Ivy Canning

F, b. 1879, d. 1964

Alexander Joseph Cannon

M, b. 14 February 1895, d. 9 July 1989
  • Alexander Joseph Cannon was born on 14 February 1895 in Colac, Victoria.
  • He was the son of Benjamin Joseph Cannon and Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman.
  • Alexander Joseph Cannon died on 9 July 1989 at age 94.
  • Alexander was buried on 11 July 1989 in Colac Cemetery. He is buried with his sister Rose Murphy.

Benjamin Joseph Cannon

M, b. 1865, d. 23 July 1929
  • Benjamin Joseph Cannon was born in 1865 in Geelong, Victoria. He was the son of Joseph Cannon and Emma Rose Hebbes.
  • In 1885 Ben's application for a land grant at Irrewillipe was approved.
  • At the age of 28 years, Benjamin Joseph Cannon married Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman, daughter of Alexander Alfred Bridgeman and Agnes Methven, in 1893 in Victoria.
  • Benjamin Joseph Cannon died on 23 July 1929 in Colac, Victoria.
  • Benjamin was buried on 25 July 1929 in Colac Cemetery.

Children of Benjamin Joseph Cannon and Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman

Leslie David Cannon

M, b. 1907, d. 24 December 1968
  • Leslie David Cannon was born in 1907 in Irrewillipe, Victoria.
  • He was the son of Benjamin Joseph Cannon and Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 28 years, Leslie David Cannon married Valerie Matthey in 1935 in Victoria.
  • On 6 June 1966,his wife, Valerie Matthey died in Colac, Victoria.
  • Leslie David Cannon died on 24 December 1968 in Colac, Victoria.
  • Leslie was buried on 27 December 1968 in Colac Cemetery.

Rose Agnes Cannon

F, b. 1897, d. 4 December 1984
  • Rose Agnes Cannon was born in 1897 in Irrewillpie, Victoria.
  • She was the daughter of Benjamin Joseph Cannon and Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman.
  • At the age of 25 years, Rose Agnes Cannon married Phillip Stanton Murphy in 1922 in Victoria.
  • Rose Agnes Cannon died on 4 December 1984.
  • Rose was buried on 6 December 1984 in Colac Cemetery. She is buried with her brother Alex.

Roy Benjamin Cannon

M, b. 1 January 1900, d. 29 December 1972
  • Roy Benjamin Cannon was born on 1 January 1900 in Irrewillpie, Victoria.
  • He was the son of Benjamin Joseph Cannon and Sarah Elizabeth Bridgeman.
  • Roy Benjamin Cannon married Veronica Unknown circa 1940.
  • Roy Benjamin Cannon died on 29 December 1972 in Winchelsea, Victoria, at age 72.
  • Roy was buried on 2 December 1974 in Winchelsea Cemetery.

Edgar Leonard Abbott Cannons

M, b. 15 October 1903, d. 1984

Elizabeth Cap

F, b. circa 1860

Children of Elizabeth Cap and William Thomas Sutton

Ellen Carder

F, b. circa 1825
  • Ellen Carder was born circa 1825.
  • Her marriage to Nathan Finch was registered in the December 1846 Quarter in Sudbury, Essex Registration District. (Most likely were married in Borley.)

Children of Ellen Carder and Nathan Finch

John Caren

M, b. circa 1650
  • John Caren was born circa 1650.
  • John Caren married Susanna Chivell, daughter of Unknown Chivell, on 21 November 1655 in Padstow, Cornwall. Surname spelt Chevell.

Daisy May Carey

F, b. 29 July 1902, d. 23 August 1989
  • Daisy May Carey was born on 29 July 1902 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of George Carey and Rosina May Bridgeman.
  • Daisy May Carey died on 23 August 1989 in Queensland at age 87.
  • Daisy was buried on 25 August 1989 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery.

Edmund Carey

M, b. circa 1880
  • Edmund Carey was born circa 1880.
  • Edmund Carey married Rose May Thow, daughter of Francis Thow and Elizabeth Burgess, in 1913.
  • Edmund Carey caused the death of Francis Thow on 25 June 1917 in Sassafras, Tasmania. The Daily Telegraph Reported:-"TRAGEDY AT SASSAFRAS
    LATROBE, Monday. - Theusual quietude of the Sassafras district, nine miles from Latrobe, was considerably disturbed this afternoon by the report that an elderly man named Francis Thow had been shot dead. Unfortunately the report proved to be well founded. The first information that the police received of the occurrence was tins morning, when Edward Carey (37); a farm laborer residing at the Plains, Sassafras, walked into the Latrobe Police
    Station and informed Constable Stingel that he had been participant in a family quarrel and had shot his father-in-law, Francis Thow, dead. Carey was
    locked up, and Sergeant Court proceeded to the residence of Thow, which adjoins that of Carey, he found that the statement made by Carey was true, and on his return to Latrobe a charge of willful murder was preferred against accused. Sub-Inspector Brown and Detective Sergeant Devon were then communicated with and commenced further investigations in readiness for the
    inquest, which is to be held to-morrow. It is understood that, Carey made a statement to the police to-night, the nature of which, however, could not be ascertained. Later particulars show that Thow, who was 69 years of age, was shot in the chest with a shot gain. From the facts available it appears that Carey and Thow were on bad terms, and Carey had it is
    alleged, previously stated his intention of 'doing for' Thow, who resided a mile apart. Carey walked from his home carrying a gun, and an argument ensued through a window, Mrs Thow having previously locked the door. It is alleged Carey burst the door in and shot Thow on the right side, and then inserting another cartridge, shot the wounded man through the heart. The tragedy occurred in the presence of Mrs Thow." During his trial Carey accused his victim of interfering with his wife, and of fathering her first child when she was 14.

Elizabeth Reine Carey

F, b. circa 1690

Children of Elizabeth Reine Carey and Pierre Jean Cossart

George Carey

M, b. 1876, d. 8 July 1935
  • George Carey was born in 1876. He was the son of George/Richard Carey and Louisa Dunn.
  • At the age of 24 years, George Carey married Rosina May Bridgeman, daughter of Charles Daniel Bridgeman and Frances Myrah Ewin, in 1900 in Queensland.
  • George Carey died on 8 July 1935 in Queensland.
  • George was buried on 9 July 1935 in Toowoomba & Drayton Cemetery.

Children of George Carey and Rosina May Bridgeman

Hazel Frances Carey

F, b. 1909

Herbert Allan Carey

M, b. 16 August 1917, d. 6 October 1983
  • Herbert Allan Carey was born on 16 August 1917 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of George Carey and Rosina May Bridgeman.
  • Herbert Allan Carey died on 6 October 1983 in Queensland at age 66.

Ivy Louisa Carey

F, b. 15 February 1907

Myrtle Myra Carey

F, b. 6 October 1909

Ronald Richard Carey

M, b. 14 March 1901, d. 20 November 1987

Spencer George Carey

M, b. 6 May 1914

Violet Constant Carey

F, b. 12 September 1904

George Carleton

M, b. circa 1715
  • George Carleton was born circa 1715. He was the fifth son of John Carleton, the High Sheriff of Tipperary in 1717.
  • George Carleton married Margaret Cossart, daughter of Pierre Cossart Tenth and Elizabeth Perdriau, circa 1745 in Ireland. George was "of Dublin", the fifth son of John Carleton the High Sheriff of Tipperary in 1717.

Children of George Carleton and Margaret Cossart

George Frederick Carleton

M, b. circa 1770

Henry Peter Carleton

M, b. circa 1800
  • Henry Peter Carleton was born circa 1800.
  • Henry Peter Carleton married Elizabeth Cossart Tenth, daughter of John Cossart Fourth and Elizabeth Crosthwait, circa 1825. Henry and Elizabeth were second cousins. He was a Captain in the First Bengal Fusiliers, and the son of the Dean of Killaloe. They had no children.

John Carleton

M, b. circa 1750

Peter Carleton

M, b. circa 1755
  • Peter Carleton was born circa 1755 in Dublin, Ireland.
  • He was the son of George Carleton and Margaret Cossart.
  • Peter Carleton married Mary Griffin on 16 February 1784 in St Andrew's Church, Dublin. He became Dean of Killaloe, St Patricks. They had ten children, two of whom married their Cossart cousins.

Susan Carleton

F, b. circa 1747

Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson

F, b. circa 1850, d. 29 June 1947
  • Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson was born circa 1850.
  • Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson married Jonas Gustav Gustafson, son of Gustav Nilsson Gustafsson and Stina Kajsa Nilsdotter, circa 1875.
  • Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson and Jonas Gustav Gustafson immigrated to Brisbane on 1 January 1884. Jonas 28, and Karolin 27, travelled on the Goalpara with their children Helena 4, Gustav 3, and baby Carl. With them also was 11 year old Nils Gustafson. The surname was spelt GUSTAPON on the index. Sadly both Carl and Gustav died on the voyage.
  • In 1923,her husband, Jonas Gustav Gustafson died in Warwick, Queensland.
  • Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson died on 29 June 1947 in Warwick, Queensland. Caroline's obituary in the Darling Downs Gazette stated she was born in Mellunder Sweden. The family lived at Tannymorel before she and Jonas retired to Warwick 28 years ago. She left seven living children Gus (Sandgate), Frank (Woombye), Richard (Wowan), Charles (Tannymorel) and three daugthers Matilda (Torquay), Julia (Warwick), Ellen (Rosewood.)

Children of Caroline Christina Carlson/Caulson and Jonas Gustav Gustafson

Sarah Ann Carmen

F, b. circa 1860, d. 1936
  • Sarah Ann Carmen was born circa 1860. She was the daughter of Simon Carman and Sarah Ann Liles.
  • Sarah Ann Carmen married Robert Mitchell Horrex circa 1885.
  • In 1899,her husband, Robert Mitchell Horrex died in Queensland.
  • Sarah Ann Carmen married Tom Hicks in 1901 in Queensland.
  • Sarah Ann Carmen died in 1936 in Queensland.

Children of Sarah Ann Carmen and Robert Mitchell Horrex

William Carne

M, b. circa 1800
  • William Carne was born circa 1800.
  • William Carne married Elizabeth Dunn, daughter of James Dunn and Mary Lakeman, on 3 October 1824 in Mevagissey, Cornwall.
  • William Carne and Elizabeth Dunn appeared on the census of 7 June 1841. William is shown as a 50 year old basket maker living with his wife Eliza 45 and children John 15, William 10, Eliza 12, Robert 8, Elizabeth 4, James 4, and Mary 4 months. All were born in the county.