Geoffrey V (Plantagenet) Unknown of Anjou and Maine

M, b. 1113, d. 1151

Child of Geoffrey V (Plantagenet) Unknown of Anjou and Maine and Matilda Unknown Empress of Germany

Gloria Elfreda Unknown

F, b. 1927, d. 30 April 1985

Grace Unknown

F, b. circa 1796

Grace Unknown

F, b. circa 1750
  • Grace Unknown was born circa 1750.
  • Grace Unknown married Edmund Rendle circa 1780.

Child of Grace Unknown and Edmund Rendle

Grace Unknown

F, b. circa 1770
  • Grace Unknown was born circa 1770.
  • Grace Unknown married John Lee circa 1790.

Child of Grace Unknown and John Lee

Gunnora Unknown de Crepon


Child of Gunnora Unknown de Crepon and Richard I Unknown The Fearless

Hannah Unknown

F, b. circa 1786
  • Hannah Unknown was born circa 1786 in St Mawes.
  • Hannah Unknown married Joseph Dash.

Child of Hannah Unknown and Joseph Dash

Hannah Unknown

F, b. 1811, d. September 1890
  • Hannah Unknown was born in 1811 in Colchester.
  • Hannah Unknown married Thomas Rawling Harrington, son of William Harrington and Elizabeth Rawlings, circa 1836.
  • In September 1872, her husband, Thomas Rawling Harrington's death was registered in the Essex Registration District. He was at age 62 years and 7 months.
  • Her death was recorded with the Lewisham, London Registration District in the September 1890 Quarter.
  • Hannah Unknown was buried in Essex.

Children of Hannah Unknown and Thomas Rawling Harrington

Hannah Unknown

F, b. 15 February 1817, d. circa 1861
  • Hannah Unknown was born on 15 February 1817 in Cornwall.
  • Hannah Unknown married Richard Hoskin, son of James Hoskin and Phillipa Allen, circa 1840.
  • Hannah Unknown and Richard Hoskin appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Pengelly, Cornwall. Richard, the family head, was shown as 33 years old, a quarry labourer, born Lanteglos, Cornwall. Living with him was his wife Hannah, 34, a dressmaker born St Teath, son Francis 10, a scholar; son Richard 8, a scholar; daughters Hannah 5 and Catherine aged 1. All of the children were born in Lanteglos.
  • Hannah Unknown died circa 1861.
  • She was buried. Her grave now lies beneath the waters of Glen Lyon Dam.
  • Richard and Hannah's names are amongst those on a memorial in Rotary Park, Tenterfield.
    Richard & Hannah Hoskin - Tenterfield Pioneers honoured in Rotary Park, Tenterfield (Richard married Elizabeth French nee Baker - born 1832)
    Pioneer Plaque in Rotary Park, Tenterfield

Harriet Unknown

F, b. 1822
  • Harriet Unknown was born in 1822 in Kenwyn.
  • Harriet Unknown married Richard Taylor circa 1850.

Children of Harriet Unknown and Richard Taylor

Harriet Unknown

F, b. circa 1850
  • Harriet Unknown was born circa 1850.
  • Harriet Unknown married Thomas Tickle circa 1875.

Child of Harriet Unknown and Thomas Tickle

Harriett Unknown

F, b. circa 1834

Child of Harriett Unknown and Robert Dennis

Hawise (Margaret) de Quincey Unknown

F, b. circa 1250, d. circa 1284

Child of Hawise (Margaret) de Quincey Unknown and Baldwin Wake IV

Heather Unknown

F, b. 1933, d. 13 November 2001

Helen (Ellen, Elen) Unknown Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester, Huntingdon and Cambridge.

F, b. circa 1207, d. 1253

Child of Helen (Ellen, Elen) Unknown Princess of Wales and Countess of Chester, Huntingdon and Cambridge. and Sir Robert de Quincy Lord of Ware

Henriette Unknown

F, b. 1833, d. 10 May 1909
  • Henriette Unknown was born in 1833 in Germany.
  • Henriette Unknown married Adolph Rudolph Raatz circa 1858 in Germany.
  • Henriette Unknown and Adolph Rudolph Raatz immigrated to Queensland on 16 December 1871. Rudolph 48 and Henriette 37 travelled to Australia on the John Bertrum with their children Auguste 20, Caroline 19, Adolph 11, Matilde 8 and Carl 4.
  • On 27 March 1905,her husband, Adolph Rudolph Raatz died in Queensland.
  • Henriette Unknown died on 10 May 1909 in Queensland.
  • She was buried in South Brisbane Cemetery. She is buried in an unmarked grave.

Children of Henriette Unknown and Adolph Rudolph Raatz

Henry I (Beauclerc (Fine Scholar)) Unknown King of England

M, b. 1068, d. 1135

Child of Henry I (Beauclerc (Fine Scholar)) Unknown King of England and Matilda (fomrerly Edith) Unknown of Scotland

Henry II Unknown King of England (Fitzempress or Curtmantle)

M, b. 1133, d. 1189

Child of Henry II Unknown King of England (Fitzempress or Curtmantle) and Eleanor Unknown Dutchess of Aquitaine (also know as Alienor)

Herleve Unknown

F, b. circa 1012, d. circa 1050
  • Herleve Unknown was born circa 1012. Daughter of Fulbert the Tanner and his wife Duxia of Falise, Normandy.
  • Herleve Unknown also went by the name of Unknown Arlette.
  • Herleve Unknown died circa 1050.

Ida Katrine (Kate) Unknown

F, b. 1912, d. 29 June 2002
  • Ida Katrine (Kate) Unknown was born in 1912.
  • Ida Katrine (Kate) Unknown married Dr John Morrow circa 1940.
  • Ida Katrine (Kate) Unknown and Dr John Morrow appeared on the Electoral Roll in 1943 living at Crow's Nest. John was a medical practitioner.
  • Ida Katrine (Kate) Unknown died on 29 June 2002.
  • She was buried in Hamilton.

Ipsa Unknown

F, b. circa 1740
  • Ipsa Unknown married James Dunn circa 1740.
  • Ipsa Unknown was born circa 1740.

Children of Ipsa Unknown and James Dunn

Irene May Unknown

F, b. 11 March 1910, d. 26 April 2001

Iris Lily Unknown

F, b. circa 1890

Isabella Unknown

F, b. circa 1790
  • Isabella Unknown was born circa 1790.
  • Isabella Unknown married Thomas McGowan circa 1810.

Children of Isabella Unknown and Thomas McGowan

Isabella Amy Unknown

F, b. circa 1880
  • Isabella Amy Unknown was born circa 1880.
  • Isabella Amy Unknown married William Patrick Dawes circa 1900.

Child of Isabella Amy Unknown and William Patrick Dawes

Ivy Maud Unknown

F, b. 1924, d. 28 January 1987
  • Ivy Maud Unknown was born in 1924.
  • Ivy Maud Unknown married John Frederic Busiko circa 1945.
  • Ivy Maud Unknown died on 28 January 1987.
  • She was buried on 30 January 1987 in Crow's Nest Cemetery.

Ivy Murial Unknown

F, b. 26 September 1916, d. 20 October 1999
  • Ivy Murial Unknown was born on 26 September 1916.
  • Ivy Murial Unknown married Robert Eli Crighton, son of Henry Crighton and Lillian Myrtle Hart, circa 1942.
  • Ivy Murial Unknown was listed as the next of kin of Robert Eli Crighton when he enlisted in the Australian Army on 21 June 1942 in Yarraman. He was living at Kooralgin at the time he enlisted and gave his wife Ivy as his next of kin. He was discharged from the 9th Battalion VDC on 21 Oct 1945 wiht the rank of Private.
  • Ivy Murial Unknown died on 20 October 1999 at age 83.
  • She was buried on 22 October 1999 in Drayton & Toowoomba Cemetery. PLAW8-004-0014.

Jane Unknown


Child of Jane Unknown and John Cleal

Jane Unknown

F, b. 1810
  • Jane Unknown was born in 1810 in Sturminster.
  • At the age of 28 years, Jane Unknown married Joseph Hockey in 1838.
  • Jane Unknown and Joseph Hockey appeared on the census of 30 March 1851 in Sandfore Orcas.

Children of Jane Unknown and Joseph Hockey

Jane Unknown

F, b. 1801
  • Jane Unknown was born in 1801 in Crewkerne.
  • At the age of 22 years, Jane Unknown married Robert Best on 21 May 1823 in Norton Sub Hamdon.

Child of Jane Unknown and Robert Best