Matilda Ann Bellworth

F, b. 1853, d. 7 February 1892
  • Matilda Ann Bellworth was born in 1853 in British Colombia, Canada. She was the daughter of James (a butcher) and Margaret Bellworth.
  • She was the daughter of Margaret Bellworth.
  • At the age of 27 years, Matilda Ann Bellworth married William Hooper, son of Thomas Hooper and Elizabeth Hockey, on 27 March 1880 in Canada. Annie was a 27 year old spinster born Sydney CB and William a 30 year old groom born England. Both were living in Halifax. She was the daugher of James (a butcher) and Margaret. He was the son of Thomas (a labourer) and Elizabeth). Witnesses to the marriage were K Williams and Charlotte Lenor.
  • Matilda Ann Bellworth and William Hooper appeared on the census of 1881 in Greenwood, Nova Scotia.Will, the household head, was shown as a 31 year old born England. He was a coachman and lived with his wife Ann, 29 born in Nova Scotia and daughter aged 1 month.
  • Matilda Ann Bellworth died on 7 February 1892 in Halifax. She was 40 years old, born Cape Breton, Episcopian, her husband was a gardener. Her residence was 97 Jubilee Road, Halifax. Martha died of phthsis (consumption) She was buried in Camp Hill Cemetery.

Children of Matilda Ann Bellworth and William Hooper

Anna Belolawick

F, b. 1868, d. 7 May 1942

Henry Frederick Belolawick

M, b. circa 1870, d. 17 September 1930
  • Henry Frederick Belolawick was born circa 1870.
  • He was the son of Joseph Belolawick and Katherina Holse.
  • Henry Frederick Belolawick appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1925 living at Murra Murra. He was a farmer.
  • Henry Frederick Belolawick died on 17 September 1930 in Queensland.
  • Henry was buried in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. PUB1-044-0044.

Joseph Belolawick

M, b. 1839, d. 1920
  • Joseph Belolawick was born in 1839 in Bohemia.
  • Joseph Belolawick married Katherina Holse circa 1865.
  • In 1899,his wife, Katherina Holse died in Queensland.
  • Joseph Belolawick died in 1920 in Queensland.

Children of Joseph Belolawick and Katherina Holse

Joseph Belolawick

M, b. 1873, d. 27 April 1954
  • Joseph Belolawick was born in 1873.
  • He was the son of Joseph Belolawick and Katherina Holse.
  • Joseph Belolawick died on 27 April 1954 in Queensland.
  • Joseph was buried on 1 May 1954 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. LUTH25-30-028-0014.

Vaslaw Belolawick

M, b. 1873, d. 4 February 1947

Martha Belsham

F, b. circa 1885
  • Martha Belsham was born circa 1885.
  • Martha Belsham married Edward Chanter circa 1910.

Child of Martha Belsham and Edward Chanter

Alfred Cecil Benecke

M, b. circa 1900

Nellie Marie Bengtsson

F, b. 3 May 1873, d. 22 December 1969
  • Nellie Marie Bengtsson was born on 3 May 1873 in Queensland.
  • At the age of 19 years, 2 months and 30 days, Nellie Marie Bengtsson married George Thorne, son of Thomas Thorne and Mary Evans, on 2 August 1892 in Queensland.
  • Nellie Marie Bengtsson died on 22 December 1969 in Queensland at age 96.
  • Nellie was buried on 23 December 1969 in Apple Creek Cemetery. Methodist Section.

Unknown Bennett

M, b. circa 1890

Alan George Bennett

M, b. 24 May 1890, d. 24 February 1953

Allan Andrew Bennett

M, b. 29 May 1906, d. 12 May 1991
  • Allan Andrew Bennett was born on 29 May 1906 in Tasmania.
  • He was the son of John Andrew Bennett and Maria Burgess.
  • Allan Andrew Bennett married Rachael Deayton circa 1927. They had a total of seven children.
  • On 2 June 1990,his wife, Rachael Deayton died in Tasmania at age 83.
  • Allan Andrew Bennett died on 12 May 1991 in Tasmania at age 84.
  • Allan was buried on 14 May 1991 in Burnie Lawn Cemetery.

Child of Allan Andrew Bennett and Rachael Deayton

Amy Louisa Bennett

F, b. 2 October 1892, d. 10 August 1970
  • Amy Louisa Bennett was born on 2 October 1892 in North Motton, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas James Bennett and Eliza Burgess.
  • Amy Louisa Bennett married Frederick Hall circa 1912.
  • On 6 September 1966,her husband, Frederick Hall died at age 73.
  • Amy Louisa Bennett died on 10 August 1970 in Tasmania at age 77.

Children of Amy Louisa Bennett and Frederick Hall

Andrew Thomas Bennett

M, b. 25 August 1895, d. 1968
  • Andrew Thomas Bennett was born on 25 August 1895 in North Motton, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Thomas James Bennett and Eliza Burgess.
  • Andrew Thomas Bennett died in 1968 in Victoria.

Ann Bennett

F, b. 25 November 1843, d. 6 August 1927
  • Ann Bennett was baptized on 25 November 1843 in Clonmellon, Ireland. She was the daughter of Brian Bennett and Bridget Garty.
  • At the age of 21 years and 1 day, Ann Bennett married Bartholomew Brady on 26 November 1864 in County Meath & Westmeath, Ireland.
  • Ann Bennett and Bartholomew Brady immigrated on 20 February 1865. Bart 29, and Ann 21 travelled on the Sunda.
  • On 13 October 1888,her husband, Bartholomew Brady died in Queensland. At the time of his death he was a member of the Merritt's Creek State School Committee. His son Patrick was appointed in the position the following year.
  • Ann Bennett appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1913 living at Taylor. She carried out home duties.
  • Ann Bennett died on 6 August 1927 in Hampton, Queensland, at age 83.
  • Ann was buried in Cabarlah Cemetery. RC1-00A-0003.

Children of Ann Bennett and Bartholomew Brady

Arthur James Bennett

M, b. 1894, d. 1958

Cyril Fryar Bennett

M, b. 1893, d. 1962
  • Cyril Fryar Bennett was born in 1893 in Queensland. He was the son of John Smith Bennett and Emily Ann Fryar.
  • Cyril Fryar Bennett married Dorothea Maude Staines, daughter of Samuel Joseph Staines and Gertrude Florence (Amy) Johnston, circa 1953.
  • Cyril Fryar Bennett and Dorothea Maude Staines appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1954 living at Greenslopes. Cyril was a surveyor. Maudes son Ian, a medical student also lived at that address.
  • Cyril Fryar Bennett died in 1962 in Queensland.

Doris Bennett

F, b. circa 1913

Elizabeth Bennett

F, b. 1873

Elizabeth Bennett

F, b. circa 1825

Child of Elizabeth Bennett and Charles Banting

Elsie Selina Bennett

F, b. 2 October 1891, d. 1967

Child of Elsie Selina Bennett and Henry Pat Johnson

Ethel Lavinai Bennett

F, b. circa 1902

Fanny Bennett

F, b. 1868

Florence Amelia Bennett

F, b. 1900, d. 1975

Children of Florence Amelia Bennett and Albert Johnson

Florence Kate Bennett

F, b. 1884, d. 11 February 1937
  • Florence Kate Bennett was born in 1884. She was the daughter of James Bennett and Ann Agreen.
  • Her marriage, at 28 years, to Francis Parker Hunt was registered in the June 1912 Quarter in Woolwich, Greater London Registration District.
  • Florence Kate Bennett appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Glenaven. She carried out home duties.
  • Florence Kate Bennett died on 11 February 1937 in Queensland.
  • Florence was buried on 12 February 1937 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. CE9-002-0044.

George James Bennett

M, b. 1904, d. 28 February 1996
  • George James Bennett was born in 1904 in Dairy Plains, Tasmania.
  • He was the son of John Andrew Bennett and Maria Burgess.
  • George James Bennett died on 28 February 1996 in Tasmania.

Grace Bennett

F, b. 1807, d. December 1841
  • Grace Bennett was born in 1807.
  • She was baptized on 3 January 1808 in Tywardreath, Cornwall. She was the daughter of Samuel Bennetts and Elizabeth Vinnecomb.
  • At the age of 22 years, Grace Bennett married Edward Austin, son of Thomas Austin and Elizabeth Warne, on 31 January 1829 in Tywardreath.
  • In December 1840,her husband, Edward Austin died in Tywardreath, Cornwall, at age 35.
  • Grace was buried on 15 September 1841 in Tywardreath.
  • Grace Bennett died in December 1841 in Tywardreath, Cornwall.

Children of Grace Bennett and Edward Austin

Hilda Mary Bennett

F, b. 1894

Child of Hilda Mary Bennett and Herbert Osborne Allen

Horatio Waldemer Accworth Bennett

M, b. 1911

Jack Bennett

M, b. 16 December 1917, d. 8 August 2000
  • Jack Bennett was born on 16 December 1917 in Tasmania.
  • He was the son of John Andrew Bennett and Maria Burgess.
  • At the age of 31 years, 7 months and 11 days, Jack Bennett married Joan Cecilia Bacon on 27 July 1949. They had four chldren.
  • In 1971,his wife, Joan Cecilia Bacon died.
  • Jack Bennett died on 8 August 2000 in Tasmania at age 82.