Henry Cossart and Catherine May Bruce, daughter of Peter Bruce and Catherine Montgomery, on 8 April 1931 in St Andrews Presbyterian Church, West Street, Toowoomba, Queensland; An article on the wedding appeared in "The Courier Mail" on Monday 13 April 1931 COSSART - BRUCE. A picturesque wedding was solemnised at St. Andrew's Church, West Street, Toowoomba, last Wednesday evening. The bridegroom was Mr. John Henry Cossart (elder son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cossart, Campbell Street, Toowoomba) and the bride was Miss Catherine May (Rene) Bruce (third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. Bruce, Cumming-street, Toowoomba). The church was beautifully decorated with white dahlias and palms. Rev. A. M. Martin, assisted by the Rev. John Armour, officiated. Miss Edna M'Naught presided at the organ, and during the signing of the register Miss Lilian George rendered a vocal solo. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a princess frock of white mariette, with the skirt inset with godets, and the bodice was finished on the shoulder with a spray of lily of the valley. Her Brussels net veil over pale pink tulle was worn Madonna fashion, and she carried a bouquet of white sweet peas and tuberoses. There were two bridesmaids, Misses Ruby Bruce (sister of the bride) and Ivy Cossart (sister of bridegroom), who were frocked alike in eau de Nil mariette made in bolero effect. They wore summer felt hats of the same shade, showing a pink rose under the brim, and they carried bouquets of pink gerberas, sweet peas, and carnations. Mr. R. Cossart was best man, and Mr. V. Marshall groomsman, Mrs. P. Bruce (mother of the bride) chose a frock of black satin and georgette, relieved with amber. She wore a black Baku hat, and carried a bouquet of bronze dahlias. Mrs. G. Cossart (mother of bridegroom) wore a black velour hat, with her frock of black mariette touched with shell pink, and she carried a bouquet of autumn-toned dahlias. At the conclusion of the ceremony a reception was held at the Cafe Alexandra. On leaving for the honeymoon, which will be spent in Sydney, Mrs. Cossart wore an ensemble of navy blue crepe de Chine, and blue velvet beretta.
  • Ivy May Shaw Cossart went to England with her parents, George and Minnie in June 1934. "The Queenslander" reported - Mr. and Mrs. G. Cossart and Miss Ivy Cossart (Toowoomba) were in London when recent mails left England. They intended visiting Scotland, Ireland, and France before returning to Australia in October.
  • She was an employee of the Toowoomba Electric Light & Power Co.
  • Ivy was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Reginald George Cossart and Clara Bryce Balthes on 9 December 1937 in St Andrew's Church, Lutwyche; An account of the wedding appeared in "The Courier Mail" the following morning - LAST NIGHTS WEDDING AT LUTWYCHE -St. Andrew's Church Ceremony Cossart—Balthes
    St. Andrew's Church, Lutwyche, was chosen for the wedding of Miss Clara Bryce Balthes, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter M Baltnes, Clinton, Wooloowin, and Mr. Reginald George Cossart, son of the late Mr. George Cossart and Mrs. Cossart, Campbell-street, Toowoomba, which took place last evening. The Rev. A. W. Ethell, formerly of Gympie, officiated. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a gown of white satin, with a spray of orange blossoms trimming the softly draped corsage and the full skirt extending to a train. Her cut tulle veil was surmounted by a coronet of orange blossoms, and she carried a shower bouquet of frangipani and carnations. The two bridesmaids Miss Joyce Balthes and Miss Ivy Cossart (Toowoomba) were frocked alike in bud pink organza with coronets of tulle and flowers, and their bouquets were in dahlias and gerberas in varying shades of pink. Mr. W. Cossart was best man and Mr. W. Elder groomsman. The reception was held at Clinton, where Mrs. Balthes received the guests wearing a gown of gentian blue satin with, shoulder spray of the same tonings. Her bouquet was of pink asters and roses. Mrs. Cossart, mother of the bride groom, chose a frock of black chiffon relieved with a spray of white flowers, and a hat to match. On leaving in the Canberra for Mackay the bride's travelling frock of ice blue sheer will be worn with navy accessories.
  • In 1938 Minnie and Ivy took a trip abroad. "The Courier Mail" reported - Mrs. George Cossart and Miss Ivy Cossart will leave Brisbane on May 25 by the Largs Bay for England, where they will join Miss Ethel Cossart. They intend spending six months abroad.
  • At the age of 36 years and 25 days, Ivy May Shaw Cossart married Harold Chapman, son of Sydney Chapman and Elizabeth Margaret Cooke, on 30 September 1939 in St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba. An account of their wedding appeared in "The Courier Mail" on Monday 2nd October 1931 -Two Saturday Weddings At Toowoomba - DAFFODILS and lilies decorated St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba, on Saturday evening for the wedding of Miss Ivy May Shaw Cossart and Mr. Harold Chapman. The Rev. C. Mayes (Brisbane), officiated. The bride, who is the elder daughter of Mrs. George Cossart , Campbell Street. Toowoomba, and of the late Mr. George Cossart, wore snow white embroidered cloque. The softly ruched bodice was made with long mitten sleeves, and the skirt extended to form a long train. Tiny clusters of orange buds held in place the veil of Brussels lace and tulle and the bridal bouquet was of orchids. The bridesmaid, Miss Ethel Cossart. was frocked in sunshine tinsel brocade, with a full swing skirt sashed with silver. She added an amber pendant, silver gauntlets, and a hooded bolero of silver lame. Her bouquet was of golden daffodils. Little Jocelyn Cossart, niece of the bride, was flower girl. The bridegroom, who is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Chapman (Murphy's Creek), had Mr. W. A. Cossart for best man. The bride was given away by her brother, Mr. J. Cossart. Choral numbers were sung by St. Stephen's Presbyterian Choir, Miss Nance Williams sang, and Mr. H. Swan was organist. At the Cafe Alexandra, where the reception was held, Mrs. Cossart wore Burgundy cobweb lace, with a wide leafed hat of black bakii straw, and carried Burgundy and cream-tinted stocks. Mrs. Chapman favoured a frock of black mariette patterned in a gold hand-painted design, a black straw hat, and a bouquet of red gerberas. Leaving for the wedding tour, which will be spent in the Northern Rivers district, the bride wore silver grey romaine with a tailored coat of light wool in a cranberry shade, and a hat of cranberry straw touched with grey"
    Ivy lived at 43 Campbell Street at the time of her marriage and Harold, who was a clerk, lived at 128 Margaret Street, Toowoomba.
    Wedding of Ivy May Shaw Cossart (dtr of George Cossart & Minnie Shaw) and Harold Chapman on 30 Sep 1939. Photo thanks to Rod Chapman
  • Ivy was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Norman Smalley and Ethel Beatrice Cossart, daughter of George Cossart and Minnie Maria Shaw, on 14 November 1942 in St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba; Their marriage was repoerted in "The Courier Mail" on 17 November 1942 - SMALLEY— COSSART — Members of the Toowoomba General Hospital nursing, staff (of which the bride has been matron for two years), and members of the Voluntary Defence Corps formed a guard of honour at the wedding of Miss Ethel B. Cossart (Toowoomba) and Warrant officer Norman Smalley (Brisbane) at St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba, on November 14. With her blue street frock, the bride wore a navy picture hat. Mrs. H. Chapman was matron of honour for her sister, and Warrant-officer J. Goodrich was best man.
  • Ivy May Shaw Cossart died on 2 July 1973 in Queensland at age 69.
  • On 24 February 1974 this eulogy was read in St Stephen's Presbyterian Church by the President of St Stephen's Woman's Guild.
    "It is with deep since of humility to God that I ask the congregation of St Stephen's to recognize the work and dignity of Ivy Chapman, our esteemed Vice-President of the Women's Guild.
    From her earliest years she was mindful of what was required of her. Records show that as a Sunday School scholar her diligence was rewarded with the Sunday School prize. This characterized her attitude to everything she touched, whether it be Treasurer of the Girl's Guide in 1923, or Vice-President of the Women's Guild in 1973. Fifty years of service to St Stephen's. Honesty of purpose was fundamental to her being. She service in so many organisations of the church in various capacities, as Sunday School teacher, tennis Club, Choir, to name a few. As a wife and mother she was able to share so much of her Church life with her husband and two sons.
    She carried her Christian virtues into other avenues of Service. Brodbibb Home was high up on her list of priorities: and finding relaxation amongst her friends on the Croquet Green was a sheer joy. But for all this her Church was her first Priority. No doubt the warm colour of this cloth is significant, and the fact that the lettering is in gold is indeed correct and in very good taste, to honour the memory of Ivy Chapman.
    But my memory of Ivy is wrapped up in the words of a Solo she sang at a Service one Sunday morning and I feel they give expression to her concept of what life is all about, and the Source from which is derived the strength to give life its meaning. And I quote the words "I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown and he replied: "Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God - that shall be to you, better than light, and safer than a known way."
    Mr Moderator, on behalf of St Stephen's Women's Guild, I ask you to accept this memorial in memory of Ivy Chapman and dedicate it to the Glory of God, for use on this Communion Table."

Jacqueline Cossart

M, b. circa 1526

Jacqueline Cossart Second

F, b. 1548
  • Jacqueline Cossart Second was born in 1548 in Rouen, France.
  • She was the daughter of Sieur de Boscbestre Jehan Cossart and Jacquette Puchot.
  • At the age of 26 years, Jacqueline Cossart Second married Michel Godes on 12 December 1574. They had four children who jointly inherited one tenth of their uncle Guillaume Cossart's estate in 1611.

Jacques Cossart

M, b. 1538, d. 7 March 1608/9
  • Jacques Cossart was born in 1538 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Sieur de Boscbestre Jehan Cossart and Jacquette Puchot.
  • Jacques became the head of the Huguenot branch of the Cossart family in Rouen. His change of religion from the Catholic Church most likely took place in 1564. Because of this he and his brothers Jehan and Noel, who also ceded from the church were in personal danger when the Huguenots were massacred at Rouen. He and his younger brother Jehan visited Nice in Southern France in 1572, probably to escape the religious intolerance of that year. In 1591, Jacques and his wife and children escaped Rouen and settled in Cohen until they were able to return in 1594. Jacques, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, became a man of property and wealth.
    All his descendants formed part of the Protestant branch of the Cossart family in Rouen.
  • In 1572 Jehan and Jacques visited Nice most likely to escape the religious intolerance of that year.
  • At the age of 39 years, Jacques Cossart married Marguerite Toustain, daughter of Laurent Toustain and Margaruerite Le Conte, on 22 April 1577 in St Martin on the Bridge, Antilles Francaises, Caribbean.
  • Jacques Cossart left a will on 9 January 1607.
  • Jacques Cossart died on 7 March 1608/9 in Rouen, France.

Children of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain

Jacques Cossart

M, b. 26 February 1584, d. 11 August 1638
  • Jacques Cossart was born on 26 February 1584 in Rouen, France.
  • He was the son of Jacques Cossart and Marguerite Toustain.
  • In 1631Jacques Cossart was named as a beneficiary of Abraham Cossart's will. He died unmarried and his estate was divided amongst his three brothers, Estienne, Jacques and Pierre Cossart.
  • Jacques Cossart died on 11 August 1638 at age 54. He never married.

Jacques Cossart Eighth

M, b. 1682