Gladys Bertha McPhail

F, b. 12 May 1909, d. 22 August 2002

Jane McPhail

F, b. 17 September 1877, d. 25 August 1945
  • Jane McPhail was born on 17 September 1877 in Drayton, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath.
  • At the age of 21 years, 1 month and 8 days, Jane McPhail married Frederick Swain, son of Frederic John Baynham Swain and Caroline Phelps, on 25 October 1898 in Pierce Creek, Queensland. They settle on their farm "Hillview", Plainby.
  • On 19 February 1900,her husband, Frederick Swain died in Queensland at age 24. He suffered from a burst appendex. After Frederick's death, Jane went to live with the Swain family (perhaps her sister Grace). Their son Frederick Baynham was born in November that year. Sometime after his birth, Jane went to work for John JOBSON, whom she later married.
  • Jane McPhail appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1903 and 1908 living at Plainby, Crow's Nest. She most likely lived with her mother in law Caroline Swain and sister in law Edith Swain.
  • She appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1908 living at Plainby, Crow's Nest. She carried out home duties.
  • At the age of 31 years, 11 months and 2 days, Jane McPhail married John Thomas Jobson, son of Edward Jobson and Rebecca Holmes, on 19 August 1909 in Plainby, Crow's Nest. Jane operated a telephone exchange in the house at Plainby while John conducted his blacksmithing business in the yard outside. The telephone exchange was also the local Post Office.
  • Jane McPhail died on 25 August 1945 in Plainby, Crow's Nest, at age 67.
  • Jane was buried in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Children of Jane McPhail and Frederick Swain

Children of Jane McPhail and John Thomas Jobson

Jane Walker McPhail

F, b. 1859, d. 8 November 1946
  • Jane Walker McPhail was born in 1859.
  • At the age of 25 years, Jane Walker McPhail married Henry Primmer, son of Joseph Primmer and Ann Hurst, on 2 January 1884 in New Zealand.
  • Before 1907 Henry left his family and perhaps went to live in Sydney, Australia.
  • On 3 September 1907,Jane Walker McPhail's son, Harold Alexander Primmer was buried in Linwood Cemetery at age 15. Harold's funeral notice appeared in the Press newspaper. It suggests that his father Henry was not living with the family at the time "Friends of Mrs J. Primmer are invited to attend the Funeral of her late son Harold Alexander, leaving her residence, 4l Hereford street, Linwood, This Day (Tuesday), the 3rd inst. at 11.30 a.m., for the Linwood Cemetery. J. LAMB and SON."
  • Jane Walker McPhail died on 8 November 1946 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Children of Jane Walker McPhail and Henry Primmer

Jean Agnes McPhail

F, b. 4 August 1923, d. 16 January 2016
  • Jean Agnes McPhail was born on 4 August 1923 in Caboolture Hospital.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas George McPhail and Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke.
  • At the age of 21 years, Jean Agnes McPhail married Douglas Elllicott (1920-1986) in 1945.
  • Jean married Douglas Ellicott (1920-1986) in 1945.
  • Jean Agnes McPhail died on 16 January 2016 at age 92.

Jessie Margaret McPhail

F, b. 5 October 1894, d. 19 July 1991
  • Jessie Margaret McPhail was born on 5 October 1894 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath.
  • Jessie Margaret McPhail appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1930 and 1943 living at Pierce Creek, Crow's Nest. She carried out home duties.
  • She share farmed with Stanley Eric Kanowski and Dulcie May Walker after their marriage on 1 February 1941; Stan and Dulcie share farmed for Jessie McPhail after their marriage.
  • Jessie never married and remained on her parents property at Pierce's Creek until her death, her brother Les having signed his share of the property over to Jessie in 1937. She grew and picked cotton.
  • Jessie Margaret McPhail died on 19 July 1991 in Crow's Nest at age 96.
  • Jessie was cremated on 22 July 1991 in Garden of Remembrance, Toowoomba, It is believed by family members that her ashes were scattered on the farm by a nephew.

John McPhail

M, b. 1848, d. 11 August 1932

John McPhail (1848-1932) and Mary Ellen McGrath (1853-1936). Photo thanks to G Kruger
  • John McPhail was born in 1848 in Scotland.
  • He was the son of Archibald McPhail and Jane Macfarlane.
  • John McPhail immigrated on 13 October 1863 to Moreton Bay with Archibald McPhail. Archibald,43, a widow, travelled on the Rockhampton with his two sons John aged 16 and George 14. Two more children Agnes and Andrew arrived 10 years later. They had been raised by relatives until they were old enough to travel to Australia.
  • At the age of 26 years, John McPhail married Mary Ellen McGrath, daughter of Owen McGrath and Ellen Smith, in 1874 in St Matthews Church, Toowoomba.
  • In 1894 moved to the Plainby area. According to the book "From Tall Timbers" Between 1885 and 1889, most of the available land at Plainby was settled, being Homestead Selections for 2s. 6d. Per acre. In 1894, J McPhail came to the Plainby area for a few years. He bought milk and made cheese. When he gave up making cheese, the Silverwood Butter Factory ran a separator on his property, buying milk from the farmers. Later the farmers separated their own milk and sent cream direct to the Crow’s Nest Butter Factory.

  • Around 1898 Thomas selected land at Pierce's Creek which he named "Boscobel" . His daughter Jessie lived until her old age.
  • John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1903 living at Djuan. John was a farmer.
  • John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1930 living at Pierce Creek. John was a farmer.
  • John McPhail died on 11 August 1932 in Queensland.
  • John was buried on 12 August 1932 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery.

Children of John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath

John Donald McPhail

M, b. 26 October 1883, d. 10 May 1967

John Owen McPhail

M, b. 1903

Keneth Owen McPhail

M, b. 9 December 1912, d. February 2012
  • Keneth Owen McPhail was born on 9 December 1912 in Daher Street, Goombungee, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Owen Augustus McPhail and Bertha Katherina (Kate) Weber.
  • Keneth Owen McPhail appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1934 living at Goombungee. Ken was a labourer.
  • Keneth Owen McPhail married Grace Elizabeth Coleman circa 1945.
  • Keneth Owen McPhail and Grace Elizabeth Coleman appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1949 and 1954 living at Goombungee. Keneth was a farm labourer. Elizabeth gave her address as Hawthorne.
  • Keneth Owen McPhail died in February 2012 at age 99.
  • Keneth was buried on 6 February 2012 in Goombungee Cemetery. MULDOM2-00A-0008.

Laura Isabel McPhail

F, b. 1908

Leslie Andrew McPhail

M, b. 4 February 1898, d. 27 August 1963
  • Leslie Andrew McPhail was also known as Andrew Leslie.
  • He was born on 4 February 1898 in Taylor Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • He was the son of John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath.
  • Leslie Andrew McPhailattended school in Virginia State School, next door to his father's 900 acre property.
  • He enlisted in the AIF on 27 September 1915 in Toowoomba He was a labourer and gave his next of kin as his father John McPhail of Pierce's Creek, Crow's Nest. His service number was 2215. He was court marshalled shortly after joining the Army. His father John was called to Brisbane for an inquiry into Leslie Andrews behavior - he was a prankster and tended to do the unexpected He found himself in trouble after encouraging others not to go on parade on the basis that their pay was some days late Les was charged with Joining in a Mutiny and Disobeying a Lawful Order etc Court Martialled convicted and sentenced on the 7 January 1916 to 23 days detention. He serviced in the Camel Corp in Egypt and was discharged with the rank of Lt Corporal in the Light Horse on 31 March 1919.
  • At the age of 27 years, 4 months and 4 days, Leslie Andrew McPhail married Daisy Emma Askin, daughter of Richard Askin and Emma Thatcher, on 8 June 1925 in Neil Street Methodist Church, Toowoomba. The Queenslander reported "A quiet but pretty wedding was celebrated, in the Neil-street Methodist Church on Monday morning, when Miss Daisy E. Askin (second youngest daughter of Mrs. K. Askin and the late Mr. R. Askin, of Crow's Nest) was married to Mr. Andrew Leslie M'Phail (youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. John M'Phail, of Pierce Creek). The Rev. H. Garrett (Crow's Nest) officiated. The bride who was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. T. Adams, wore her travelling frock, which was composed of sand crepe Marocain, straight-lined, beautifully beaded frock, with which a close fitting navy blue hat was worn. Miss May Askin (sister of the bride) attended as bridesmaid, and wore a frock of lemon fugi silk, trimmed with pin tucks and stitchery. A small black, satin cloche was also worn. Mr. Albert Barnes was best man. The honeymoon is being spent in Brisbane and at the seaside"
    At the time of their marriage Daisy lived in Crow's Nest and worked in the library. After their marriage Les and Daisy moved to River Trees in New South Wales and eventually settled in Wilson's Downfall. He signed his portion of the Pierce Creek farm over to his sister Jessie in 1937.
  • Leslie Andrew McPhail died on 27 August 1963 in Queensland at age 65. At the time he was living at Wilson's Downfall.
  • Leslie was buried on 28 August 1963 in Stanthorpe Cemetery.

Mary Edith McPhail

F, b. 1900

Myra Ellen McPhail

F, b. 1911

Owen Augustus McPhail

M, b. 30 September 1881, d. 7 November 1951

Children of Owen Augustus McPhail and Bertha Katherina (Kate) Weber

Robert Francis McPhail

M, b. 1901

Stuart Robertson Leith McPhail

M, b. 1910, d. 29 July 1987
  • Stuart Robertson Leith McPhail was born in 1910 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of Archibald McPhail and Elizabeth Edith Forsythe.
  • At the age of 36 years, Stuart Robertson Leith McPhail married Glen Cassells Riley on 29 June 1946. They had two children.
  • Stuart Robertson Leith McPhail died on 29 July 1987 in Toowoomba.
  • Stuart was buried in Toowoomba Garden of Remembrance.

Thomas Alfred McPhail

M, b. 6 July 1912, d. 31 January 1952
  • Thomas Alfred McPhail was born on 6 July 1912 in Crow's Nest, Queensland.
  • He was the son of Thomas George McPhail and Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke.
  • Thomas Alfred McPhail was enrolled in Caboolture State School in 1922.
  • He enlisted in the Australian Army on 15 May 1942 in Rockhampton He was living in Rockhampton at the time of his enlistement. His service number was Q156592.
  • Thomas Alfred McPhail died on 31 January 1952 in Mt William, Halls Gap, Victoria, at age 39. He died from injuries received during a tree felling accident when he was struck by a tree limb. An inquest was held into his death by the Deputy Coroner C P Frencham JP at Stawell on 6 Februay 1952.
  • Thomas was buried on 2 February 1952 in Stawell Cemetery, Victoria.

Thomas George McPhail

M, b. 19 December 1885, d. 25 May 1977
  • Thomas George McPhail was born on 19 December 1885 in Greenmount, Queensland.
  • He was the son of John McPhail and Mary Ellen McGrath.
  • Thomas George McPhail was enrolled in Emu Creek State School, Greenmount, in 1893.
  • In 1908 he was an engine driver.
  • At the age of 23 years and 4 days, Thomas George McPhail married Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke, daughter of Ernst Wilhelm August Hornke and Margaretta Dorothea Wilkens, on 23 December 1908 in St Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Toowoomba, Queensland. Thomas was an engine driver at the time and he lived at Crow's Nest.
  • Thomas George McPhail and Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke lived in Crow's Nest for a number of years after their marriage. At least four of their children were born in Toowomba or Crow's Nest. Thomas served in WWI from 1916-1919. During this time Anna and the children lived in the school house at Kanioon near Nanago. Some time after Tom's return the family moved to the Caboolture area around the early 1920's.
  • Thomas George McPhail enlisted in the AIF on 29 March 1916 in Maryborough He gave his next of kin as his wife Anna of Kinioon West, via Nanango. He gave his occupation as a well borer. His service number was 2467. He served in France and was captured on 5 April 1918 and wrote a letter to Anna on 14 April 1919 (to the Nanango address) from a Prisioner of War camp in Gustan, Mecklenburg, Germany. He was repatriated and was discharged with the rank of Private on his return to Australia in May 1919.
  • On 22 September 1974,his wife, Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke died in Pinjarra Lodge, 171 Kennedy Terrace, Red Hill, Brisbane, at age 92.
  • Thomas George McPhail died on 25 May 1977 in Carindale Nursing Home, East Mt Gravatt, Brisbane, at age 91.
  • Thomas was cremated on 27 May 1977 in Mt Gravatt Crematorium.

Children of Thomas George McPhail and Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke

Violet McPhail

F, b. 7 February 1909, d. 19 May 2000
  • Violet McPhail was born on 7 February 1909 in West Street, Toowoomba, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of Thomas George McPhail and Anna Bertha Joanna Hornke.
  • Circa 1927 Percy Hirning, Violet McPhail and Dave Hirning taking a buggy ride together.
    Cousins Percy Hirning, Violet McPhail and Dave Hirning taking a buggy ride in Crows Nest about 1927 [Photo: G Kruger]
  • At the age of 23 years, Violet McPhail married Theodor Albert Karl Kruger, son of Albert Kruger and Marie Eising, in 1933 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Violet McPhail died on 19 May 2000 in Sylvan Lodge, Toowong, Brisbane, at age 91.
  • Violet ashed were placed with Theodor's on 2 October 2000 in Toowong Cemetery. Plot: Niche Wall 1 - East - Double/#/34.

Violet Ann McPhail

F, b. 6 February 1890, d. 1961

Sarah Elizabeth McPhee

F, b. 8 July 1881, d. 24 September 1956
  • Sarah Elizabeth McPhee was born on 8 July 1881 in Erith, Balaklava, South Australia. She was the daughter of John MCPHEE and Robena SMITH. Other infrmation suggests she was born in Horton, Tasmania.
  • At the age of 17 years, 7 months and 7 days, Sarah Elizabeth McPhee married Arthur Burgess, son of George Burgess and Mary Ann Smith, on 15 February 1899 in Stanley, Tasmania. Their first child Arthur John was born later that year in Stanley. By 1907 when daughter Rubina was born they were in Scotchtown and then they moved to Smithton where Doreen was born in 1922.
  • On 18 February 1956,her son, Arthur Burgess died in Wynyard, Tasmania, at age 84.
  • Sarah Elizabeth McPhee died on 24 September 1956 in Wynyard, Tasmania, at age 75.

Children of Sarah Elizabeth McPhee and Arthur Burgess

Evan McPherson

M, b. circa 1805, d. before March 1833
  • Evan McPherson was born circa 1805.
  • Evan McPherson married Mary Stuart, daughter of Donald Stuart and Janet McEdward, on 21 February 1828 in Kingussie and Insch, Inverness, Scotland. After the death of McPherson, Mary married William McGregor. They immigrated to Australia in 1838 leaving two of her children by her Marriage to Ewen McPherson with their grandmother.
  • In 1833Evan McPherson was in Inverdrucie a farm servant according to his son's birth information. When his son Ewan died, his father's occupation was given as a drover..
  • Evan McPherson died before March 1833. Ewan died before his son, Ewan jr was born.

Children of Evan McPherson and Mary Stuart

Ewan McPherson

M, b. 13 March 1833, d. 10 August 1909

Ewen McPherson, son of Mary Stuart (later McGregor) and Evan McPherson 1833-1909. Photo courtesy of Ann Dodds
  • Ewan McPherson was also known as Uncle Mack.
  • He was born on 13 March 1833 in Kingussie, Inverness.
  • He was the son of Evan McPherson and Mary Stuart.
  • Ewan McPherson was baptized on 29 April 1833 in Kingussie and Insch, Inverness, Scotland.
  • At the time of the 7 June 1841 census, Ewan McPherson was living in the household of Donald Stuart and Janet McEdward in Stranantopar, Kingussie, Inverness, Scotland. Donald was 70 years old, independent and was born in Inverness Shire. Janet was 60 also born Inverness Shire. Their 8 year old grandson Evan McPherson was living with them. He was also born in Inverness Shire.

  • Ewan McPherson appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Gervally, Edinkillie, Morayshire. Ewan is shown as a 19 year old farm labourer born Inverness shire. His employer was Alexander Walker who employed 6 labourers.

  • He immigrated circa 1875. Just when Ewan came to Australia is uncertain. His death certicate shows he was 25 years in NSW, and 9 years in Victoria which means he immigrated 34 years before his death (about 1875) when he was 42. Just when he spent the nine years in Victoria is also uncertain. However, family hearsay has him coming out to Australia when he was 18 years old. According to the hearsay he had remained with his grandmother Stuart, along with his sister "Lillian" who supposedly died on the voyage out with Ewan. Ewan later lived at Teven and was known as Uncle Mack.
  • In 1878, Ewan took up a conditional purchase of 60 acres of land at Teven.
    Ewen McPherson's house at Tevan. Photo courtesy of Ann Dodds
  • In 1982 his niece Topsy recalled some of her family history -

    " What I know of my Macgregor forebears was very sketchy. One Macpherson married Mary Stewart and left her a widow with two children, Ewan and Lillian.
    Mrs Mary Macpherson then married one Macgregor and emigrated to NSWales. The paternal grandmother of Ewan and Lillian kept them in Scotland saying she would not let them go to "that God forsaken country".
    Mary Stewart Macgregor and her husband reared several children two of them girls. Isabella (married Robert Reid) and Jean (married George Woods) and several boys. One eventually became a post

    Mr and Mrs Macgregor settled on a farm. I think it was on the Paterson River, north of Sydney. The sons worked the farm and great grandfather Macgregor, who was always dressed up, sold the produce. He had been a game keeper in Scotland, a very honourable profession in Scotland according to my mother in law whose father, Robert Bain, was Head Forester for the Duke of Argyle.

    Mrs Mary Stewart Macgregor reared a family of young children (I've forgotten their name) when their mother died. I heard that one lived at Bangalow and one in Queensland when they grew up.

    Eventually Lillian and Ewan Macpherson emigrated to NSW but Lillian died from the effects of the long voyage. I suppose Ewan joined his own mother and later he became a cedar getter in Northern NSW.

    Ewan and the others were all born at Inverness. Ewan never married. He bought or selected a sugar cane farm of 220 acres at Teven Creek and called it "Glenfeschie". However, he neglected it and spent his time making illicit spirits. Years after he died his "still" was at the back of the farm. The bank sold up "old Mack" as he was called and my father bought the farm for one pound per acre. Goodness knows what it is worth now. He remained in half the house on the farm for sometime. It was built by an American and a lot of timber in it was Cedar and Rosewood. My Dad and Mum had the other half of the house.

    Mum's brothers often came up from Sydney and stayed with Uncle Mack. He taught my mother how to make bread and I was rather unpopular with him as a toddler because he gave me a piece of his "cake' and I said I didn't like it.

    Eventually Uncle Mack became a Post Master at Teven Creek. It was over two miles away and near the school. He then lived on the other side of the creek in a little pretty rain forest spot called Sunny Corner and rowed over to tend the Post Office every day.
    When he used to make his illicit spirits he rowed down Teven Creek, Emigrant Creek, Fishery Creek and I think the Canal to Ballina where he sold it. The mush must have been very strong for it was a long hard row.
    I'm sorry I don't know any more"

    Compilers Notes:
    1. Mary and Ewan McPherson had three children, Louisa (who came to Austrailia with Mary and William McGregor), Janet (who died before Mary left Scotland, and Ewan who was born after his father died and who stayed behind with his grandmother. There is no record of "Lillian"
    2. "Glenfeshie" is the name of the village Donald Stuart (Ewan's grandfather) came from.
  • On 12 June 1891 Ewan as a passenger on the "MacLeay", a ship of 400 tons, Captain H Wood, that departed for Sydney with "18 hardwood logs, 60 bags maize, 30 kegs butter, 4 pigs, 18 cases eggs, 2 coops poultry, 54 hides, 1 cask tallow and sundries."
  • Ewan was buried on 10 August 1909 in East Ballina Cemetery.
  • Ewan McPherson died on 10 August 1909 in Ballina, New South Wales, Australia, at age 76.
  • His death was reported in a local newspaper
    "Another worthy old district identity in the person of Mr E McPherson of Teven, passed away after a protracted illness. The late Mr McPherson was one of the early selectors on Teven Creek and was widely known and esteemed on the Lower Richmond, He was 76 years of age and a bachelor. The remains were interred in the East Ballina cemetery on Tuesday afternoon". (No date on newspaper cutting.)

Janet McPherson

F, b. 1 March 1831, d. before 1838
  • Janet McPherson was christened on 1 March 1831 in Alvie, Inverness, Scotland.
  • She was the daughter of Evan McPherson and Mary Stuart.
  • Janet McPherson died before 1838. Another daughter Jess (Janet) was born to Mary in 1838. 'When Mary died George her son, stated that two daughters by her first marriage were deceased.

Louisa McPherson

F, b. February 1828, d. before 1877
  • Louisa McPherson was born in February 1828 in Scotland. Her immigration record shows she was 10 in Feb 1838.
  • She was the daughter of Evan McPherson and Mary Stuart.
  • Louisa McPherson was christened on 16 July 1828 in Alvie, Inverness, Scotland.
  • She immigrated to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, on 15 November 1838. Came to Australia with her mother Mary, step father William and half sister Janet on the St George from Orban, Scotland. The immigration record shows her age on embarkation was 10 in February 1838.
  • Louisa McPherson died before 1877. When Mary died her son George stated that two of her daughters from her first marriage were deceased. The first would have been Janet McPherson who died before Jesse McGregor, Mary and William McGregor's first child was born. However, family hearsay has it that Louisa went to America.

Angelina McPhun

F, b. 18 June 1885, d. 26 February 1971
  • Angelina McPhun was born on 18 June 1885.
  • At the age of 30 years, Angelina McPhun married Oscar Garfield Win, son of John William Win and Ada Martha Cresswell, in 1916 in New Zealand.
  • Angelina McPhun died on 26 February 1971 in New Zealand at age 85.
  • Angelina McPhun also went by the name of Annie.

Annie McQuillan

F, b. 28 November 1893
  • Annie McQuillan was born on 28 November 1893 in Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of John McQuillan and Annie Catherine Scholmier.
  • At the age of 18 years, Annie McQuillan married Walter Scott in 1912 in Queensland.
  • Annie McQuillan and Walter Scott appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1921 living at Perseverance. Walter was a dairyman.

Bridget McQuillan

F, b. 27 February 1885, d. 27 May 1946
  • Bridget McQuillan was born on 27 February 1885 in Perseverance, Queensland.
  • She was the daughter of James McQuillan and Catherine Zeller.
  • Bridget was chief bridesmaid at the wedding of Mary Agnes Ryan and Charles Augustine McGeever on 4 July 1900 in St Patrick's Church, Toowoomba, Queensland. The Warwick Argus reported the marriage:- " McGEEVER-RYAN.-A ceremony which has aroused much interest and expectation for some time past was celebrated in St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Toowoomba, on Wednesday, July 4th (says the Chronicle), when Miss Mary Ryan, only daughter of Mrs. T. Ryan, of Ravensbourne, was married to Mr. Charles A. McGeever, third son of Mr. Henry M'Geever, of Emu Vale, Warwick. The bride, who was attended by two bridesmaids, Miss B. M'Quillan (chief) and Miss Bishop, cousins of the bride, was given away by her brother (Mr. J. Ryan). Mr. D. M'Geever, brother of the bridegroom, acted as best man, and Mr. J. M'Geever as groomsman. The bride appeared to very great advantage in a beautiful dress of cream satin, trimmed with silk braid, chiffon and orange blossoms. She also wore a very becoming hat trimmed with cream silk and ostrich tips, and carried a beautiful bouquet. The bridesmaids wore becoming costumes of pale blue cashmere trimmed with cream silk and chiffon with hats to match. They also wore gold bar brooches presented by the bridegroom. The bride's dresses were designed and made by Miss Case, and reflected great credit on her artistic skill. After the newly-wedded pair had received the congratulation of their friends, the company partook of a sumptuous breakfast, which was served in Mr. Laracy's Harp Of Erin Hotel.

  • At the age of 18 years, Bridget McQuillan married William Ryan, son of Patrick Ryan and Ann Connolly, in 1904 in Brisbane, Queensland.
  • Bridget McQuillan and William Ryan appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1909 and 1913 living at Ravensbourne. William was a labourer.
  • Bridget McQuillan and William Ryan appeared on the Electoral Roll between 1921 and 1930 living at Ravensbourne. William was a farmer.
  • On 26 September 1943,her husband, William Ryan died in Queensland.
  • Bridget McQuillan died on 27 May 1946 in Toowoomba, Queensland, at age 61.
  • Bridget was buried on 29 May 1946 in Cabarlah Cemetery. RC1-00C-0024.

Children of Bridget McQuillan and William Ryan

Catherine McQuillan

F, b. 25 June 1886

Charles McQuillan

M, b. 1888, d. 17 September 1924
  • Charles McQuillan was born in 1888 in Queensland.
  • He was the son of James McQuillan and Catherine Zeller.
  • Charles McQuillan died on 17 September 1924.
  • Charles was buried on 18 September 1924 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. RCOLD1-021-0007.