Emily Maud McKee

F, b. 1888, d. 1958

Hugh McKee

M, b. 1891

James Archibald McKee

M, b. 1863, d. 11 June 1937
  • James Archibald McKee was born in 1863 in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. He was the son of John McKee and Julia Tibeaudi.
  • He immigrated to Queensland in 1890.
  • At the age of 37 years, James Archibald McKee married Mabel Eveline Davidson in 1900 in Queensland.
  • James Archibald McKee rendered aide to Dorothy Winfred Ryan in May 1906 in Crow's Nest. The book "Crow's Nest History" mentioned that Dorothy was severely scalded when she pulled a kettle of boiling water over her legs on a Sunday. She was taken to see Mr J A McKee, who after dressing the wounds strongly advised that Dorothy be taken to hospital. She left on the train to Toowoomba on Wednesday.
  • In 1908,James Archibald McKee's daugther, Maud Eveline McKee was born while James was living in Queensland.
  • James Archibald McKee died on 11 June 1937 in Palmwoods. The Nambour Chronicle reported:-" Mr. James Archibald McKee, a respected citizen of the Palmwoods district, passed away suddenly in the Palmwoods private hospital on Wednesday after a short illness. Deceased, who was born in Armagh, Ireland, 74 years ago, came to Australia in 1890, and in 1900 married the eldest daughter of the late Mr. John Davidson, of Bundaberg. In the early days of Crow's Nest, deceased set up business as a chemist, and his service among the residents of the district will long be remembered. Later, he transferred to Brisbane and Nambour. He disposed of his business in Nambour in 1926, and during the last eleven years had lived in retire ment at Palmwoods. The late Mr. McKee took a keen interest in Freemasonry and was an officer of the Grand Lodge of Queens land. He leaves a widow and two daughters and one son, Mesdames R. McKelvey (Ipswich) and A. Butt (Montville), and Mr. J. McKee (Palmwoods). Following a service in the Palmwoods Presbyterian Church, the funeral, which was largely attended, moved to the Palmwoods-Woombye cemetery yesterday afternoon. The Rev. W. R. Cowan officiated."

Children of James Archibald McKee and Mabel Eveline Davidson

John Archibald McKee

M, b. 1903

Joseph Daniel McKee

M, b. 1901

Louisa Ann McKee

F, b. 30 September 1893, d. 1963

Child of Louisa Ann McKee

Children of Louisa Ann McKee and William George (George William) Gerhardt

Margaret McKee

F, b. 24 December 1855, d. 29 March 1928
  • Margaret McKee was born on 24 December 1855 in County Kerry. She was the daughter of Thomas McKee and Alice McCann.
  • Margaret McKee married Edward McGreevy circa 1873.
  • Margaret McKee and Edward McGreevy immigrated to Queensland on 17 November 1882. Edward 31(was in 52 according to his death certificate) and Margaret 25, travelled on the Roma with their children James 5, Edward 3, Thomas 1 and infant Mary. An Anne McGreevy aged 19 also travelled with them. Edward seems to have gone to work on Cressbrook Station on Ivory Creek near Toogoolawah.
  • Margaret McKee witnessed the burial of Edward McGreevy on 25 June 1893 in Esk Cemetery.
  • In June 1913,her husband, Edward McGreevy died in Queensland.
  • Margaret McKee was listed as the next of kin of Michael McGreevy when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 21 January 1916 in Brisbane. He stated he was a 23 year old farmer, sole support of his mother Margaret who lived at Newton Villa, Ottaba. He had been born at Cressbrook Station. He served at Frazer's camp but was discharged medically unfit.
  • Margaret McKee was listed as the next of kin of Francis Joseph McGreevy when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 8 February 1916 in Ipswich. He stated he was born at Ipswich and listed his mother Margaret of Ottaba (between Esk and Toogoolawah) as his next of kin and gave his occupation as a stock dealer. His service number was 2883 and he was returned from Egypt on 6 June 1918 after serving with the 2nd Light Horse in Egypt.
  • Margaret McKee died on 29 March 1928 in Queensland at age 72.
  • Margaret was buried on 30 March 1928 in Esk Cemetery.

Children of Margaret McKee and Edward McGreevy

Maud Eveline McKee

F, b. 1908

Maxwell McKee

M, b. circa 1850
  • Maxwell McKee was born circa 1850.
  • Maxwell McKee married Alice Chadwick in 1880.

Nathanial McKee

M, b. 19 October 1910
  • Nathanial McKee was born on 19 October 1910 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Louisa Ann McKee.
  • On 1931 his name was legally changed to Gerhardt.
  • At the age of 26 years, Nathanial McKee married Ivy Florence Cross in 1937 in Queensland.

Rebecca McKee

F, b. 1896, d. 1982
  • Rebecca McKee was born in 1896 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring.
  • At the age of 18 years, Rebecca McKee married Thomas John Carr in 1914 in Queensland.
  • Rebecca McKee died in 1982 in Queensland.

Samuel Richard McKee

M, b. 1899

Thomas McKee

M, b. 1861, d. 30 April 1944
  • Thomas McKee was born in 1861 in Derry, Northern Ireland. He was the son of Hugh McKee and Jane Campbell.
  • At the age of 23 years, Thomas McKee married Louisa Ann Gorring, daughter of Thomas Gorring and Emma Elderfield, on 10 January 1884 in Cabbage Tree Creek, Queensland. Thomas was a farmer.
  • Conditional approval for Thomas McKee's selection of landwas given on 24 November 1888. He selected 69 acres of land at Ravensbourne. He was also fined for withdrawing from the ballot for 80 acres at Ravensbourne. "For the agricultural township farms adjoining the village of Ravensbourne there was great competition, many of the portions being applied for from four to ten times over. The ballot had to be resorted to in no less than 50 cases; this, with the refunding of the amounts paid by the unsuccessful applicants, necessarily occupied  a deal of time, and it was not till half-past 6 O'clock that the business was concluded, and the court closed. By 7 o'clock the whole of the refundments had been paid over to 115 applicants. The 76 portions adjoining the village of Ravensbourne, granted at the land court, were  apportioned among 62 selectors, so there is every probability of the village settlement of Ravensbourne proving a success. The total area granted at the court was 5025 acres among 68 applicants."
  • On 7 July 1895,Thomas McKee's daughter, Eliza Jane McKee was buried in Cabarlah Cemetery. UNIT-00A-0030.
  • In 1901 Thomas' name appeared on the Crow's Nest Post Office register. He lived at Ravensbourne.
  • Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1905 living at Ravensbourne. Thomas was a farmer.
  • Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1909 living at Ravensbourne. Thomas was a farmer. Their son Thomas John was a labourer at Ravensbourne.
  • Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann McKee appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1913 living at Ravensbourne. Thomas was a farmer. Their son Thomas John was a mailman of Ravensbourne.
  • Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1921 living at Ravensbourne. Thomas was a farmer and son Thomas a mailman.
  • Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1925 and 1930 living at Ravensbourne. Thomas was a farmer. Son Joseph also farmed at Ravensbourne. Son Thomas John was a mailman.
  • On 1 August 1931,his wife, Louisa Ann Gorring died in Queensland at age 69.
  • Thomas McKee died on 30 April 1944 in Queensland.
  • Thomas was buried on 1 May 1944 in Cabarlah Cemetery.

Children of Thomas McKee and Louisa Ann Gorring

Thomas John McKee

M, b. 1886, d. 4 November 1954

Unknown McKee

M, b. circa 1800

William Denis McKee

M, b. 1904

Edward Michael McKenna

M, b. circa 1895

Mary McKenna

F, b. 1842, d. 1 May 1914
  • Mary McKenna was born in 1842 in County Monohan, Ireland. She was the daugther of Michael McKenna and Margaret McMahon.
  • At the age of 30 years, Mary McKenna married Terence McCaul, son of Thomas McCaul and Mary Mullin, in 1872 in Queensland.
  • Mary McKenna and Terence McCaul appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Cabarlah. Terence was a farmer. Their daughter Mary Ann also lived at Geham.
  • Mary McKenna died on 1 May 1914 in Queensland.
  • Mary was buried on 2 May 1914 in Cabarlah Cemetery. RC1-00D-0013.

Children of Mary McKenna and Terence McCaul

Allana McKenzie

F, b. circa 1904, d. 16 August 1967

Janet Catherine McKenzie

F, b. circa 1900
  • Janet Catherine McKenzie was born circa 1900.
  • Janet Catherine McKenzie married Roy O'Neill, son of Patrick J O'Neill and Annie Mary Casey, in 1921 in Queensland.
  • Janet Catherine McKenzie and Roy O'Neill appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1943 living at Commomwealth Hotel, Crows Nest. Roy was a licensed victualler and Janet carried out home duties.

John McKenzie

M, b. 26 March 1896, d. 16 May 1980

John McKenzie

M, b. circa 1885

Margaret Ellen McKenzie

F, b. circa 1890

Nancy McKenzie

F, b. circa 1912

Joanna Yvonne McKenzie-Hall

F, b. 20 May 1918, d. 17 November 2004
  • Joanna Yvonne McKenzie-Hall was born on 20 May 1918 in India.
  • She was the daughter of John McKenzie-Hall.
  • Joanna Yvonne McKenzie-Hall enlisted in the Military. She served in the Auxillary Territorial Service during WWII.
  • At the age of 25 years, 6 months and 28 days, Joanna Yvonne McKenzie-Hall married Peter Denton Weight Vowden, son of Horace Herbert Weight Vowden and Alice Harriet Denton Clark, on 18 December 1943 in Kensington. At the time of their marriage Joanna lived at 17 Gledhow Gardens, London and Peter at 57 Mortimer Court, Abbeey Road, Kensington. Witnesses to the marriage were Eric Snapp, Alice Harriet Denton Vowden (Peter's mother) and Daphne J V R Hall.
    Their marriage was later dissolved and Joanna changed her name by deed poll to Pilgrim.
  • Her name was legally changed to Joanna Pilgrim.
  • Joanna Yvonne McKenzie-Hall died on 17 November 2004 in Honiton at age 86. She died of chronic obstructiv epulmonary heart disease.

John McKenzie-Hall

M, b. circa 1890
  • John McKenzie-Hall was born circa 1890.

Child of John McKenzie-Hall

Peter McKillop

M, b. 29 January 1825, d. 19 August 1901
  • Peter McKillop was born on 29 January 1825 in Ardnamurchan, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.
  • At the age of 23 years, 8 months and 10 days, Peter McKillop married Julia Elizabeth Keogh on 9 October 1848 in Victoria.
  • Circa 1866 Peter ran Mt Sturgeon Plains Station near Dunkeld. His brother Alexander, a disruptive influence in his family was sent to live with Peter while his family remained at Bay View Cottege at Portland where his daughter Mary had established a school for young ladies.
  • On 14 October 1889,his wife, Julia Elizabeth Keogh died in St Kilda.
  • At the age of 66 years, Peter McKillop married Jane Leonard in 1892 in Victoria.
  • On 10 August 1894 Peter was made a Justice of the Peace.
  • Peter McKillop died on 19 August 1901 in Queensland at age 76.

Ailsa Anne McKinnon

F, b. circa 1915

Emily Maria McKinstry

F, b. circa 1830
  • Emily Maria McKinstry was born circa 1830.
  • Emily Maria McKinstry married John Mackenzie Shaw circa 1850.

Children of Emily Maria McKinstry and John Mackenzie Shaw

Gordon McKinstry

M, b. 1899