Mary Ann Maud Burgess

F, b. 13 August 1911, d. 27 January 2002
  • Mary Ann Maud Burgess was born on 13 August 1911 in Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Frank Burgess and Sophia Jackson.
  • At the age of 24 years, 5 months and 26 days, Mary Ann Maud Burgess married Adam James Aikten on 8 February 1936 in St Georges COE, Burnie.
  • Mary Ann Maud Burgess died on 27 January 2002 in Umina Nursing Home, Burnie, at age 90.

Mary J Burgess

F, b. 1862

May Burgess

F, b. 1892

Mervyn Alfred Burgess

M, b. 29 December 1919, d. 22 July 2001

Mervyn Alfred Burgess (1923-2009)
  • Mervyn Alfred Burgess was born on 29 December 1919 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Alfred Burgess and Margaret Ann (Peggy) McGreevy.
  • Mervyn Alfred Burgessjoined the army during WWII in Queensland. His service number was QX34439 and he listed his next of kin as Alfred Burgess, his father.
  • He appeared on the Electoral Roll with Margaret Ann (Peggy) McGreevy and Alfred Burgess in 1943 in Crow's Nest. Alfred was a farmer and Margaret carried out domestic duties. Their son Mervyn was a farmer at Pinelands and daughter Elsie was a dressmaker of Crow's Nest.
  • Mervyn Alfred Burgess died on 22 July 2001 in Crow's Nest at age 81.
  • He was buried on 25 July 2001 in Crow's Nest Cemetery.
  • On 30 August 2001 Mervyn Alfred Burgess's obituary appeared in The following tribute to Mervyn appeared in "The Toowoomba Chronicle".
    District farewells stalwart by Merryl Miller
    Mervyn Burgess (1919-2001)
    Mervyn Alfred Burgess, who died on 22 July aged 81, was a stalwart of the Pinelands and Crows Nest communities. Born in Toowoomba on 29 December 1919, Mervyn was the eldest of five children born to Alfred and Margaret. Raised in Crows Nest, Mervyn attended St Matthew's Convent before finishing his schooling at Pinelands School, where his family had bought a farm. After several years working on the family farm, Mervyn was called up to serve in the Army in 1941. Mervyn was a member of the 25th Infantry Battalion, and saw some of the war's bloodiest action in Milne Bay, New Guinea. Like many servicemen who served in the Pacific, Mervyn suffered several bouts of malaria, but was not discharged from duty until October 1944. He then headed home to resume farming life.
    In 1946 Mervyn married Nancy Patch of Emu Creek, and the couple had 10 children: Mervyn often attributed his large family to the arrival of the cream carrier at 4am each morning -- a dangerous time for a man to be woken up, he claimed. Horseshoe, a 97ha (240 acre) property at Pinelands, became home for the ever-increasing Burgess clan in 1950. Mervyn was kept busy with dairy farming, producing poultry, droving cattle, making hay, and growing corn, lucerne, and oat crops. Both Nancy and Mervyn also enjoyed their orchard and vegetable garden, and the local show was always the lucky recipient of their home-grown produce. Another property, Wolski's, near the Pinelands farm was purchased in 1959, and Mervyn expanded his holding further with the acquisition of Coalbank in 1980, and Cooby in 1990. Meanwhile, the house at Horseshoe continued by necessity to grow, and Mervyn appreciated the help of neighbours during these busy years. Mervyn maintained a strong community involvement in the Crows Nest district throughout his life. For 28 years he was a member of the Crows Nest Hospital Board, as well as serving on numerous dairy organisations, hall committees, the RSL, and the Pinelands Fire Brigade. If Mervyn Burgess had one wish, it was to build a successful and happy life for himself and his family -- a goal he certainly achieved. He is survived by his wife of 55 years, his children, 30 grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.
    Published in "The Chronicle", Toowoomba 30 August, 2001. It read:- (an unknown value.)

Mildred Mary Maria Burgess

F, b. 12 February 1883, d. 21 November 1943
  • Mildred Mary Maria Burgess was born on 12 February 1883 in Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Charles Burgess and Elizabeth Walters.
  • At the age of 17 years, 8 months and 5 days, Mildred Mary Maria Burgess married Ablert Edward William Crisp on 17 October 1900 in Tasmania.
  • Mildred Mary Maria Burgess died on 21 November 1943 at age 60. She died at the residence of her son in law Ray Keegan, Hogg Street, Wynyard.
  • She was buried on 23 November 1943 in Wynyard Cemetery.

Child of Mildred Mary Maria Burgess

Children of Mildred Mary Maria Burgess and Ablert Edward William Crisp

Myrtle Olive Burgess

F, b. 9 January 1904, d. 2004

Nellie Burgess

F, b. 22 January 1893, d. 22 January 1893

Nellie Burgess

F, b. 27 April 1907, d. 11 June 1980
  • Nellie Burgess was born on 27 April 1907 in Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Edwin Burgess and Harriet Ramskill.
  • At the age of 20 years, 3 months and 19 days, Nellie Burgess married William Arthur Cox on 15 August 1927 in Tasmania.
  • Nellie Burgess died on 11 June 1980 in Tasmania at age 73.
  • She was buried in Ulverstone Lawn Cemetery.

Nellie May Burgess

F, b. 4 July 1900, d. 4 March 1984
  • Nellie May Burgess was born on 4 July 1900 in Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Charles Burgess and Louisa Sarah May Butler.
  • At the age of 22 years and 1 day, Nellie May Burgess married Walter Louis Wright on 5 July 1922 in Tasmania.
  • On 16 July 1976,her husband, Walter Louis Wright died in Tasmania at age 80.
  • Nellie May Burgess died on 4 March 1984 in Ulverstone at age 83.
  • She was buried in Ulverstone Cemetery.

Norman Burgess

M, b. 26 December 1900

Percy Thomas Burgess

M, b. 8 April 1902, d. 1 August 1951

Phillip Burgess

M, b. 1811
  • Phillip Burgess was born in 1811 in Essex.
  • Phillip Burgess married Lydia Jackson.

Children of Phillip Burgess and Lydia Jackson

Raymond Burgess

M, b. circa 1910

Rebecca Elizabeth Burgess

F, b. 25 November 1879, d. 27 May 1961
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Burgess was born on 25 November 1879 in Queensland. She never married.
  • She was the daughter of Allan George Burgess and Catherine Gillis.
  • Rebecca Elizabeth Burgess died on 27 May 1961 in Queensland at age 81.

Rebecca Mary Louisa (Beck) Burgess

F, b. 1 December 1880, d. 15 January 1937
  • Rebecca Mary Louisa (Beck) Burgess was born on 1 December 1880 in Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Charles Burgess and Elizabeth Walters.
  • At the age of 19 years, 3 months and 1 day, Rebecca Mary Louisa (Beck) Burgess married Wesley Wilcox on 2 March 1900 in Whiteford Hills, Tasmania.
  • Rebecca Mary Louisa (Beck) Burgess died on 15 January 1937 in Liana at age 56.
  • She was buried on 16 January 1937 in Mole Creek Cemetery.

Children of Rebecca Mary Louisa (Beck) Burgess and Wesley Wilcox

Rhoda Beatrice Burgess

F, b. 28 August 1902, d. 14 June 1991

Rhoda Elizabeth Ann Burgess

F, b. 20 April 1876, d. 12 May 1888
  • Rhoda Elizabeth Ann Burgess was born on 20 April 1876 in Whitefoord Plain, Tasmania.
  • She was the daughter of Henry Charles Burgess and Elizabeth Walters.
  • Rhoda Elizabeth Ann Burgess died on 12 May 1888 in Tasmania at age 12.

Robert Burgess

M, b. 1864, d. 1939
  • Robert Burgess was born in 1864 in New South Wales.
  • He was the son of John Burgess and Susan Hamlin.
  • Robert Burgess died in 1939 in New South Wales.

Rose May Burgess

F, b. 2 December 1875, d. 14 September 1958
  • Rose May Burgess was born on 2 December 1875 in Queensland. She was a twin to Eliza.
  • She was the daughter of Allan George Burgess and Catherine Gillis.
  • At the age of 28 years, Rose May Burgess married Samuel Ollier in 1904 in Queensland.
  • Rose May Burgess died on 14 September 1958 in Queensland at age 82.

Children of Rose May Burgess and Samuel Ollier

Royce Cyril Burgess

M, b. 1 September 1916, d. 19 June 1981
  • Royce Cyril Burgess was born on 1 September 1916 in Tasmania.
  • He was the son of Charles Edwin George Burgess and Sarah Ann Hayes.
  • At the age of 24 years, 4 months and 17 days, Royce Cyril Burgess married Annie Isabel Hyland on 18 January 1941. The Advocate reported on 4 Feb 1941.
  • On 15 April 1980,his wife, Annie Isabel Hyland died in Wynyard at age 62.
  • Royce Cyril Burgess died on 19 June 1981 in Tasmania at age 64.
  • He was buried in Wynyard Cemetery.

Rubina May Burgess

F, b. 28 April 1907

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 29 May 1785, d. March 1856
  • Samuel Burgess was baptized on 29 May 1785 in Somerset, England.
  • He was the son of Daniel Burgess and Elizabeth Osborn.
  • Between 1807 and 1851 he was a farm labourer.
  • At the age of 22 years, 4 months and 21 days, Samuel Burgess married Ann Crocker, daughter of Elizabeth Crocker, on 20 October 1807 in Chiselborough, Somerset.
  • Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker appeared on the census of 7 June 1841 in Somerset. Samuel was shown as an agricultural labourer.
  • In 1851 Samuel Burgess lived in Chiselborough, Somerset, England. Fair Place is a little street hugging the hillside on the north outskirts of the villiage. Samual and Ann were classed as paupers.
  • He and Ann Crocker appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Somerset. Samuel is shown as a 65 year old pauper, former ag labourer born in Chiselborough. Ann is also a pauper aged 69 born in Chiselborough.
  • On 9 May 1854 Samuel and Ann asked a neighbour of their son in law Samuel Bargery to write this letter to their son Samuel in Australia. The neighbour was George Taylor who lived in Croft Lane. He was a baker. Burgess descendants have the original letter.

    " Chiselborough May 9th, 1854
    Dear Son and Daughter,
    In answer to your kind and welcome letter of July 31st, 1853 which came safe to hand and we was glad to hear from you and more so you was enjoying good helath which is a great Blessing for you from the Alwise Creator of the Universe but we have to inform you of quite a different story. Old age and Infirmity are staring us both in the face unable Either of us to perform any kind of labour & obliged to come to the Parish allowance and you can guess what that is we want a little nourishment for old bodys while we Linger a little longer upon the Earth but we cant procure it out of our allowance only 5 shilling per week for Both and Bread 9 pence the four pound loaf and every other thing according to it and out of that we have to pay 6 pence per week for a room to live in so if it is in your power to help us to a trifle God will reward you for so doing it will be no more than the rest of you brother Emigrants done to their parents. Your cozen Henry Burgess have sent his father some Edward Langdons Emma has sent her father some Matthew Taylor have sent his father some but after all this we don't wish to distress you if you are not in abilities to do it.
    Now begin with your brother George we have not heard from him since you left home. We gave you the directions we received from him in 1842 Mr Henry Jennings Solicitor Charles Street Launceston Van Dimonds Land now about your wifes relations we sent the letter to them the same day as we received it from you. They took off the directions but we cant say where they have wrote or not They was glad to here from you and all seemed to be pretty well and remembered their kind love to you if they have not written to you we are sorry to hear of your misfortunes of loosing of your poor child and hope Ishmael is well likewise of loosing your horses hope you have recovered the loss beore this reach you your sister Anna in Jersey and husband gives their love to you they have four children times in hard on that island Elizabeth and husband gives their kind love to you they have four children your brother John and wife gives their kind love to you they have four children they would like to have come out to you but owing to their children being under age they could not come they cant come with 3 children under 7 years of age they will come when their children are above age if you give a good account of the plase then the next time you write please give us account of your occupation your sister Sarah dont injoy but a poor state of health she gives her kind love to you all she lives in middle chinnock they allow her only two shillings per week now about sister Ann would have come out but she cant manage to do it there is a pound to pay entrance besides and sertain quantity of clothing besides going to the port where the vessel sails from she gave in her name but cant get the money so we dont think she will come out this time she is a fine young woman and would make a good servant your sister Mary and husband gives their kind love to you they have 3 children they live in Chiselboro your uncle Daniel and all the family gives their kind love to you likewise your uncle James your cosin Jane is coming out her money is paid in it is likely she will sail this month if this reach you you will answer as soon as you can make it convenient we should be glad to hear from you once a year we hope you go to a place of worship your poor mother is sitting by the writer with tears in her eyes perhaps you little think who the writer is it is the old and staunch teetotaller George Taylor ____ like to forget if you hear from your brother George please give us his direction in your next now in conclusion may god bless you both and your dear children likewise is the earnest prayer of your affectionate father and mother Sam & Ann Burgess

    (on the front of the letter above and below the address)
    We forgot Mr Dibble and Mrs they read the newspapers theyare quite well remembers to you and hope you will do well good bye god bless you your sister Ann will be sure to come to you if you send the five pound as you promised I hope you will be able to do it

    Samuel Burgess
    ____Jews Buring Ground
    Near Goulburn in the
    County of Argyleshire
    New South Wales

    your uncle Daniels son Henry is out I give you his address Henry Burgess care of Mr Wm Mathews Storekeeper Penrith Sydney New South Wales if you write to him tell us in your next and if you ave heard or seen Mr Joseph Greenham please to let us we know he is about your neighbourhood if he is living or dead let us know."
  • Samuel Burgess died in March 1856 at age 70.
  • He was buried on 6 March 1856 in Chiselborough, England. In an unmarked grave outside the village church with its tapered spire and architectural remnants of earlier church buildings including the Norman arch under the tower.

Children of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 13 January 1822, d. 18 November 1891
  • Samuel Burgess was baptized on 13 January 1822 in Chiselborough, England.
  • He was the son of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker.
  • At the age of 24 years, 4 months and 23 days, Samuel Burgess married Mary Ann Cleal, daughter of John Cleal and Jane Unknown, on 5 June 1846 in Somerset, England. . Samuel's death certificate states Samuel and Mary Ann were married in Haslbury - informant Henry Burgess, son.
  • Samuel Burgess and Mary Ann Cleal immigrated to New South Wales, Australia, on 19 November 1849. The family came on the "Petrel". Both Samuel and his wife Mary Ann were 27 years old, and their son Ishmael was aged 2. A daughter Ann was born on the voyage.
  • Samuel Burgess died on 18 November 1891 in North Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia, at age 69. His died from Pulmonary phthisis.
  • He was buried on 19 November 1891 in New South Wales. The headstone reads:-
    BURGESS Samuel, husband of Mary Ann BURGESS, died 18 Nov 1891 aged 64 years; also their children Ishmael, died 29 Dec 1853 aged 10 years; Ann Elizabeth, died 8 Aug 1851 aged 2 years; John, died 8 October 1853 aged 4 years; William died 4 October 1861 aged 6 years; also Henry BURGESS, died 31 Aug 1895 aged 39 years; also Mary Ann Burgess, died 26 June 1904 aged 78 years.

    Note: Samuels age on the headstone is incorrect, should be 69.

Children of Samuel Burgess and Mary Ann Cleal

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 6 January 1752
  • Samuel Burgess was christened on 6 January 1752 in Somerset, England.
  • He was the son of John Burgess and Anna Gouldring.
  • At the age of 31 years, 4 months and 23 days, Samuel Burgess married Mary Rendell on 29 May 1783 in Somerset, England.
  • Samuel Burgess was buried on 31 January 1808 in Chiselborough, England.

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 1857, d. 2 May 1928
  • Samuel Burgess was born in 1857 in Goulburn, New South Wales.
  • He was the son of Samuel Burgess and Mary Ann Cleal.
  • At the age of 28 years, Samuel Burgess married Sarah Ann Wells, daughter of Samuel Wells and Mary Ann Sharp, in 1885 in New South Wales.
  • Samuel Burgess died on 2 May 1928 in New South Wales.
  • He was buried on 3 July 1928 in Goulburn Cemetery. Methodist Section.
  • On 5 July 1928 Samuel Burgess's obituary appeared in Goulburn Evening Penny Post. It read:- "The death occurred in the Goulburn District Hospital on Monday morning of Mr. Samuel Burgess, senior, an old resident of Goulburn. Born at Boxer's Creek 73 years ago, Mr. Burgess spent the whole of his life in the Goulburn district and watched Goulburn grow from a small township to the thriving city that it is today.
    He was probably the oldest brick maker in the southern district and learned the trade when quite young.
    Until about eight years ago, he owned and operated the brickyard on the Sydney road which was known by the name of "Burgess’s”. In 1920 his son, Mr Sam Burgess, jun., took over the control of this brickyard and has carried it on ever since.
    Beside his interests in the brickyard, Mr Burgess also supplied sand and grave to the Goulburn builders and engaged in general carrying work. He often recounted interesting stories of Goulburn's early days and recollected the time when the lock-up and police station were on the site of the present Post Office. He could also remember the existence of a toll bar on the road to Sydney at the point where the road to Towrang turns off.
    Mr Burgess carted the first bricks used in the construction of St Patrick's College.
    He was a well known figure in Goulburn and had a large circle of friends.
    His wife is still living, and he is survived also by one son, Mr Samuel Burgess, junior, one daughter, Mrs C Belgrove both of Goulburn and eight grandchildren.
    The funeral on Tuesday was largely attended and was very representative.
    The Interment took place in the Church of England portion of the general cemetery, Rev. Clive Stratham conduction the service at the graveside."

Children of Samuel Burgess and Sarah Ann Wells

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 1886, d. 14 February 1954
  • Samuel Burgess was born in 1886 in Argyle, New South Wales.
  • He was the son of Samuel Burgess and Sarah Ann Wells.
  • At the age of 28 years, Samuel Burgess married Pamela A Crockett in February 1914 in New South Wales.
  • Samuel Burgess died on 14 February 1954 in New South Wales. His death notice appeared in The Sydney Morning herald
    "BURGESS, Samuel.-February 14, 1954, at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, late of Goulburn and Newtown, Sydney, husband of the late Pamela, father of Bert, Henry, John, Dorothy, Joan, and Ronald,aged 67 years."

Samuel Burgess

M, b. 23 July 1881, d. 13 July 1975

Samuel Burgess (1881-1975) & Ada Johnson (1883-1970). Photo thanks to Liz
  • Samuel Burgess was also known as Snowy.
  • He was born on 23 July 1881 in Tasmania.
  • He was the son of George Burgess and Mary Ann Smith.
  • At the age of 20 years, Samuel Burgess married Ada Johnson, daughter of Henry Johnson and Sarah Ann Burgess, in 1902 in Sassafras Baptist Church.
  • On 7 September 1970,his wife, Ada Johnson died at age 87.
  • Samuel Burgess died on 13 July 1975 at age 93.
  • He was buried in Wynyard Cemetery.

Children of Samuel Burgess and Ada Johnson

Samuel George Burgess

M, b. 15 May 1917, d. 13 July 1959
  • Samuel George Burgess was born on 15 May 1917 in Elizabeth Town.
  • He was the son of Samuel Burgess and Ada Johnson.
  • Samuel George Burgess was involved in an accident in which his brother Allan Samuel Burgess was killed on 30 November 1935 in Tasmania; He died as the result of an accident.
  • An inquest was held into Samuel's brother Allan's death on 2 December 1935 in Latrobe District Court The Launceston Examiner reported:-
    ROAD FATALITY Motor Cyclist Killed BROTHER INJURED In an accident at Tarleton, near Latrobe, on Saturday evening, Alan Samuel Burgess (24), of Elizabeth Town, the rider of a motor cycle, which collided with a motor car driven by Ro bert Henry Smith, of Devonport, lost his life. The victim received a fracture of the skull and other injuries. His brother, Samuel George Burgess (15), who was riding on the pillion seat, received severe abdominal and internal injuries and a fractured leg, and is in a serious condition. The dri ver of the car escaped injury. The two men were conveyed to the Devon hos pital on the advice of Dr. G. A. Wal pole. Both the car and cycle were considerably damaged. An inquest into the death of Bur gess was opened yesterday at the Devon Hosplital by the Coroner (Col onel J. P. Clark), and after evidence of identification had been given it was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

    On 10 January the newspapers reported the findings of the inquest-
    ACCIDENTAL DEATH Inquest into Latrobe Motor Cycle Crash The adjourned inquest into the death of Allen Samuel Burgess, of Elizabeth Town, who died from in juries received on November 30 when he was a pillion rider on a motor cycle, driven by his brother, Samuel George Burgess, whioh col lided with a motor-car driven by Robert Henry Smitb, of Devonport, on the Latrobe-Devonport road, was con tinued before the coroner (Col. J. P. Clark) at Latrobe yesterday. A ver dict of accidental death was return ed. Inspector E. C. Flude (Devonport) and Sergeant W. G. Woodorth (La trobe) watched proceedings on be half of the police. Samuel George Burgess, who was driving the motor-cycle, and who is still being treated at the Devon Hos pital, stated that he remembered leaving Preston with his brother on the pillion seat of the motor-cycle. He could not remember anyb?lng that happened after passing Ulverstone. His next recollection was of being in the Devon Hospital. Robert Henry Smith, of Devonport, stated that he was driving towards Devonport on the day in question. He was travelling about 25 miles per hour when the cycle appeared, tra velling on the wrong side of the road. It crashed into the bumper bars of the car and the car ran off the road. The cyclists were thrown on to the roadway. Witness said he had had trouble wtih the front brakes of the car for some time, but it was a four-wheel brake vehicle. Frank Stanley Boatwright, of De vonport, said the motor-cycle was travelling on the wrong side. He considered that the driver of the cycle did not see the car approach ing until hoe suddenly endeavoured to get on to his correct side.

    Before the Coroner (Colonel J. P.Clark), at the Latrobe Court House yesterday, the inquest into the death of Allen Samuel Burgess, of Elizabeth Town, was concluded. Burgess was riding on the pillion seat of a motor cycle driven by his brother, Samuel George Burgess, on November 30,-when the cycle collided, with a motor car driven by Robert Henry Smith, of Devonport, on the Latrobe-Devonport Road. Samuel George Burgess ls still receiving treatment at the Devon Hospital.
    The Coroner recorded, a finding of accidental death.
  • Samuel George Burgess died on 13 July 1959 in Tasmania at age 42.
  • He was buried in Deloraine Cemetery.

Sarah Burgess

F, b. 11 January 1808, d. 2 August 1860
  • Sarah Burgess was christened on 11 January 1808 in Chiselborough, England.
  • She was the daughter of Samuel Burgess and Ann Crocker.
  • Sarah Burgess appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Middle Chinnock. Sarah was visiting the family of Thomas and Martha Trask. She is shown as a 49 year old, pauper/servant born Chiselborough.
  • In 1854 Her parents, Samuel and Ann mentioned Sarah in their letter to her brother Samuel in Australia -"....your sister Sarah dont enjoy but a poor state of health. She gives her kind love to you all. She lives in Middle Chinnock. They allow her only two shillings per week now...."
  • Sarah Burgess died on 2 August 1860 in Somerset, England, at age 52.

Sarah Burgess

F, b. 10 January 1779